You Are Free TV – 5/2 – NXIVM: Sex-Cult Island? Br_nson, Ob_ma, Iran Dog & Pony #SUBPOENA

5/2 Obama has now been confirmed to have attended NXIVM parties at Branson’s exclusive Caribbean Island. YCMTSU!!! Meanwhile, Trump’s personal NYC DR. now claiming Trump dictated his bill of health letter! But no word of a medical license being revoked! And Netanyahu’s powerpoint presentation on the evil’s of Iran appears to be very old information. All the world continues to be a stage as we pray that Q team shows us the money!

The blog with links will be up within a couple hours of posting.

Thanks so much for everyone supporting You Are Free TV! I feel so blessed to have such an incredible audience who values the content of this channel! WE, the People, are the ones we have been waiting for. It is time to wait no more! Be your own hero! Be Free! Do what you know you were meant to do! You Are Free!

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