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Pack Of Furries Rescue Domestic Violence Victim By Beating Up Her Attacker — Watch!

Furries to the rescue!

A pack of attendees who had just left the annual FurCon convention in San Jose on Friday pounced on and subdued a man they say was assaulting a female victim in his car.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the event at the convention center had just ended when furry Kin Z. Shiratsuki turned the corner and heard a woman screaming in what turned out to be a domestic violence attack.

He told the news station:

“This guy was just walloping a lady. He had to have hit her 10 times.”

Kin immediately jumped into action: he and his fellow furries opened the car door, pulled the man off the victim and out of the vehicle — and he was able to do so with ease, thanks to years of training.

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He explained:

“I’ve had my whole life, a bunch of taekwondo and karate. I was able to grab him by the back, pull him out of the vehicle and put him on the ground with as little violence as I could.”


The group held the 22-year-old attacker until local police arrived and cuffed him. The San Jose native, Demetry Hardnett, was arrested on a charge of domestic violence.

Meanwhile, Kin and co. ended up being the stars at Further Confusion 2020 (aka FurCon), the annual assembly of those who like to express themselves as characters in fur suits. According to the event’s website, FurCon offers “exciting events, educational panels, nightly dance parties, and more.”

The site goes on to define the furry community as follows:

“In a general sense, the furry community is large and diverse group of people, brought together by a shared interest in anthropomorphic animals. These are often animal or animal-themed characters in movies, cartoons, books, or comics. Many of our attendees create characters of their own, and some even attend in costume.”

Naturally, other furries were proud. An attendee named Khord Kitty told the outlet:

“Even though we’re wearing animal costumes, we’ve got some humanity as well. It’s just a natural thing to want to help someone in need.”

Kin admitted that’s what he was trying to do, telling the station:

“I just couldn’t sit there and watch that. I’ve been a victim of abuse myself.”

Not all heroes wear capes, Perezcious readers: some wear fur suits!

Ch-ch-check out intense footage of the furry fight (below).

[Image via NBC LA]

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Woman Charged With Murder After Fatally Stabbing Husband With Nail-Clipper File!

File this one under disturbing. A New Jersey woman was charged with murder after allegedly fatally stabbing her husband with a tiny nail-clipper file.

Axel Torres was found lying covered in blood in the early morning of January 12 outside the mobile home he and his wife Katheleen Ayala (above) shared in Millville. According to multiple reports, the 35-year-old had been stabbed and was unresponsive.

During an interview with police, Ayala allegedly admitted she stabbed her husband with the sharp metal file that came with a set of nail clippers. But she insisted she didn’t mean to kill him, according to an affidavit of probable cause, and claimed she “only meant to scare him.”

Officials say the couple had been fighting inside their trailer when Torres reportedly walked out the door; Ayala reportedly followed her husband and chased him with the clippers throughout the Country Meadows mobile home park. They eventually arrived at a wooded area, where police say she began to stab him.

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Detectives said Wilfredo Martinez and Loukeysha Candelario, who were identified as “family associates to the victim,” told them the victim and Ayala got into a verbal and physical altercation earlier that night. Officer Kimberly Hall stated:

“Shortly after the altercation, the victim left the residence at which time Katheleen went after him and she came back a short time later requesting help to go find him.”

During the attack, Torres suffered a stab wound to his left leg, in addition to injuries to his feet, hands, and shoulders.

Ayala told police that Torres took the clippers from her after the attack and was then transported to a local hospital. Meanwhile, the 30-year-old was charged with second-degree aggravated assault and weapons offenses.

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The next day, Torres died from his injuries at Cooper University Hospital and Ayala was charged with first-degree murder. Police were not able to find the clippers during their search of the property.

The woman appeared before a Cumberland County Superior Court judge for a preliminary hearing on Friday. In addition to murder, she’s been charged with aggravated assault, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Ayala, born in Puerto Rico, asked for an interpreter for the hearing on Friday. She did not speak, apart from confirming she understood what the judge was saying her. She acknowledged several family members in the courtroom, who declined to comment after the hearing.

She remains behind bars in Cumberland County Jail pending her hearing next week.

[Image via Cumberland County Jail]

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New Details Revealed About Jen Harley’s Alleged Attack On ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

Days after it first came to light, we’re now learning more about Jen Harley‘s alleged in-home attack on Ronnie Ortiz-Magro… and it ain’t pretty.

