YOU RE FREE TV – 4/17-4/19 – #LYINCOMEY: James Com_y BUSTED on LIVE TV! (F)ull (B)lown (I)diot! #MAGA

BIOHACKED: The Military Intelligence Deep State IS Trying to Kill Us #STORM #BACKP_GE

Published on Apr 17, 2018

Every major super power has signed a Genocide Treaty with the directive of killing millions, if not billions of people world wide. The military industrial intelligence corporate elite bloodline deep state are the perpetrators int this total occupation and capture of the human domain using EMF, DEW, GWEN towers and satellite based weapons systems to dominate the human domain.

I will post a blog with links for signing petitions and following the leads down the rabbit hole by 4/18. Here is my blog link from yesterday that provides a bushel of important links:…

I wish every one of you FREEDOM and the lust for LIFE and LIBERTY as we take down the deep state, courtesy of We, The People! You ARE FREE!!

#PENCEFENCE911 TRUMP IN DANGER! Prevent Pence/Haley 2020! #STORM

Published on Apr 18, 2018

We, the People, must take action today to fight for the survival of President Trump. He is in imminent danger by the deep state cabal who wants to put Mike Pence, globalist, in office. Pence is the globalist’s FENCE to block Trump, SURVIVE TRUMP! Just as GHW Bush was forced on Reagan, and Cheney controlled George Jr., Pence is the Lyndon B. Johnson of our day. It is up to all of us who love freedom and America to ACT NOW!

Blog with links:…

#LYINCOMEY: James Com_y BUSTED on LIVE TV! (F)ull (B)lown (I)diot! #MAGA

Published on Apr 19, 2018

4/19: James Comey is now being investigated by the Department of Justice for at least seven crimes, including treason. While he appeared on the popular mainstream daytime talk show, The View, Comey was informed that the criminal investigation had become official! HA! Also, the link to the Comey memos is now, as of today, in the public domain. Comey began his book tour for his recently published memoir A HIGHER LOYALTY in New York City, yesterday, and was confronted with a peaceful demonstration outside the Union Square venue.

The blog with links for the LIVE TV video and BOOK TOUR video plus tour dates and more:…

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