YOU ARE FREE TV – 4/10 – FB Congress Sham While Pedo Island Burns #NOMOREFAKECONGRESS

4/10 Mark Zuckerberg, 33, testified today, NOT under oath, to let us all know that AI, Artificial Intelligence, will control what we do on social media (and by implication, the internet) in the future. As always, the globalists are advertising their position in order to get our passive consent for totalitarian control of our media and our very consciousness. Meanwhile, the fire on Jeffrey Epstein’s pedo-island continues to beggar the question: Is the Trump Team in charge of the assault or is this another cover-up “natural disaster” akin to what happened to the the pedo-controversial Getty Center during the DEW created “wildfire” north of Los Angeles, California, last Fall.

This video was uploaded twice and cut off once again before the end of the video by YT.


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