Woman Caught Defacing Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star Gets Sudden Instant Justice Seconds Later

(Source: daily-vine.com)

Donald Trump had a fantastic first year as President of the United States of America, but some people just can’t be pleased. Some people wake up hating life and Trump so much that they break laws trying to make a point. The funny thing about that is that they often have no point, or their point is far-fetched and not true, and then there’s always the consequences they must face. Numerous people have protested, vandalized property, destroyed things, and caused chaos because they were unable to accept that Hillary Clinton lost the election in 2016. Those people have impeded further progress by not working together with Trump’s team. Is it safe to say that Trump would have made a more significant impact in his first year of the presidency if people weren’t so blindly opposed to his leadership?

The protests, destruction, vandalism, and overall whining and complaining from the left come with consequences. Those who joined the “resist” movement will one day see that their actions have cost them dearly and did not help to make a difference in America. Instead, those people are often laughed at, prayed for, and the rest of the world hopes they grow up and start acting like adults instead of entitled, spoiled, children. You’re about to watch a video about one of those people who believes that she can deface property with vandalism and not face the legal ramifications of her misguided actions that mimic a child in elementary school.

The woman goes up to the Donald Trump star in Hollywood, kneels down (they’re always taking a knee somewhere), and begins defacing it. She calls Trump a “racist f-ck” and later in the video she learns a tough lesson. Keep in mind, there is no evidence of Trump being a racist, but remember that it’s the tactic often used by leftists when they don’t have a valid argument based on facts. It’s a weapon crafted by feelings, which we all know – no one cares about feelings. (more)

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