Just as the Jersey Shore star was at the time of the attack, Ronnie is reportedly still confused as to why Jen was even there in the first place. He says he did not tell her to swing by his place or come over on the night of the alleged altercation, which occurred last weekend.

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According to TMZ, insiders in the reality TV star’s camp “find it puzzling” why his ex would even show up in the first place, considering she is the one with the restraining order against him.

Furthermore, upon investigation of the scene of the alleged attack — which was done with eyeliner, BTW (!!!) — law enforcement sources are telling the outlet they now believe Jen must’ve had easy entry into Ronnie’s house. There was no sign of forced entry or any broken windows or anything like that, so the cops assume his baby momma used a key that must’ve still worked to gain access to the reality TV mainstay’s Las Vegas home.

Scary, scary stuff, especially considering the injuries he walked away with following the altercation. (You can see pictures of those facial injuries HERE.)

These two had to have been happy together at some point… right? / (c) Ronnie Ortiz-Magro/Instagram

The media outlet spoke to Jen’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, about why Ariana Sky‘s mom was even in Ron-Ron’s home in the first place. Bloom offered up a legalese response, though, ultimately acknowledging that was something best left for a court of law (below):

“You ask a good question, and there is a good answer, but we will be presenting her position in court, not in the media … [Jen] has not been served with any restraining order, and any contact the two had in recent weeks would be a clear violation of the restraining order against Ronnie.”

Even if it’s allegedly initiated by Jen entering Ronnie’s home without him knowing or accepting?! Guess we’ll just have to wait for this whole thing to play out in court.

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What we do know is this whole incident certainly goes against Harley’s initial plans for 2020! Remember how just three weeks ago the young mom was adamant about leaving her ex and all that drama behind in 2019? So much for that, it would appear… guess in their own special ways, both of these two are back on their bull s**t!!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

Sound OFF with your comments down in the section (below)…

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Aaron Hernandez’s Former Fiancé Speaks Out After Netflix Airs New Chilling Documentary About The Late Football Star

It’s been over two years since former NFL star Aaron Hernandez died from suicide while serving out a life sentence at a Massachusetts prison in 2017.

In Netflix‘s new docu-series Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez which premiered online this week, the streaming giant gave viewers a compelling and fascinating look at the tragic series of events and factors that led to the football player’s demise.

Reliving everything through the doc is no doubt a painful experience for those who knew the 27-year-old and were affected by his alleged crimes. In the wake of its release and all of the attention that’s come with it, the athlete’s former fiancé Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez is has announced she’s taking an extended break from social media.

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Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Shayanna wrote:

“I wanted to let all of you sweet sweet souls know I have tried to read every message sent on IG and through email (positive and negative) …  The amount of support and positive energy is again unreal! I’m sure you will all understand how imperative it is to take some time away from social media.”

She captioned the post (below) with “#stayhumble” with a kissing face emoji:

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Shay (@shayjhernandez) on

Although she doesn’t outright reference the Netflix production, it’s hard to imagine her post could be about anything else. Shayanna did fiercely defend her late spuse to the very end despite all the evidence against him, so we can understand where some of those “negative” messages she mentioned might be coming from.

For those who aren’t caught up yet, the three-part documentary included interviews with the late athlete’s friends, family members, and former teammates in an attempt to uncover where things first went wrong with Aaron.

It also featured footage of the star’s public trials for the first-degree murder of Odin Lloyd and alleged drive-by shooting deaths of two other men of which he was accused. Just days after Hernandez was acquitted for the second aforementioned offense, the world was stunned after he was found dead in his jail cell.

Aaron’s sexuality was also discussed at length as it was revealed he allegedly had sex with other men before and during his engagement to Jenkins-Hernandez. Additionally, the filmmakers shine a light on how his difficult childhood (he was sexually abused by a male babysitter when he was young, among other hardships), his advanced chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) that is believed to have influenced his violent behavior, and internal struggles with being gay may have all contributed to the star’s fate.

Perezcious readers, have YOU checked out the shocking series yet? Let us know in the comments…

[Image via Netflix/YouTube/Instagram]

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Eminem Slammed For Lyrics About Ariana Grande & The Manchester Bombing On His Surprise New Album

We don’t recall anyone begging for another controversial Eminem record, yet, here we are…

Less than 24 hours after dropping a surprise studio album titled Music To Be Murdered By, the 47-year-old rapper is already under fire for featuring lyrics where he compares himself to the suicide bomber that killed 22 people and injured countless others at an Ariana Grande concert in 2017.

