The Far-Left Continues to Silence Their Political Opposition But Conservatives Are Standing Up Together (VIDEO)

Michael J. Watt released a video online at Remnant TV with an excellent analysis of what is going on today.*

Michael J. Watt shares the following in his latest video:

Michael J. Matt first takes a look at the far-Left’s fascist attempt to silence political opposition.

Protecting the Kids from the My Pillow Guy: You might hate his pillow, but do you really think Mike Lindell presents a clear and present danger to the common good? Who’s next, the guy with the Sham Wow?

Domestic Terrorists? New video of MAGA guys shouting at Capitol police for doing NOTHING as the building was breached. Nancy’s not gonna like this one bit!

Comic Relief: AOC whips herself up some tears, trying to explain how terrified she was of a Capitol policeman who was trying to help her.

Minneapolis Crime Skyrocketing: Even though African Americans are doing most of the dying here, President Biden uses all the power of the federal government to go after the morons in the Vikings horns.

Nancy’s Wall: It’s 12-feet high, topped with razor wire, and takes 3 hours to walk around. Is this the beginning of an American police state?

At the 17:30 mark, Matt shares:

Trump knocked the hell out of these globalists, knocked them on their backsides, not by brandishing firearms but by pledging to bring back everything they’re terrified of, everything they’re trying to destroy.  He was using an idea to kill another idea and was doing it real successfully.  Violence and racism had nothing to do with it.  He beat them back with patriotism.  He beat them back with law and order.  He beat them back with God and religion…

… We have the numbers on our side – 80 million.

(Btw Watt speaks for the unborn so this cover pic appears to be satire.)

We are the majority.

* We don’t have an opinion of or much knowledge of Remnant TV  – this episode was an excellent analysis of today’s events.

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