UPDATE: Democrats Have the Votes to Impeach President Trump

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House Democrats now have the votes to impeach President Donald J. Trump on Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported late Monday.

The Wall Street Journal‘s Siobhan Hughes, Lindsay Wise, and Natalie Andrews wrote Monday evening:

By Monday afternoon, at least 18 from the 31 Democratic-held districts that Mr. Trump won in the 2016 presidential race had announced they would support the abuse-of-power and obstruction of Congress charges, according to a Wall Street Journal survey, with two saying they are opposed.

The article goes on to state the following:

In other words, given the recent surge over the weekend into early this week of announcements of support for Articles of Impeachment from a number of vulnerable House Democrats who had been holding out until now, the Democrats have crossed the threshold necessary to impeach the president–barring any unforeseen surprises.

Even as Democrats continue to pursue impeachment, voters are indicating that they’re tired of the constant attacks on Trump and they do not support impeachment. In fact, polls indicate the impeachment effort id making some voters lean toward Trump for 2020, just as DML NewsApp Founder Dennis Michael Lynch predicted (see video below). The effort seems to be backfiring, helping Trump more than it is hurting him.

Lynch told TeamDML, “Dems impeaching Trump in the House will be a good thing for Trump – now Republicans must take it to trial in the Senate… and use it to put Obama and Biden on trial! Expose the corruption and the lies! This is the greatest thing that could happen to Trump for 2020.”

Here are examples of impeachment not going as expected for Democrats:

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