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While the emcee formerly known as Slim Shady has certainly made a career out of using provocative lyrics, we must admit, this latest bit might dethrone some of his worst lines to date.

On the track Unaccomodating, Em raps at length about his musical skills and impact on the industry while also addressing his ongoing feud with Machine Gun Kelly.

He also compared himself to the likes of known terrorists Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein before he delivers this cold-blooded line that reads:

“But I’m contemplating yelling ‘Bombs away’ on the game / Like I’m outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting.”

To make matters even worse, it was followed by the sound of an explosion — you know, just in case that terrible reference went over anyone’s heads?


Fans were quick to condemn the lyrics on social media, which made the hashtag #EminemIsOverParty trend.

Read through what a few disgusted Twitter users had to get off their chest about it all (below):

“Eminem rapping about the Manchester bombings thinking he’s clever. What a c**t innocent people DIED in those bombings and he thinks he’s alright to bring it up in his new songs. Why would he even consider bringing that tragic time into a song? Absolutely horrendous”

“it honestly disgusts me that Eminem would write a lyric about the Manchester bombing in a joking matter. That happened only 3 years ago and it affected so many peoples lives. f**king sick.”

“Eww Eminem made a joke about the Manchester attack in his new song… disgusting”

“I am disgusted how did he or his team think this was okay? he’s trash”

“This is so messed up! Many people (mostly children) were injured at this concert and some even lost their lives, and he thinks it’s ok to put this lyric in a song? @Eminem maybe try and have a little respect, and don’t use a terrorist attack to gain clout.”

“Even if you don’t like Ariana Grande, commenting so poorly over a bombed concert, a literal terrorist attack, is gross.”

Ari, nor anyone from her team, has yet to respond to the lyrical jab — but it sounds like everyone else online got our collective sentiments across. The whole thing is just icky.

At this stage in his career, does Eminem need the clout THAT badly he’d resort to cheap tactics like this?? / (c) WENN

Music To Be Murdered By marks the artist’s first full-length release since 2018’s Kamikaze and thanks to that awful line, the project is already courting controversy. We wish we could say things stopped there but they don’t…

A video has already been released for a different track on the album called Darkness and the visuals appear to be inspired by the Las Vegas shooting massacre at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in 2017.

As our readers will recall, that tragedy claimed the lives of 59 people and the six-minute music video includes news footage about it as well as reports of other recent mass shootings. It’s meant to urge viewers to vote in favor of gun reform legislation.

“When will this end? When enough people care,” the text at the end of the shocking clip reads, before directing fans to vote.gov to make their voices heard. It’s certainly an important message — even if we’re not a fan of the messenger.

However, it may not be enough to convince anyone to look past that Manchester line. We wouldn’t blame them either!

As one Twitic so eloquently penned:

“Don’t let Eminem new music video about gun laws distract you from him also making light of the Manchester bombing😐”

What do YOU think about all this, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF with your thoughts in the comments section (below)…

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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Granted Protection Order Against Jen Harley After She Allegedly ‘Viciously’ Assaulted Him

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley have not left the toxicity of their relationship behind in 2019.

Sadly, there was another domestic violence incident involving the two. This time, the Jersey Shore star was the one granted an emergency protection order after claiming his ex-girlfriend “viciously” attacked him.

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In a statement made to People on Wednesday, Ronnie’s lawyer revealed more about the alleged assault, which occurred over the weekend:

“Regrettably, on Saturday night, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro was, again, the victim of a domestic violence incident at the hands of Jennifer Harley. At that time, Ms. Harley, entered his home while he was sleeping and started viciously assaulting him.”

His attorney went on:

“Ronnie immediately called the Las Vegas Police Department and filed a domestic violence complaint against Jennifer. Then, this morning, a Family Court Judge in the Clark County (Las Vegas, NV) District Court, Family Division granted Ronnie an Emergency Order for Protection Against Domestic Violence. This Emergency Order is in effect until February 25, 2020.”

An order for protection can also be known as a restraining order, and in the case of Ariana Sky‘s parents, this one is far from the first one to be granted during their tumultuous love timeline.

jen harley ronnie ortiz magro
Back when they were happy! / (c) Instagram

Those following their ups and downs together will know his baby momma has her own order against him, stemming from another domestic violence incident in October where Ronnie allegedly threatened to kill her.

