THIS Is Why #ArianaGrandeIsOverParty Is Trending!

Ariana Grande is, once again, at the center of controversy.

On Thursday on Twitter, #ArianaGrandeIsOverParty began trending — with many not knowing why or how.

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That same day, social media user @9muches gave a basic explanation of the alleged drama, writing:

“a fan of hers tweeted a rumor that she plagiarized frank ocean and ariana replied calling her out for it and the fan was really upset and got a lot of hate and apologized. and then ariana replied to another fan about them spreading rumors”

According to a deleted tweet from The Pop Hub, Frank Ocean allegedly threatened to sue the thank u, next singer for covering his song Close to You — which served as an interlude for her Sweetener World Tour.

Per fans, at Lollapalooza, the songstress allegedly swapped Close to You for Adore. (There are also rumors she unfollowed Ocean on Instagram.)

While many of the tweets in question got deleted, the original one (from @getwellshan) allegedly brought up plagiarism claims.

According to alleged screenshots, the fan penned:

“lmao why did Ariana use close to you without frank’s permission”

In response, Ariana allegedly wrote back:

“i didn’t. we changed the interlude bc I prefer adore. please stop making s**t up every time I log off for a few hours and u get bored.”

The upset fan — who has since set their page to private — allegedly remarked:

“im at work lmao I can’t stop crying f**k… Im sorry everyone… getting a lot of replies asking what my tweet was and last night I was seeing on my timeline that Ariana had been given a lawsuit by frank ocean for using his song in her tour. obviously that was a stupid rumor and I should’ve never tweeted that if I didn’t have proof if it was-… true or not. I’m so sorry Ariana and from now on I won’t follow along any rumors about you ever. I love you so much I’m so sorry @ArianaGrande”

However, after the social media user wrote, “she hates me,” Grande responded:

“naw I love u. just exhausting seeing people talk. love u to the moon n back.”

Despite the two (apparently) resolving their issues, #ArianaGrandeIsOverParty began trending because some thought Grande’s initial response was rude.

However, K-Pop fans began using the hashtag — possibly because of past issues they had with Ariana.

According to NME in August 2017, Grande was accused of being “disrespectful” to fans at a concert in South Korea.

Additionally, per The Daily Vox in November 2018, Ariana allegedly liked a tweet shading Kris Wu — a former member of South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO.

To make matters more complicated, some Twitter users accused Taylor Swift fans of starting the hashtag!

Did a Taylor Swift fan start #ArianaGrandeIsOverParty??
Did a Taylor Swift fan start #ArianaGrandeIsOverParty?? / (c) Twitter

UGH! Can’t we all just get along???

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