You Are Free TV – #Q 4/23 PEDO-TECH-ELITE They Are ALL Hostis Humani Generis! #HRCSNUFF

Mike Pompeo met with the CIA in Nepal. Peter Dalglish, UN/WHO, founder of Street Kids, International, posted the HRC snuff film on the dark web. The pedoelites are the technoelites are the bankerelites are the military intelligence transhumanist elites. They are funded by tax-payers world wide plus global pedo/child/human/porn/guns/drugs trafficking. The point: feed the Cabal with louche and fund the transhumanist AI takeover to achieve entropy on planet Earth.

I will post a blog with links for the video within a few hours of posting this video.

Thanks so much to everyone of the freedom lovers who supports You Are Free TV! We ARE the ONES we have been waiting for! No more waiting! Now is the time to ACT on whatever level you feel called to serve humanity. There is NO other time than NOW!

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