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photo-1The You Tube PURGE of conservative channels has drawn mainstream media attention, and You Tube is calling the purge “a mistake”. Here’s the TRUTH about what is really going on. You Tube has formed its own 10,000 strong secret thought police that includes the enemy of Christianity, free specch and the second amendment, The Southern Poverty Law Center. Even though the Richie From Boston channel has been restored, dozens of other channels are still either terminated or under fire. Please Subscribe to my BACKUP channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SGTreport

Today You Tube PURGED the Richie From Boston channel. He HAD 150,000 subscribers. You Tube also terminated the Jordan Sather channel. The fascist “Winston Smiths” at You Tube are now targeting investigative journalist Jerome Corsi too. Is this discrimination of political speech legal? I guess it doesn’t matter if you’re an entity under the Google umbrella. Just ask former Google engineer and truth teller James Damore. Questioning the Florida shooting seems to be the common theme that brought these channels down. So in the spirit of stupidity and what ought to be a FREE PRESS, I’m going there too.


Youtube Apologizes To Right Wingers But Still Has Not Reinstated Videos

Ashton Whitty and Jordan Sather join Owen Shroyer on THE WAR ROOM to discuss the unprecedented censorship they have been subjected to by YouTube. Watch the War Room at warroom.show Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we’re reaching millions help us reach millions more.


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YouTube moderators ban right-wing channels, company apologizes and brings them back

YouTube has recently been under fire for allowing and promoting right-wing conspiracy theory videos and violence-encouraging channels. A stark example appeared shortly after the Parkland school shooting, when a YouTube ‘trending’ video promoted the conspiracy that shooting victim David Hogg is a crisis actor.

Today (Feb 28), YouTube swiftly removed many prominent right-wing and conspiracy channels, among them “Anti-School” and “Destroying the Illusion”, which have tens of thousands of subscribers and millions of monthly views.

In the same roundup, the website removed several prominent gun-focused channels. The removal caused an uproar on Twitter and online forums, decrying YouTube for removing legitimate content from its platform, and going further than its usual guidelines against “hateful” or “harmful and dangerous” content.

YouTube apparently agrees with the critics, claiming that the removal was a mistake of its contract worker moderators, who misunderstood the company’s policy. The videos have already mostly returned to the platform and will all be reinstated. YouTube has also decided to reject public pressure to remove the NRA channel from its platform, aiming for a more neutral stance.

Dr. Jerome Corsi: His Channel Being Blocked With Strikes And YouTube Has Now Frozen The Alex Jones Channel, NEXT MOVE IS DELETION! This Is The Biggest Internet Purge We Have Ever Seen

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This Is The Biggest Internet Purge We Have Ever SeenImage result for right to speech

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If Alex Jone’s Infowars YouTube channel gets one more strike within the next three months, it will be banned from the site, where it has 2.2 million subscribers.

Infowars—a far-right media outlet that often suggests mass shootings like those at Sandy Hook and Marjory Stoneman Douglas are orchestrated, staged events—claims it got its second strike from YouTube on Tuesday morning, for a video about the Parkland mass shooting, the Hill reports.

The Hill campaign editor Will Sommer shared the alert on Twitter:

The Alex Jones channel got its first strike on February 23rd for a video that suggested that David Hogg and other student survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida, were crisis actors. The video, titled “David Hogg Can’t Remember His Lines In TV Interview,” was removed for violating the YouTube policies on bullying and harassment. (more)

YouTube Has Now Frozen The Alex Jones Channel, NEXT MOVE IS DELETION!

Kinninigan’s Account Was Just Terminated!






You Tube has PURGED several REAL NEWS channels that dares to question the “official” story regarding the recent Florida school shootings. The Ron Johnson You Tube channel was a CHRISTIAN truth news channel with 150,000 subscribers – and last week the channel was TERMINATED without warning. The same thing has happened to the Richie Allen You Tube channel and others. Thank you for tuning in for this important interview.

The YouTube PURGE… & New #Q

In the past few days You Tube has PURGED many REAL NEWS channels that have dared to speak truth about the Florida school shooting. Tracy Beanz joins me to discuss this obviously ILLEGAL political FREE SPEECH discrimination, and the many remaining questions surrounding the Florida school shooting which directly led to these You Tube channel terminations. And stay tuned because in the final third of the interview we cover the new #Q revelations. Thanks for tuning in.

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