Ortiz-Magro was charged with five misdemeanors, including one count of domestic violence, one count of brandishing a weapon, one count of child endangerment, one count of resisting arrest, and one count of criminal threats.

So, when Harley’s lawyer Lisa Bloom was approached for a comment, it’s no wonder the October restraining order was brought up once again:

“Contact that Ronnie Ortiz had with Jenn Harley recently was in violation of the restraining order in effect against him. We have not received any restraining order against her, and if Jenn does get served with one, we will oppose it. Jenn just wants to raise her baby in peace.”

All anyone wants is for little Ariana to be raised “in peace”! It’s unfortunate that doesn’t seem to be the case as her parents continue to go at each other.

Of course, we have a feeling we’ll be hearing from both sides in regards to this latest incident, and maybe we’ll even find out what made Jen allegedly attack her ex.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

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Russell Simmons’ Rape Accusers Recount Alleged Experiences: ‘I Screamed And Fought… That’s Rape’

Three of the women speaking out about their alleged experiences with Russell Simmons want to be clear when they claim: he raped them.

In an interview with CBS This Morning, Drew Dixon, Sil Lai Abrams, and Alexia Norton Jones opened up to network correspondent Michelle Miller about the hip-hop mogul; each woman alleged he forced himself on them without their consent.

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Jones (above, insert) described his behavior as “penetral rape,” to which Dixon added:

“This is violently tackled and raped — while saying no and fighting and crying.”

Dixon went on to recall the alleged encounter with Simmons she says occurred 25 years ago. She shared:

“I literally worked for him. He was ordering me a car, and he told me to come upstairs and pick up a demo. I thought I would be in his apartment for five total minutes. That’s it… And he showed up naked, wearing a condom, and tackled me to his bed, while I screamed and fought and said, ‘No,’ and cried. That’s rape.”

Dixon was one of the first women to come forward with accusations against the Def Jam Recordings co-founder. In 2017, she told The New York Times she was working her “dream job” as an executive at Def Jam in 1995 but allegedly endured “prolonged and aggressive sexual harassment” by Simmons.

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Dixon claimed the mogul made sexual comments toward her, asked her to sit on his lap during a meeting, and frequently exposed his erect penis to her. She said this nasty alleged behavior reached a crescendo when he allegedly raped her in his NYC apartment; she claimed after Simmons pinned her to his bed, she blacked out despite not having alcohol before waking up naked in his hot tub.

Abrams, who casually dated Simmons in the early ‘90s, alleges he raped her in 1994 when she was too drunk to consent. Holding back tears, she said:

“He’ll say, ‘Yes, we had a sexual relationship,’ but he cannot address the fact that I was too drunk to consent, and that the next day I called him up, screaming. And I attempted suicide. He knew. And I told him why: That he had ruined my life, and that I had nothing.”

Jones also fought tears when she claimed that Simmons raped her on their first date in 1990, “right up against the f**king wall.” The two did not date again afterward, and the then 21-year-old felt she “had to keep this secret.” She recalled:

“This was a very swift attack, and what was going through my mind more than anything was, ‘Why?’ I liked Russell… I would’ve just kissed him. I would’ve made out with him. He didn’t have to attack me.”


Watch a clip of the interview (below) to see how visibly triggered these women truly are.

The music mogul issued a statement in response to the network’s new interview, in which he once again denied the “false accusations.” It read:

“I have issued countless detailed denials of the false accusations against me, including pages of sworn witness testimony including family members, clergy, journalists and mutual friends who were present at every stage. These denials have been validated by my passing nine prosecution-grade lie detector tests.”

The 62-year-old went on to say he has “admitted to being a massively unconscious ‘playboy’ which today is appropriately titled ‘womanizer,” adding:

“What I won’t do is engage in a shootout of attacks and counter-attacks. The social change from today’s activism is more important to the world my daughters will inherit than any dirt from false accusations from nearly 40 years ago.”

The three women were interviewed for a related yet-to-be-titled documentary highlighting the many allegations that have been levied against him.

Simmons made his feelings about the doc, which is set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this month, known on Instagram by sharing a photo of himself and Oprah Winfrey — who bowed out of her executive producer role on the project last week — and yet again denied the allegations.

He wrote:

“I am guilty of exploiting, supporting, and making the soundtrack for a grossly unequal society, but i have never been violent or forced myself on anyone. Still I am here to help support a necessary shift in power and consciousness. Let us get to work on uplifting humanity and put this moment and old narrative behind us.”



