VIDEO: Illegals line up, flood NY motor vehicle offices on first day of new drivers license law

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New York’s “Green Light” law, which allows illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses without having to provide proof of citizenship, went into effect over the weekend.

Applicants are already lining up outside DMV offices in the state, according to News 12 Westchester. Some county clerks expressed concern over the quantity of new license applications, saying that they have not received enough training or sufficient equipment to handle the influx.

The article goes on to state the following:

The law requires an applicant 16 years old or older to provide documents showing name, date of birth, and proof of residency in New York state. It does not require a Social Security number, but does mandate that noncitizen applicants sign an affidavit stating they have never been issued a Social Security number.

The report states that, effective on Monday, the state of New York will now accept a “valid foreign passport, foreign driver’s license or permanent resident card, among other forms of documentation,” in place of a social security number, allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain a U.S. drivers license.

SEE VIDEOS BELOW of the long lines which formed at motor vehicle department offices around the state, as undocumented immigrants rushed to get their new drivers license.

DMLNewsApp founder Dennis Michael Lynch has long argued against giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens in the United States. Six years ago he testified on this very issue before the Ohio State House of Representatives.  WATCH BELOW:

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