Thoughts + Emotion = Attraction

law-of-attraction-workThe law of attraction works every hour, every second for you. But mostly it looks like the law of attraction works against you.

You become what you think about most of the time. That’s the reason why you should worry less and focus on the happy things of life more often. You cannot not think on something. Try it out. Please don’t think on a pink elephant with green dots on his side, a purple trunk and an ape on his back who is wearing a black silk hat.

Could you do it? Could you not think on this picture? Probably not. It’s just not possible to not think on a certain thing. When you want to avoid thoughts of a certain situation or a certain thing, the first thing you have to do is to create the image in your mind to tell you not to think on it.

The same thing happens, when you focus on things you don’t want to happen. Let’s say you are scared of making mistakes – by focusing on the intention to avoid mistakes you probably make more of them than ever before. You concentrate on the thing you want to avoid and your subconscious mind can only think in images. So what do you have to create when you focus on things you want to avoid? Correct – an image of it. An Image of the thing you want to avoid, of the scenario you will experience – for example you can see, hear and feel the situation when your boss is shouting at you once you made this mistakes – and guess what will happen?

law-of-attractionBut the other way around – your positive thoughts will create positive situations as well. Again, the law of attraction works in every second for you or against you. It´s your choice. But your positive thoughts will not create positive situations automatically. Thoughts alone mostly cause nothing at all. What gives them power are the feelings you have by thinking them. Thoughts without emotion have no power.

What happens when you think on the scenario where you make mistakes and make your boss angry – what happens with you? You are probably scared, you’re sweating, you feel bad and you have stomach ache… And your negative thoughts mixed with this negative emotions create the negative situation, because your subconscious mind start to makes you act according to your creation.

Same thing happens with positive thoughts who create positive emotions. So if you think about your dreams, do it with all your senses. If you want to have more time for yourself and your family – think about the situation you want to create. See yourself walking in a park with your family – see yourself laughing, feel the wind, smell the grass, fell the kiss of your partner, the love of your children, feel all the emotions you link with this moment. think in this instance and the law of attraction work for you.

This is essential for the positive influence – the law of attraction means – you attract what you think about most of the time AND what arouse strong emotions within yourself. So first of all – be aware of what you think and once you got it, mix the thoughts you really want to think with strong emotions and chances are very good that your dreams come true. Good luck for it.

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