elephant-donkey-rep-demo-TXT-VOTE_REVERSEa“Democrats aren’t real democrats anymore,” says John, a Chicago man who works 60 hours a week at a local restaurant. “They’ve shift to a different breed, a race of angry faces that stab at injured wounds for no other reason than to get your attention.” He was a democrat all of his life. And when he heard that Hillary Clinton was running, he was excited and overwhelmed with hope. “I saw things in my mind like Bill returning to the white house, cracking jokes, and the experience of seeing the first woman president in my lifetime. But that all changed well before Election Day…

“Listen up Democratic Party. It wasn’t because of voter fraud, Russian metaling or email leaking; it was because of you.” He remembers when then President Obama shrugged off the Russian hack theory? With him, if the president feels it wasn’t worth speaking about, then it must’t be important.

He believes that every president is anointed by God in some way. “There are no accidents. But the way the democrats ran their race, acting like bullies and dogs hounding over the new guy, shifted my perspective to pay attention and look a little bit closer. They lost the election because of Hillary. Bottom line. It’s okay.”

He remembers when his guy lost –Al Gore– he was upset for a day, but then moved on with life, honoring Bush as his new president like many before him, and that was it. Oh the recounting of the votes; nail biting, but it ended.

“I decided well before the emails to vote for Trump. It was a Godly feeling that surfaced, deciding with my spirit instead of my brainwashed mind. It was time a new candidate emerged that had no ties to personal gain -money, power, fame – because Trump already had that. In no way am I comparing Trump to this, but it reminds me of the trials of Jesus. He was persecuted, shamed, bullied, hunted, and Jesus expected nothing in return but to help the people live a better life.”

AFTER deciding to vote for Trump, John listed things that prompted his decision to strengthen his choice even more. Remember, this is from his perspective. What’s amazing about that, is the words listed in the list are the things he saw, whether or not they were true. Not by CNN analysts or Fox New contributors, but real folks like John, and what he perceived that literally added firewood to the burning campaign. The mind’s eye. By the way, John used to watch CNN religiously before the election- not anymore. His list included:

• Emails – Disturbing (Devil Worshiping Dinners, Pay to Play)

• Clinton Foundation – Can’t believe these exist.

• Chicago ties – Rob Emanuel tied to Obama who’s tied to Hillary. (Too Close)

• CNN – Nothing but positive coverage of Hillary with no room for arguments from the right.

Obama recording with Russia – Recorded and visually recorded saying “I’ll have more flexibility after the election.”

• Hillary’s daughter – The RUMOR that Chelsea Clinton is married to George Soros’ nephew. Not proved.george-soros-865x452

•  Prompted me to research George Soros.

“At this point, there are so many false and truths mixing together, mating and giving birth to powerful narratives that aren’t denied by the people they’re about, that it makes you wonder.” 

•  Hillary and the Refugees – Seemed to love complete strangers from other lands more than American’s. (Remember, this is the perspective of a voter who listened and saw, but never spoke… till now.) I believe in Loving Thy Neighbor – believe it’s one of the most important commandments – but there were way too many factors of hate, weeding out the ones who wanted to cause us harm – that I became confused at the protection of this land.

•  No press conferences – I wanted to see Hillary answer questions on the spot without knowing the questions first or reading off a teleprompter. Nothing. (Big No No!)

•  Too Many Celebrities – Don’t tell me who to vote for just because you’re in the movies! Anger was building. 

•  Bad Decisions – Past battles.

•  Bad connections – John Podesta and his many rumors of unforgivable accusations that I won’t mention at this point. It comes later. 800px-john_podesta_official_wh_portrait

•  Too Close to Obama – She would have been a mini-me Obama with a blond wig.

Hillary’s a lawyer– Hillary Clinton successfully defended an accused child rapist and later laughed about the case. (A VERY BIG DEAL)

 Hillary and Bill’s marriage – For some reason it mattered because of Bill’s past. Be truthful from the start if you’re going to run for any political position. I really hope the horrible rumors aren’t true about their marriage. They seem like a nice couple that just gambled with politics. bill-hillary-clinton-meet-yale-law-school-19731

• Too many polls.

•  Her health. I didn’t want my president to die or be hospitalized why their trying to run our country. (There’s no room for the faint of heart when leading the free world.) Sounds heartless, but this isn’t a position that calls for medical leave.

•  More CNN. The way they were just trashing candidate Trump reminded me of schoolyard bullies picking on the new guy. Over and over. It almost made you want to vote for the opposite of what they were supporting. All psychological.

“See how the hatred is building during that race? Just constant repetition,” John added. 

•  Washington Post just picking on Trump over and over again.

•  That guy from Access Hollywood – Billy Bush – secretly recording candidate Trump on his bus, guy-talking about women. (I wouldn’t do that, but that is locker-room talk.)

•  John Podesta’s email about “Spirit Cooking“, emerged.  Very disturbing. By this point I was waiting for Hillary to finally fire Podesta. But …. she didn’t. WHY???? Are you kidding me! spirit-cooking

“By this point, the fire has turned into a raging forest fire.”

•  The meeting at the airport between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch (Are you kidding me? You can’t make this stuff up!)

 •  Donna Brazile giving Hillary’s campaign the questions at the debate before hand.

The list just continued to grow. It was too much distraction for John, he felt, for Hillary to be able to do her presidency job effectively, unbiased, with the effort motivated by putting America first.

His heart goes out to all that ran in this campaign. It was dirty, horrible and should never be repeated again. “But President Trump is now our president. Let it be. And to the Democratic Party, I leave you a bit of advice. Be kind, honest and support the Americans by supporting the president, no matter what party they belong to. Stop saying ‘no’ to ideas, and instead come up with your own ideas. It used to be that way. God bless.”

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