Tyler Cameron Deleted ALL Hannah Brown Pics From His Instagram!

It’s a question asked by philosophers through the ages… if you delete all your Bachelorette pics from Instagram, did you ever really go on the show?

Tyler Cameron is probably asking himself that question right now, after he abruptly scrubbed his IG account of ALL pics involving former flame and one-time Bachelorette star Hannah Brown. Hmm…

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It’s unclear if something specific happened to prompt the 26-year-old’s deletion decision, or if he just wanted to give himself a fresh start… Or perhaps he’s back on his “New Year, new me” bulls**t — one month ahead of schedule! Ha!

But as you can see in the screenshot (below), Hannah’s suddenly nowhere to be found on the hunky former football star’s social media hub:

Tyler Cameron Hannah Brown deleted Instagram pictures
There’s no shortage of content on the male model’s IG page — including a video showing off everything he eats in a day (!) — and yet Hannah Brown is nowhere to be found! Sad! / (c) Tyler Cameron/Instagram

What gives, Tyler?!

End Of An Error Era?

Alabama Hannah’s departure from the hunk’s social media feed would appear to be the definitive end to what could have been between the two.

As you’ll recall, Cameron made it all the way to last season’s finale before bowing out as runner-up to eventual winner Jed Wyatt; Brown dumped the wimpy winner almost immediately afterwards, however, and fans figured Tyler might get another shot at love.

Perhaps it was in the cards — Hannah Beast seemed to think so at the time — but then Gigi Hadid popped up. Cameron, clearly vibing with the super-est of the supermodel tribe, jumped on board the Gigi train and rode it for a few months, even getting as far as The Netherlands.

Unfortunately for the Tyler-Hannah shippers, by the time it derailed it was clear the duo had missed their shot at love.

Brown then did her time on Dancing With The Stars, while Cameron pranced around with new girls all the while, and, well, here we are. So we can’t exactly say we’re surprised if Tyler and Hannah are finished for good … we’re just a little intrigued as to why the former pageant queen has been completely wiped from his Instagram feed!

A breakup is one thing, this is like an erasure! Much more aggressive.

As you can see (below), Tyler still clearly loves his Bachelor Nation family, as evidenced by this past weekend’s night spent out with Pete Weber and a few other members of the reality TV tribe:

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A night with friends

A post shared by Tyler Cameron (@tylerjcameron3) on

Seems like a lot of fun!

So why cut out the memories you made with Hannah all along the way, dude?!

Guess we’ll turn it over to you, then, Perezcious readers… What gives with Hannah’s sudden departure from Tyler’s IG page?? Are y’all as bummed about it as we are?! Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN/Avalon]

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