There’s A New Frontrunner On ‘The Bachelor’ After Colton Takes The Girls To Thailand!

The girls made time for Thailand Monday night on The Bachelor!

And while there was as much drama as you might expect on yesterday’s brand new episode, love is starting to push through… and CassieHannah B., and Heather are starting to separate themselves from the pack!

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Heather — you know, the girl who had never been kissed — can no longer claim her title, because on her one-on-one date with Colton Underwood, the pair locked lips! After a wonderful night together, underneath fireworks on the beach, Colton made his move, and Heather joined the kiss club.


She wasn’t the only one who left her one-on-one date with an ear-to-ear grin, though; Cassie had a particularly poignant date with Colton herself, though there was considerably more heavy making out for these two than Heather had.

The other girls are starting to realize Cassie’s unreal connection with Colton, too, and it’s starting to become clear that she may have a target on her back as the early frontrunner!

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Hannah B. didn’t feel like wasting too much time, herself, as she became the first one to tell Colton she was falling for him, dropping the ‘L’ word after their group date in the jungle. Awww!!!

Elyse, meanwhile, saw ALL this love in the air and… quit.

No, seriously. The redhead couldn’t take the heat and couldn’t stand that Colton didn’t pick her for another one-on-one date, and when she confronted him about it late one night, she talked her way off the show and out of Thailand.

Yikes! One girl down, and they didn’t even have to have a rose ceremony for it…

Speaking of girls on the run, Onyeka and Nicole seriously didn’t do themselves any favors after snitching on each other repeatedly and several times implying that the other one wasn’t here for the right reasons. To make matters worse, these two had a HUGE blow-out RIGHT IN FRONT OF COLTON!!!

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WTF, girls?!

No rose ceremony this week, so nobody else got canned, but if we had to pick… Onyeka and Nicole have gotta go.

Colton ain’t got time for that drama!!

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