[Image via CBS/WENN]

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Bodies Found In Home At Disney-Founded Community, Man Charged With Killing His Wife & Kids

Tragedy struck just outside the Happiest Place On Earth weeks before four bodies were found inside a central Florida home.

According to reports, officials with the Osceola County Sheriff Department charged a man with killing his wife, three young children, and dog at their home in Celebration, an affluent suburb lying in the shadows of Walt Disney World.

During a news conference on Wednesday, Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson said 44-year-old Anthony Todt faces homicide charges for the deaths of his wife, Megan, and their three children, whose ages ranged from four to 13.

The sheriff said Todt had confessed to the slayings and was cooperating with detectives. While the official wouldn’t share how the victims died, noting that he would wait until the coroner released results, he said they appeared to have been killed in late December.

Video: Footage Of Brutal Fight Between R. Kelly’s Live-In Girlfriends Surfaces

Gibson added during the presser:

“We grieve along with the victims’ family and friends, along with the community for this tragic loss of innocent lives. Myself, I cannot understand what would cause a person to commit such evil and horrendous acts… This is despicable and cannot be tolerated anywhere in the United States of America, let alone Osceola County Florida.”

The sheriff said Todt would travel to Connecticut during the workweek, where he has a physical therapy practice, then return to the Disney-developed community in Florida to be with his family on weekends.

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Neighbor Marcelo Rodriguez told the Orlando Sentinel he saw deputies at the two-story home in the early morning hours on Monday yelling for residents to open the front door. He recalled:

“I saw a lot of police with guns in their hand saying, ‘Open the door, open the door.’ And a few minutes later I saw the guy on the porch with handcuffs, and I said, ‘Something bad happened over there.’”

Apparently, deputies had been called to the house to assist federal agents who had an arrest warrant for Todt.

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Rodriguez said Todt and his wife had been renting the house, adding:

“We are in shock. It’s terrible.”

This is just downright disturbing. What could possibly possess someone to do this to his own family!?

Our hearts go out to the victims’ loved ones at this devastating time.

[Image via YouTube]

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Cardi B Says She Wants To Be A Politician — Hey, Why Not? Can’t Get Worse, Right?!

How does Okurrrrrrr 2024 sound to y’all?!

Cardi B says she wants to be a politician! And even though she isn’t yet ready to flesh out what that means (she says she’ll come back to it “another day”), the Bodak Yellow rapper clearly would have a pretty sizable fan base to support her if she ever did decide to run for office…

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The hubbub all started on Sunday afternoon, when the rapper and Offset‘s high-powered partner tweeted her dislike of government, but… like of government? WTF?!

Look (below), and see where we are as a society right now at the beginning of 2020:

OK then! Talk about a random tweet. What could’ve possibly made Cardi tweet that exact thing, at this exact time?!

Oh, wait… she explained that, too! LOLz. Here’s where all the political leanings came from, apparently:

Nice! Gotta love an informed woman who watches war documentaries in her down time!

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And even though the rapper got thousands of people flying through her comments section after proposing the beginning of her political career, Cardi later admitted she wasn’t ready to dive all the way in on that just yet.

Apparently, it’d be better to save things for another day:


Still, LOTS of people reacted very strongly to the idea of Cardi B as a Senator, or Congresswoman, or something.

“Have you ever thought about going back to school so you can get your degree in political science,” one tweeter in the replies asked. Others were straight-up supportive, with one tweeting, “Cardi for president let’s goooooo,” and another adding:

“Bernie+Cardi vs. Trump+Pence. she is from the working class after all.”

LOLz!!! What a matchup that would be later this year…

Obviously, with pop culture inspiration from crossovers like Donald Trump and potential crossovers like Kanye West, why couldn’t Cardi B run for President or something one day? Heck, what do we have to lose with her that we didn’t lose when The Donald became President in the first place??

We’d vote for you over Donald FOR SURE, Cardi! LOLz!!!

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Well, what do U think about it all, Perezcious readers?! Is Cardi B that far-fetched in her idea of maybe one day getting into politics?! Certainly other one-time celebrities have normalized it and then some, so why shouldn’t Kulture‘s momma be allowed to get in on the action too, ya know??

We’re just saying!!!

But we want to hear from you, and know how you feel about the potential of a Cardi political career, too! Sound OFF with your opinions about the entire manner in the comment section (below)!!!

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Video Surfaces Showing That Brutal Fight Between R. Kelly’s Live-In Girlfriends…

What a brutal blow-up!

