VIDEO: Dershowitz takes on CNN’s Cooper in heated exchange over impeachment

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(CNN) — Constitutional lawyer and Trump impeachment legal team member Alan Dershowitz said Monday that he is “much more correct right now” in his current views on what qualifies a president for impeachment than his near-opposite views during the Clinton impeachment.

Dershowitz, a recent addition to President Donald Trump’s team, said Sunday that the framers of the Constitution intended for impeachable conduct to mean “criminal-like conduct” and that both of Trump’s charges of obstruction of Congress and abuse of power do not meet the constitutional criteria for impeachment.

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But in 1998, Dershowitz said that a president could be impeached even without being accused of a crime.

Dershowitz battled with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “Anderson Cooper 360” on Monday over the apparent reversal, explaining that he “didn’t do research back then” because “that issue was not presented in the Clinton impeachment.”

“Everybody knew that he was charged with a crime, the issue is whether it was a hard crime,” Dershowitz said. “Now the issue is whether a crime or criminal-like behavior is required.”

“I’ve done the research now. I wasn’t wrong (before), I am just far more correct now than I was then,” he continued. “I said you didn’t need a technical crime back then. I still don’t think you need a technical crime.”
Dershowitz was interrupted as he tried to explain himself, prompting him to say he was being bullied and to ask Cooper to “listen” if he wanted to understand.


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