Yes, Harry Potter Was A Horcrux

Okay, so let’s get this over with once and for all! Harry Potter was the last Horcrux. He was. As a fiction writer, I look for things like that – twists, riddles, hidden agendas – and when the whole Horcrux was introduced to the audience, I said, “J.K. Rowling is awesome!”

downloadThink about it, they had so many chances to kill Harry. For the love of God, I was at the point where I said, “There, they could have got him right there.” This is why Harry was tucked away with his muggle, dysfunctional family that resented him for not being who he was, but what he was; a Horcrux.

The bad dude, Darth Vadar – oops my bad – I mean Lucifer – oops my bad again – I mean Voldemort, knew he had to keep Harry safe always! And Dumbledore – the great politician – who didn’t know what to do with Harry, knew this.

Therefore, Harry had a piece of Voldemort’s soul in him. As long as Harry was tucked away in the castle, protected, the evil Voldemort would always live. But…

…The evil Voldemort made a mistake. Just like God gave great powers to Lucifer, the evil V. saw that Harry had his powers and this was a threat. So Voldemort decided somewhere along the way that perhaps it was best he kill Harry so he could get back the remaining powers that went into Harry. “The lesser of the two evils.”Voldemort-Feature

Okay… here it comes. Yes, because Harry shared Voldemort’s soul, Harry was part evil! I know, stop gasping. But he was. But this was a perfect metaphor for what a human goes through. We have the ability to be evil, or good. It’s our choice.

Why wasn’t this made clearer in the film? Well, a lot of times stories get lost in translation when they are adapted to film. Give J.K. a break. She worked hard to keep up with the franchise, and explaining in great detail to the filmmakers that ‘this has to happen and then this, and then this in order to reveal this‘ was probably the last thing on her mind.

When Voldemort told Harry that his mother put a protective spell on Harry, he was essentially lying to him. And it was brilliant because you bought it, right?

What probably happened was the big V. chose a baby that happened to be Harry, killed his mother to get her out of the way and then made the baby – Harry – a Horcrux.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
Politics sucks, doesn’t it?


Okay, I’m done. There you have it. The whole time, it was simple politics over what to do with Harry; kill him so Voldemort could get his remaining powers back or keep him alive and tucked away so Voldemort would always be safe.

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