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Michael Tracey: ‘Major Political Liability’ for Bernie Sanders to Embrace Open Borders Agenda

Left-wing populist Michael Tracey says it is a “major political liability” for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to be “percieved” of as endorsing an open borders agenda in the 2020 election.

Democrat Attorneys General Demand Fast-Track Work Permits for Illegals and Migrants

Twenty-one top Democrat state officials are trying to block a White House reform that would protect Americans’ jobs and wages from hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants and economic migrants who try to get U.S. jobs.

Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims Blue-Collar Americans Getting ‘Clobbered’

Blue-collar and white-collar Americans “are being clobbered, they’re being killed,” former Vice President Joe Biden claimed at the January 14 Democrat debate in Iowa.

Bernie Sanders: ‘Of Course’ Cheap Illegal Workers Drive Down U.S. Wages

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) admits cheaper illegal alien workers drive down wages for America’s working and middle class, but continues to support amnesty for illegal aliens, decriminalization of the United States-Mexico border, and throwing out President Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” executive order.

No Labor Shortage: 11M Americans Out of Work, but All Want Full-Time Jobs

There remain more than 11 million Americans who are out of work despite claims by the big business lobby of a so-called “labor shortage.”

Ivanka Trump: Immigration Must Not ‘Displace’ Americans from Their Jobs

White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump said the United States’ legal immigration system must be a balance between attracting the “greatest talent in the world” while not displacing Americans who are transitioning jobs or entering the workforce after years on the sidelines. 

930 American GM Workers Win Full-Time Jobs, Wage Hikes in ‘Amazing’ UAW Deal

A deal struck between the United Auto Workers (UAW) and General Motors (GM) has won full-time jobs for about 930 American workers who have been temporary workers for the automaker and wage hikes. 

Mike Bloomberg: Employers Should Hire ‘the Best’ Foreigners Instead of Americans

Investor, CEO, and presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg says he would allow investors and employers to hire the “the best” workers from around the world instead of Americans.

‘Biggest Cash Increase Ever’ as Government Set to Raise Minimum Wage in April

The United Kingdom is set to raise the national living wage by April in what the government describes as “the biggest cash increase ever”. However, business owners worry the raise will negatively impact employment.

Census Bureau: Migration to America Drops to Lowest Level This Decade

Overall net migration has dropped to the lowest level this decade, according to the latest Census Bureau data.

Labor Unions Come Out Strong to Support Trump Trade Deal: ‘Huge Win for Working People in America’

The nation’s most prominent labor unions are coming out strong to support President Trump’s United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade deal that will replace the job-killing North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Democrats Sneak Amnesty Power to Future President in 2020 Pentagon Bill

The 2020 Pentagon spending bill contains a camouflaged provision allowing any U.S. president to amnesty millions of illegal immigrants — regardless of the shock to Americans’ wages, workplaces, and communities, says a former immigration judge.

Mike Lee Expands India-Giveaway Bill, Creates Work Permit Program

GOP Sen. Mike Lee’s revised S.386 Indian-giveaway bill makes a huge change in immigration law to help more than 600,000 Indians — but also may allow investors to flood the white-collar labor market with at least 100,000 extra foreign college-graduate workers each year. 

Joe Biden Promises Flood of Foreign Graduates for Investors, Paperwork Protections for Americans

Joe Biden is promising investors that he will flood the white-collar labor market with a huge inflow of cheap foreign graduates, but he is offering only paperwork protections to the millions of U.S. graduates who will lose jobs, salaries, and careers.

House Approves Farmworker Amnesty, Promotes Visa Workers over Americans

Nearly all House Democrats, plus a group of 34 Republicans, voted Wednesday to approve an amnesty for illegal farmworkers and to outsource more of the nation’s farm workforce to cheap H-2A visa workers.