The Key

themag1What is the key to a happier life? Money? Power? Health? The main reason why any of us are on this  – at times – God forsaken planet, is to attain joy in the most lucrative way we can. We are not here to be punished, to be poor, unhealthy, to suffer, but thrive in joy and make use of the path we crave to go down.

Brainwashing! Yes, the greatest reason why we see pain in the world is because we were trained with such meaningless sayings when we were young. Work hard, sweat, pay the bills, make others happy, finish your plate, don’t be spoiled, rich is bad, poor is good – Meek- an honests days work, go to bed early, early bird catches the worm, be prepared, don’t rush, don’t be selfish, give them a hug, at least you tried, go to college, don’t be late, be on time, listen to your teacher -lol- get a job, make friends, just settle, buy a house, they’re rich because they were born into it, there are enough artists in this world, and the list goes on and on and on!


Brainwashing is something that everyone has to get over with in their own way. Meditation, studying, aligning the mind, body and spirit can help, but overall, the things we learned as a child mirror who we are today. So if you forgot what you learned, even at your earliest memory, just look around you and the evidence of your supposed teachings are everywhere.

It’s not their fault. They were taught by their parents and teachers, but the main thing you should avoid is yearning for another persons life! Oh yes. Blue collare are just as important as white collare. Rish or poor, as long as your happy, let it be. But come on, are you really happey being poor? NO. Unraveling your apivinese and spirtual awaekings can be the greatest journey you’ve ever taken.

heaven-01I’ve visited heaven quite a few times; for another post perhapes. And the one thing that always remnained the same was the FEELING of PURE JOY. That’s it. Nothing else. So what that brings us to is following your emotions, aligning them to make you a perfect match for joy.

I know, I know, sounds mystical and trivial, but give it a try.  We went through the Hillary and Donald battle, we can go through anything. Oh, the Hillary and Donald battle; maybe later.

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