YOU ARE FREE TV – 4/15 – #PATRIOTSDAY: The Shot Heard Round the World! #2ndAmRev #WWG1WGA

Published on Apr 15, 2018

4/16 On April 19, 1775, Paul Revere road at midnight with Samuel Beckett to warn the Minute Men in Lexington of the arrival of hundreds of British soldiers approaching from Boston to seize the arsenal in Concord, Massachusetts. While Paul Revere was detained by the British before reaching Lexington when the riders were stopped and questioned, Samuel Beckett was able to make it to Lexington to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams of the approaching British army. We are in the middle of the 2nd American Revolution, freedom lovers! Exercise your hard won rights this Patriot’s Day and join the fight by running for office while there is still time to get on the ballot!

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