einsteinSo what have we learned? Hmm? If you haven’t awoken yet, we are in a time of great importance, a time of hunger game-like realities where conspiracies mold into truths. Many of us have put down our crafts, passions, and enjoyments to pass on the info – the rabbit it quick and cunning- and make sure the first annual hunger games includes many of the evil pawns and rooks that will eventually turn on each other- it’s just how they work. Why did I mention hunger games anyway? As a writer – writer to writer- we know that as we write we can see through to the past, present and future without our consciousness realizing it. The Hunger Games premise is a reality that would have occurred if Hillary was elected – it was their plan all along- and democracy just like in the books, would have been destroyed. What have you learned?maxresdefault3

The devil is real. And these idiots believe in his lies, shallow promises and are too far gone to ever recover back into a moral way of living. Many of us stopped our books, scripts, projects because we see that in THIS TIME is the moment where we can’t stop the momentum of truth. We are all brothers and sisters because we are still alive, which means we have seen the 1980’s, 90’s, 00’s and on and know that in each decade there was a subtle change that led us here.


Where’s here? Here is a place where being a billionaire easily came to be, where famous people just appeared so easily, where houses went from $40,000 to $280,000+ and our wages lagged behind ten-fold, cars went from $2,000 to $30,000, where bad teachers were protected by tenure, where believing in God, Jesus was threatened, where the twin towers fell and 7 years later a supposed Muslim radical became the president, where the people forgot they were in charge of the government and in turn many – not all- elected became want-ta-be demigods, where foundation like the Clinton’s kept the majority of the money themselves, where average human beings had to have relations or join a radical, dark religion to get famous, where nice music lyrics turned into sex and drugs, and so much more while behind the scenes, devil worshipping and human/child trafficking by the powerful was occurring the ENTIRE TIME. So what have you learned?

The internal weather of the mind can get stormy, but when it clears, this is what is happening.trey-gowdy-on-pedogate

  • 1) Human trafficking for satanic rituals and slavery
  • 2) Pedophilia that almost became the norm
  • 3) Powerful and insane people trying to control the population in anyway the could like placing deadly viruses in mosquitoes
  • 4) Blackmail and more blackmail that still keeps Hillary and the rest out of jail
  • 5) Major deep state that controls the media like puppets
  • 6) DOJ and FBI’s top officials being compromised
  • 7) Dirty deals in exchange for powerful seats in government
  • 8) TREASON without executions

  • 9)  Private and hacked servers with Top Secret Intel
  • 10) Spirit Cooking
  • 11) Gender inventions
  • 12) Civilians being spied on
  • 13) Alexa saying Jesus is a fictional character
  • 14) Borders that were favored before when Obama said it but are now frowned upon because of biases just because there’s a president without strings to pull
  • 15) Want-ta-be, old organizations like the Illuminati that dumb rich people buy their way intopizzagate-1024x576-840x410
  • 16) Red Cross and money (look it up)
  • 17) CERN
  • 18) Election rigging
  • 19) Dulce Base (Look it up)
  • 20) The Pope ACTUALLY wanting to change the Lord’s Prayer!
  • 20) And so much more….


So what have you learned? This is a time for prayer, a time to pass on these posts, reblog, a time to stop watching CNN, MSNBC, and others, and say, “Enough is enough,” to your elected officials and stand up for your elected president. Remember, it’s a ripple effect, and everyone’s positive words make a difference.



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