YOU ARE FREE TV – PURPLE Health Revolution And Crash and Burn Party?

#CARBON60 The Bucky Ball PURPLE Health Revolution: Update on Growing Younger! March 17th, 2018

Carbon 60 is NOT an AI technology being employed to capture your brain at the advent of 5G! The opposite it true. Carbon 60 turns back the biological clock with it’s super-powered antioxidant capability. That is it’s curative power. In this interview, Ken discusses C60 and its effects on cancer, vaccine damage, addiction and weightloss. He then jumps into the subject of MOXY, the technology involved in making ormus, that could prove to free humanity from the oil cartel cabal and radioactive uranium dependency.

#NORETIREMENT: Is Lying C_MEY Invited To Mc_Abes Crash and Burn Party? March 18th, 2018

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