Earlier this week, we reported on a major incident between R. Kelly‘s two live-in girlfriends in Chicago, Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage. And as it turns out, the fight was everything it turned out to be and then some… because video of the incident has emerged, and it’s super disturbing.

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The whole thing went down at Trump Tower in Chicago, where the R&B singer maintains a residence.

As you can see from the video first obtained by TMZ (below; violent content and adult language warning!), the two woman go at it while multiple people try to break them up from fighting each other. Eventually, the fight spills into a hallway, and it looks like both get a few serious knocks in during the length of the altercation:


Just… wow.

BTW, from what we understand there, Azriel is apparently the one in the lighter-colored sweater, and Joycelyn is in the black. Tough to say who “won,” considering both women landed some serious blows, and one (Azriel) ended up in the hospital afterwards. The other one, Savage, was taken in by the cops later, and eventually booked for battery upon turning herself in as a result of the fisticuffs.

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Everything about everything surrounding R. Kelly continues to be crazy, to be honest. The I Believe I Can Fly singer is facing serious sexual abuse and sexual assault charges of his own right now, as we’ve been endlessly reporting on, and for a while there it seemed like the only people in his corner were Clary and Savage.

Now, though, there’s a definite rift between the two women, to say the least. It’s unclear what this may mean for Kelly, who has bigger fish to fry. We do know this may mean at least one of the girls jumps ship, though — which, judging by the fight itself, it might not be the worst thing if they did go their separate ways or something. Yeah…

Pretty crazy, isn’t it, Perezcious readers?! The drama just never seems to end for the singer or anyone around him, does it?? Yikes!!!

Sound OFF with all your reactions to the fight video itself here, as well as everything else that continues to revolve around R. Kelly’s legal battle and more down in the comments (below)…

[Image via CBS/YouTube]

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Police Searching For Suspect Who Killed 10 Seagulls After Luring Them With Popcorn

The world is a sick place sometimes.

Police in Maryland were left dismayed by a case of animal cruelty after someone allegedly lured seagulls to a local parking lot with popcorn and proceeded to purposefully run them over with their vehicle.

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Laurel police Cpl. Laura Wilson said to FOX 5 DC:

“I was shocked. I heard the call come out through our dispatchers, and you have that moment and you’re like, is this really a call? Am I going to this right now? And I get there, and the sight of it is worse than it came out on the radio.”


Officers responded to the incident at 10:47 a.m. on Saturday at the Laurel Plaza Shopping Center, according to a Twitter post from the department, where they “observed a group of deceased seagulls all in close proximity to each other.”

In the post, police shared images of the scene showing the parking lot littered with feathers and pre-popped popcorn that detectives said had been purchased by an unidentified suspect from a Dollar Tree store in the plaza:

Police determined the subject “then emptied the bag of popcorn in the parking lot intentionally luring the group of seagulls,” according to the statement, “then proceeded to run the group of seagulls over with their vehicle, killing at least 10 of the birds” before fleeing the scene after the incident, which reportedly went down between 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m..

Wilson added:

“It was very upsetting, disheartening — it made me angry.”

Fortunately, one lone bird survived the attack; although it suffered a compound fracture and major blood loss. Speaking to CBS Baltimore, Wilson said officers were able to safely take the seagull to a wildlife rehab center, explaining:

“I was able to get a cardboard box, we poked some holes in it and I transferred it [to] Frisky’s Wildlife Rehabilitation.”

Meanwhile, city officials are hoping to arrest the subject before they strike again.

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City spokesman, Audrey Barnes, told the New York Post:

“Police officers will tell you: Animal cruelty cases like this often escalate into more serious crimes being committed. So we want to make an arrest and get this person the help that they need.”

Police are getting some aid in this effort: animal rights organization PETA announced a $5,000 reward for tips leading to an arrest and conviction for animal cruelty in the case.

Police have asked anyone with information to call 301-498-0092 or email LPDtips@laurel.md.us.

[Image via Laurel Police Department]

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R. Kelly’s Girlfriends Get Into Altercation At Singer’s Chicago Condo As One Woman Is Arrested, Charged For Role

R. Kelly‘s live-in girlfriends reportedly got into a physical fight on Wednesday at the embattled singer’s Trump Tower condo in downtown Chicago.

Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage could be seen yelling at one another inside the condo, as the beginning of the apparent altercation was captured on an Instagram Live clip published briefly to Clary’s account (which you can see HERE). After a screaming match, supposedly over Clary packing up belongings to leave, her phone is jostled and falls to the ground; chaos ensues, before you’re able to hear several people step in to break up the fight.

