YOU ARE FREE TV POST – 3/28-3/30

Q 3/28 #TIDALWAVE + #NXIVM Sex-Slaver Arrested, CF/Br_nfman Ties

Q informed us today that within 30 days, the WH will be deep state free and secure. Meanwhile, sex-slaver, Keith Raniere was arrested in Mexico by the FBI on Monday for multiple accounts of sex-trafficking. Raniere’s organization, NXIVM, is funded largely by Sara and Clare Bronfman, the heirs to the Seagram’s fortune. Also, Q tells us the #TIDALWAVE is coming…


3/29 #NXIVM Deep State Sex Slavery Rabbithole, Part II Q: #BOTTOMSUP

As Q said on 3/27, The NXIVM scandal is another sex-slavery operation in the deep state web of mind control, human trafficking and bribery of powerful players. Part III to follow tomorrow!

#QWHO? NXIVM Part III: Bronfm_ns, Libya, MB, Sex Trafficking, #TRUTH

3/30 With Easter weekend upon us, we see Q and NXIVM called into question. As Truthers, we have to dig into the information and look at the people who populate our political (disease-infested) body.

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