UNFOLDING NOW: Trump Just Showed Up To Olympics Unannounced – Gets Horrifying Surprise On Arrival | 🇺🇸TEAM❤TRUMP🇺🇸

Source: UNFOLDING NOW: Trump Just Showed Up To Olympics Unannounced – Gets Horrifying Surprise On Arrival | 🇺🇸TEAM❤TRUMP🇺🇸

The 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea has just begun and has already proven it’s probably going to be the most controversial games of our time. For decades, it has been an honor to represent the United States and the games, but this year seems to be far different. Like many major sporting events since President Donald Trump has taken office, athletes mixed politics with the competition where they don’t belong. Despite that being root cause that completely destroyed the NFL, these top-notch athletes didn’t learn and have now gotten other world representatives on board with their sickening antics.

The president hadn’t planned to show up in South Korea but made a sudden, unexpected appearance today, just in time for the opening ceremonies. No sooner did he show up, he learned what a horrible idea that was. This was for no reason of his own – but the disgusting attitudes that have already presented themselves in Pyeongchang.

When American Olympians don’t even respect our president the nation they are representing at the games, how can anyone expect other countries to do so? It’s part of the reason why all that was negatively said by downhill skier Lindsey Vonn, figure skater Adam Rippon, and now speedskater Shani Davis leading up to the games was so unacceptable and damaging. We’re now seeing part of the results of those disparaging remarks that will likely only get worse over the next few days of the Olympics… (more)



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