Tana Mongeau Addresses Relationship With Noah Cyrus: ‘I Love To Kick It With Her’

So are these two a couple, or what?!

Smart money’s on ‘or what’ after hearing Tana Mongeau clarify what’s going on between her and Noah Cyrus right now, in a new Friday night interview. And while the two young stars are super close, it doesn’t sound like they’re quite doing the romantic relationship thing… at least not right now!

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Speaking to ET at the 2019 YouTube Streamy Awards on Friday evening in El Lay, the 21-year-old vlog star Mongeau — forever linked infamously to fellow YouTuber Jake Paul after this year’s bizarre marriage stunt — opened up about Miley Cyrus‘s younger sister.

And while it sounds like there is a LOT of love here between the two of ’em (below), Mongeau makes it pretty clear the two are not a couple, saying to the outlet:

“To be real, I think that I might have started the girlfriend stuff with some YouTube title. I just love being around Noah. There’s something about her, even before I knew her, that has always inspired me. She’s so real, she’s so raw. The way she turns her emotions into art and cares about mental health and was born into this life, but turns it into something beautiful, is so inspiring to me. And I love to kick it with her.”

Ahhh, so actually calling the 19-year-old your “girlfriend” had… no meaning whatsoever.

OK then! Kick it away, y’all! LOLz!

Tana Mongeau Jake Paul 11 YouTube Scandals
These two are no strangers to dubious content with a muddied line between true and false… why should now be any different?! / (c) Jake Paul/YouTube

Mongeau continued on after that, pretty much shutting the door on the dating hype, and concluding the interview (below):

“There is no tea. Like, that is the tea on that. I literally just like to spend time with her and care about her. Everything else just kind of makes it a mess, I don’t know.”

Good to know!

What’s Really Going On?!

To be honest, it’s always a little tough to tell what’s really going on in Mongeau’s public life. Not only has she flat-out been deceptive about the 19-year-old singer here, the entire ruse with Jake earlier this year was one for the history books… or something. We’re still not even really sure what parts of it were planned out and conned, and what was unexpected and/or a mistake.

And something tells us they aren’t sure, either! LOLz!!!

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Regardless, the blonde babe and her vlogging cohorts sure know how to draw attention (and views), and we have a feeling we’ll be trying to separate fact from fiction on all their content for quite a long time to come — relationships and all. Oh, boy!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Sounds like it’s a no-go here for Mongeau and Cyrus… are y’all disappointed by that, or what? Crushed like we are, huh? Ha!!!

Seriously, though… sound OFF with your take on all this in the comment section (below)!!!

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