VIDEO: Giuliani Answers Whether White House Officials Want Him Out

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President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Monday that it “could be” true that senior White House officials want him to go away.

Further, he claims that those officials who do want him to be quiet have bought into the “spin” of the Democrats.

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“People in the White House today, according to these reporters who are talking on camera, are worried about your continuing role, fairly or unfairly,” Ingraham said, then playing a clip of ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl saying that senior White House officials are talking privately about how they want Giuliani to “go away and never be seen in public again related to any of this.”

“Are there people in the White House saying that?” Giuliani responded. “That could be.”

Giuliani said those people might be “buying into the Democratic spin.”

“The fact is, there is nothing to be defensive about,” the former New York mayor added. “Joe Biden was involved in multi-million dollar corrupt scheme along with a number of other Democrats. It’s never been resolved. They’ve never been held to account. As long as those issues remain between the United States and Ukraine, we really can’t fight corruption in the Ukraine.”


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