Taylor Swift’s Team Reportedly Asked Justin Bieber To Leave A Gym So She Could Workout — Awkward!

Just how many celebrity-friendly gyms are there in Los Angeles, anyway? There has to be plenty, right? Maybe someone should find out and let Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber know so they don’t accidentally almost cross paths between workouts again!

Per TMZ, this is more or less what went down when the entertainers both happened to visit the Dogpound Gym in West Hollywood on Saturday afternoon. Talk about an awkward situation!

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As the story goes, the Yummy singer was pumping iron when he and his security team were approached and asked to leave. Taylor had reserved the entire gym for a private appointment with her trainer so it sounds like the employees and her team were just doing their job here.

But at that point, the Biebs was already midway through his training session and straight-up refused to cut it short until he was finished. Screw the rules, right? Per the report, Hailey Bieber‘s husband did not have a scheduled appointment and was supposedly seen”goofing around and dancing” long after his workout was over.

TMZ sources say the Sorry singer did not know it was Swift that was waiting on him to vacate.

They also confirmed the starlet’s gym time was reserved in advance and meant to be solo. Eventually, Justin and any other individuals who stayed behind left the premises.

Well, that is quite the story!

While it’s quite salacious to hear that Selena Gomez‘s ex-boyfriend and her BFF, who are known musical rivals, were inadvertently caught in a standoff like this, this does sound pretty strange! We can’t help but wonder why the Dogpound staff didn’t warn Bieber about a VIP’s upcoming arrival well in advance? This is freaking Taylor Swift we’re talking about here — you know, someone who might require some notice?? She did have her appointment first!

Plus, what about the bad blood between them after Justin fiercely defended Scooter Braun amid the contention Big Machine Records saga? It just feels like someone should’ve been more diligent about making sure their lines didn’t get crossed, even if the Biebs did initially refuse to leave.

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