Writers Rules – Learned From Time, Not Money-Making Books

ImageI’ve been trying to push through these past few days, attempting in any way or form to think positive thoughts, even catching myself off guard when the evil tries to take the happiness away. It’s strange how time passes and though the outside may change suddenly, the inside and everything around changes drastically. It’s as if the time that is shown on our faces is due to the time shown on the places around us, as well as the demons we fight inside ourselves. Sometimes there are new enemies around the corner, and other times there are new destinies around the next, waiting for us to see them, grasp them, without us passing them by.

LOL. Everyone blames the other. It’s true. And recently, with the old/new Law of Attraction want-ta-be religion, it states that it’s our fault for the positions we are in! We got there by thoughts! Or, somebody’s bad thoughts were flying around and we took them in without placing a shield around us to bounce their bad thoughts off of us. Say what? The answer always is, “You thought it, so you’re in it.” And I want to say, “If you say that again, stare at my fists and remember them very well.” And I’m not ever a violent person. But hearing them tell us it’s our fault, that’s just going too far.

I want to escape. That’s my present ‘want’. Escape my slave job, escape the worry. It’s working so far; at least I think I’m on the right track. “They” want me to write… again. I’m not going to explain who ‘they’ are. I didn’t tell ‘them’ about my new blog, or the fact that I’m lost and am trying to get found, which I think is working. I didn’t tell ‘them’ that I already have a third manuscript ready that has been collecting dust for the past 10 years. LOL. Maybe by my fifth manuscript I’ll show them the third. LOL. My writing used to be for…for me.

ImageMe!! It used to be my escape. It was luck or a blessing that I happened to be good at it. Oh, I’m so not ready to talk about this yet. Just like the tree of knowledge, don’t get too close to your muse! Don’t find out how your process of writing works!! Don’t have a teacher analyze your writing and tell you what genre she thinks you write for! Don’t allow anyone to ever change your stories!! Why? Because slowly you’ll stop writing for yourself, and begin writing for them! You’ll start losing your ‘writers voice’. Your passion. Books will start looking like assigned essays. Poetry will start lining up like screenplays. And your voice, oh your beautiful, unique voice will start sounding like everyone else’s. That’s what I fought against. That’s one of the reasons why I’m here. To fight for that voice, remember it, keep it, protect it, and never let anyone, including editors, want-ta-be producers, Spielberg want-ta-be directors –oh so many- tainted teachers who got screwed over in the industry and are now passing on their bitterness to their students –Uhh- and many, many more, ever take that from me again!!!

ImageAll you say to them, if they do, is, “Okay, then you write it. Cause I thought you wanted me to write, but obviously you want me to change, and I won’t.” Please, fight and stand by your convictions, ideas and don’t let anyone tell you differently. For crying out loud, when Hollywood read Star Wars for the first time, they turned it down!!!! Don’t let anyone ever prevent you from telling a story that only you can tell. You were chosen to write that story, so write it, and block out any jerk that tries to tell you, “Well, I like this but I have this idea!!” NO! NO! NO! I don’t care about your ideas, dude! If you have ideas, then by all means, I guess you should write it.

Image“But I don’t know how to write.”

“Then shut up, keep your ideas to yourself and let me be the writer!”

The only way, I discovered, to truly tell your chosen story is to write that book. Even a short story will do. If it’s your voice, then it was meant to be. Listen, I have written since 12 years old. I’m a freak. And writers block is due to one thing and one thing only; “Others!!!!!!!”

Writers. I consider all writers by brothers and sisters. Just try going to film school, you’ll see. We are a different species. I don’t know why. We… or our minds never lost that imagination. Rather it grew with us as our mind changed –every seven years it changes I think- and we just put together words to describe what are minds see that so many covet.

ImageThrough my anger and what I have gone through, I have created rules or “LAWS” To follow if you yearn to be a free spirited writer and avoid anyone trying to taint it. “Rebuke them!!” I had to write these laws, because I know there’s someone out there, like me, like I was years ago that are confused about what roads of a writer they should take. As a young writer still, but have written a lot and seen many sides of others who don’t write but yearn for you to write for them, here are the laws, my friends. I created them by tossing out every writer’s book from my mind. You know, the ones that sell the book that tell you how they write and how it’s successful, when al l along they forgot that just because their process works for them, it may not work for others because everyone’s different! LOL. I fought with a few producers over a few of these laws –during the fight they were simply my beliefs- and inevitably won the arguments. Why? Cause of time. Time was and still is my teacher. And, I’m telling you this all for free.

ImageRule One– Write for you and only you. Then find that theme to help others. It’ll come naturally, whether it be solely for entertainment or you are trying to convey a message. That’s why –to avoid confusion or getting to close to your muse- darnett, write for you and only you. The overall theme of the story is something you find in the very start. Helping others ‘theme’ it will come.

Rule Two – Never put money first. Never try and write that next bestseller because you see a genre is suddenly selling well. That’s not your voice. Put the writing first, always.

