The Magic is one of those rare books where everything starts to make sense. It strikes at your mind like a hammer and when you use the techniques, your life just changes for the better.

It doesn’t have any of those hard to understand methods, rather it’s a step up from other books and begins to train your mind that gratitude is the most powerful frequency that connects you to the ‘happy-feeling’ that you need to manifest. Remeber, bad moods don’t aid in positive outcomes, rather they actually contradict the things you desire and bring only the things that trigger MORE bad moods. Gratitude places you on the frequency that’s connected to the Source, the universe. Good moods = good outcomes. Brilliant book. And it was either my second or third book after ‘THE SPIRIT” the lead me on my journey. Warning: Miracles will happen. And you’ll be like, “My God, it’s that simple!” Enjoy.


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