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While it’s unclear exactly what went down during the apparent incident, we do know Chicago police responded to the spat around 2:10 p.m. local time on Wednesday afternoon. Somebody called 9-1-1 to report “a call of a battery in progress inside of a residence involving two females,” according to a spokesperson for the department.

The spokesperson added more details in a statement to People, too:

“Upon arrival, officers spoke with the 22-year-old female victim who relayed that she and a 24-year-old female were engaged in a verbal altercation that became physical when the 24-year-old female offender struck the victim in the face. The female victim and the 24-year-old female offender were engaged in a physical altercation until separated by unknown individuals at the scene. The offender fled and is not in custody at this time. The 22-year-old female victim was transported to Northwestern Hospital in good condition.”

Wow! Quite the violent afternoon…

According to ABC 7 Chicago, Savage (the 24-year-old described in the statement, also pictured, above) eventually turned herself in to police hours after the incident. She was arrested and officially charged with one misdemeanor count of domestic battery.

As the statement also notes, Clary (the 22-year-old listed in the briefing) was hospitalized in good condition. It’s unclear whether or not she’d been discharged as of Thursday morning.

R. Kelly arrested federal sex crime charges
R. Kelly is still in jail awaiting trial on a variety of sexual assault charges and more. / (c) WENN

Detectives continue to investigate the incident.

According to TMZ, Azriel claimed she and Joycelyn had sex when she was a minor, threatening to report her to the cops.

Kelly’s lawyer Steve Greenberg responded to the accusation, saying:

“I have a statement written by Azriel that she provided to me, voluntarily, after Robert was already in jail, that said she never had sex with him when she was underaged. As far as this little catfight, it is clear that it was staged to try and boost social media popularity.”

Interestingly enough, Savage did find the time to speak out to People ahead of her eventual arrest last night, and she used her time in the spotlight to call out Clary:

“This girl has been trying to sabotage me ever since the start of it all. It’s just gotten worse since we’ve moved in together at the Trump Tower. She’s so immature, she knew I was packing my stuff to leave so she decides to go on Instagram Live to cause a scene.”

Huh. Seems like… not a great situation for anyone involved.

Ironically, the fight occurred on R. Kelly’s 53rd birthday. The singer wasn’t there, though; he’s of course been in a Chicago-area jail for a while now, awaiting trial on multiple counts of sexual abuse and related crimes.

Still, it sounds like it was just another crazy day in Trump Tower, we suppose. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Where do we even go with this one? Ugh…

[Image via WENN/Instagram]

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Amber Portwood & Andrew Glennon Head Back To Court: Broken Custody Agreements, Their Son’s Dog Bite & More Family Drama

Amber Portwood is back in court and ready to make her ex Andrew Glennon pay for his alleged recent mistakes!

The Teen Mom OG star filed a motion on Monday for her ex to be held in contempt of court after he allegedly violated the pairs’ custody agreement for their son James over the holidays, TMZ reports. Additionally, she brought forth claims their 1-year-old was severely bitten by a dog while in his father’s care. Oh no…

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The legal docs were officially filed as an “Injunction Against Custodial Parent to Prevent Interference with Parenting Time.”

Apparently, the former couple’s existing parental agreement noted that James would spend Christmas Day with Amber but Andrew had other plans; he reportedly skipped town last minute with the tot and failed to notify his baby momma.

To make matter even worse, Glennon supposedly contacted Portwood on the holiday to let her know their son was “nipped” by a family dog and needed to go to the ER. She claims her ex waited three (!!!) days after that to finally send her a photo of the injury and neglected to share any info about James’ initial urgent care visit.

Whoa. WTF? Not cool…

In the docs, the MTV star also said the photo she received of James showed him with a black eye and a bandaged nose, “indicating that the injury was more than a ‘nip.’”

Ugh. Our hearts go out to this little guy as his parents continue to duke it out. / (c) Amber Portwood/Instagram

Unfortunately, Amber had even more grievances to get off her chest; the starlet alleges Andrew shared a photo of their son on Instagram on New Year’s Eve, which apparently violated another decision they made together.

The List Of Demands

Now, the reality TV star is asking for a judge to step in and help settle their differences.

In addition to the legal motion, Portwood is demanding increased parenting time to make up for what she lost during the holiday season and requested that Andrew foot the bill for her accrued legal expenses.