ImageRule Three – Never think about getting agents first or what they would want to read. Just write and then when you’re finished, write a letter to an agent. But never put them first. They want to represent you for YOUR VOICE, and THEY can tell if you are passionate about your story. Just like the chicken and egg. Write first, agents next, if you choose.

Rule Four – If someone tries to change your story just so their voice can be heard, run the heck away. If someone tries to give you ideas for a story you already wrote, run the heck away. If you are being paid to collaborate, then fine!! But… just because they give ideas, doesn’t mean you have to say, “Okay.” If you don’t like the idea, then simply say, “I don’t feel comfortable with that idea.” This will prevent you from falling away from your writing. Just believe me!! And, it goes against Rule One.

Rule Five – Write, write, write. Perfect your craft. Never be arrogant about it, never think that you’re the greatest in the world, but rather that your unique voice is the greatest. Why? Cause it’s your voice!!! There’s no other voice that duplicates your voice.

Rule Six – Love you’re writing. I don’t care if it’s the same story that was written by others over and over again. If you love that idea you have, then write it. It will be unique. If it’s about a superhero, then write it, because that’s what your muse brought to you. If it’s about the –sorry to say- played out vampire stories, then write it, please!! Cause I want to see your take on that genre. If it’s about a simple situation, then write it, and you’ll see how your brilliant mind and craft will take the simple situation and turn it into a book of wonder.

Rule Seven – NEVER SECOND GUESS YOURSELF. Oh, God, this one’s important. Never ask if you think others will want to read this story. If you do, then you’ll never write, because you’ll be always chasing after that unique idea that others will want to read, and you’ll be going against ‘Rule One”.

Rule Eight– The reason why famous authors are famous, and famous directors are famous is not only because they are good, but because they wrote for themselves. Because they directed a movie was because they loved the idea and script.

ImageRule Nine – Oh, so many don’t follow this one. But I do, have since the start. NEVER write for the soul purpose of being famous. You can wish and pray for that, but never put fame before your craft. Please!!! So many of my friends in the industry are separated by this. The ones that yearn for fame before their craft, be it producing, directing or writing, are still assistants. And the ones that put their craft before fame –thank God- are now successful and have assistants getting them coffee.

Rule Ten – Never let anyone discourage you if they don’t like your story. Just keep on writing new ones. Just because one doesn’t like it, doesn’t mean it won’t relate to others. That one jerk doesn’t represent the world!

Rule Eleven – You can write anywhere!!! Remember that! If your story is great, and destiny is knocking on your door, then others will find your story and you. Which brings us to 12.

Rule Twelve – NEVER define success as being famous. Never define you being a successful writer as being famous, winning, awards, getting millions, etc. Define your writing success every time you finish a story. Once you write ‘the end’, that is a very successful accomplishment. LOL, if I had followed this one, I would have written 20 books by now.

Rule Thirteen– There is no such thing as a writer who is greater than another writer. Period. It’s funny, I’m reading the bible still as a challenge and now I know where Shakespeare got his motivation to write the way he did. But that’s another story.

Rule Fourteen– Always have ‘love in your stories. That’s it. Meaning, love for a person, an object, some love, anything. It’s relatable. Don’t worry, your muse will make sure of this. I can use examples, but on to fifteen.

Rule Fifteen – If you are ever discouraged about your ideas, scripts, books, then close your eyes and think about ANY book or movie that is famous, that was so simple in idea that you still scratch your head over it. If they can do it, so can you. It is the law.

Rule Sixteen – Please, toy with opposites. Opposites create conflict. But, continue to write your story, and if you feel that toying with opposites by actually premeditating them for your story will cause writers block, then don’t worry. This is another thing that your muse is good at. Not all the time though. For instance, in a love story, make it hard for them to like each other. If you make it easy, well, that’s what those dirty films are about. Make it difficult, and watch the conflict poor out! But like in rule one, put your voice first.

Rule Seventeen – Learn three-act structure. And after you’ve learned it, forget about it, put it on the backburner and don’t obsess about it. Your mind will only use it when needed. Believe me. Three-act structure is important because this way you won’t get lost in your own story, for instance. It makes… your life easier. And once you learn it, you can play with it. Yes. You can flip it, extend it, do anything you want with it!

No more rules today. I have so many, but that’s enough for now. Onto the moral. What is the moral? Be you. Be that writer you are, not that writer that others want you to be, or that writer others want you to be temporarily so they can use you, and in turn, a crappy story is created with your name on it! Be that writers that loves writing, loves getting lost in your story, in a good way. Don’t be that writer that stops writing because you are thinking about what genre to write about, what the agents want, what Hollywood wants, what amount of pages you think is acceptable; just be that writer who starts and finishes ‘your’ story. And watch that writer’s block fade away.

I mean, you have to ask yourself one question, when it all comes down to it. Why do you love writing? And extend that one question to, “How did I feel when I completed my first story?” And answer: “I want to feel that again.” Why? Because you felt ‘alive’ and ‘happy’ after you completed that first story.

ImageMy friends… just write.

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