VIDEO: SuperPAC rips media’s coverage of gun rally: It’s ‘narrative promotion,’ not journalism

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Steve Cortes, national spokesman for America First Action SuperPAC, ripped the media’s coverage of Monday’s gun rights rally in Richmond that protested a push by Virginia Democrats for comprehensive gun control legislation, calling it biased and agenda-driven.

“When you look at corporate media in this country, they have overwhelmingly forsaken journalism in favor of narrative promotion,” Cortes told “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday, pushing back on the media’s framing of the event as a gathering of “white nationalists.” America First Action is a pro-Trump SuperPAC and Cortes has served on Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council.

The article goes on to state the following:

Host Laura Ingraham said in the days before the rally, the mainstream media hyped the gathering as a “powder keg” of President Trump supporters that would erupt into violence.

“The foremost narrative they want to promote about the president is that he’s a racist and that those of us who support him are racist as well,” Cortes responded.

The gun-rights rally brought thousands of people from across the country to protest the gun control push by Virginia Democrats.

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