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This is just the latest sad development in ongoing tensions between the bitter co-parents. Our last update came after the 29-year-old copped a plea deal in a domestic violence case involving her ex. It was determined Amber would not serve any prison time for allegedly attacking Glennon with a machete while he was holding their son.

Ugh. It sounds like things are far from over between these two. What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Can the parents find some common ground and finally settle their beef? Sound OFF with your thoughts in the comments section (below)…

[Image via Andrew Glennon/Instagram]

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‘Bachelorette’ Alum Blake Horstmann Suffers Black Eye & Broken Facial Bones After Getting Punched By ‘Some Crazy Person’

Ahhh, New York City. The Big Apple. The greatest city in the world.

Stroll through the incredible chaos at Times Square,  take in an unforgettable show on Broadway, see the world-famous Yankees play up in the Bronx, rub elbows with power brokers and bankers down on Wall Street, get punched in the face by a crazy person for absolutely no reason at all… wait, what about that last one?!

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Unfortunately, 30-year-old Bachelor franchise mainstay Blake Horstmann now knows all too well about getting punched in the face by a “crazy person.” The reality TV star revealed as much in a shocking video posted to his Instagram Stories on Monday night when he recounted a scary recent incident in New York City.

Showing off a gnarly black eye, the Colorado native spoke straight to his followers about what went down in the city that never sleeps, saying:

“Unfortunately I was in New York and some crazy person just punched a bunch of us standing there and I was on the wrong end of one of the punches, unfortunately. Me and like four other people. I got it checked out and everything. I do have a fracture in my orbital bone or something like that. I’m going to see a specialist. So yeah, good start to the new year.”


A black eye and a broken bone in the face?! And what was the deal with this “crazy person,” exactly??? So unsettling!

The love-lorn alum of Becca Kufrin‘s season of The Bachelorette added more, too, noting he was going to skip out on some of his regular show breakdowns. Optimistically, though, Horstmann admitted his injuries were already much better after a few days of recovery:

“I don’t know how much of the Bachelor breakdown I’ll be doing, ’cause I don’t think you guys are gonna want to look at my broken face all day. It already looks a thousand times better than it did a couple days ago. But yeah, if I’m not doing a lot tonight for the recap of The Bachelor, this is why.”

A totally acceptable reason to miss out on Monday night’s premiere of Peter Weber‘s season on the show, indeed! Get well soon, dude!!

And yeah, if this swollen aftermath (below) is already “a thousand times better” than whatever it was a couple of days ago, Blake must’ve really taken a solid punch:

Blake Horstmann Bachelor black eye punch injury New York City
What. The. F**k! We feel so awful he has to deal with this s**t! / (c) Blake Horstmann/Instagram


We know Horstmann ended up becoming a bit of a villain in his run on the reality TV show, but come on, you don’t have to punch him for it… Jeez!

Seriously, though, here’s hoping Blake gets better very quickly, along with everyone else who went down swinging in this bizarre incident. So scary!!!

[Image via Apega/WENN]

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Driver Shoots 2 Children For Throwing Snowballs At Cars!

An innocent round of snow-play ended in bloodshed for two Milwaukee children after a driver met their snowball throwing with actual gunfire!

According to the Milwaukee Police Department, officials responded to a shooting around 7:50 p.m. on Saturday to find a 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy both suffering from “non-life threatening gunshot wounds” after they were sprayed with bullets by a passing driver.

Law enforcement administered first-aid to both children before they were taken to a local hospital for further treatment. It appears the shooting was retaliation for unwanted snowball pelting, as the department said in a statement:

“Preliminary investigation indicates both victims were with a group of juveniles throwing snowballs at cars passing by.”

The statement added one of the snowballs hit a white Toyota, which prompted the driver of the vehicle to “fire shots into the group of kids striking the two victims.” Thankfully, the victims are stable and now recovering from their injuries.

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No arrests have been made as of Tuesday, and investigators are still searching for the driver while looking for any available surveillance footage from nearby homes.

Needless to say, residents in the neighborhood are shocked by the driver’s dramatic, dangerous reaction. A neighbor named Pearlee Piggue told Milwaukee CBS-affiliate WDJT she heard the shots Saturday evening while she was cooking dinner.

Calling the situation “ridiculous,” she cried:

“Over a snowball you’re going to kill somebody?”

She wasn’t the only one who was alarmed.

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A neighbor who did not wish to be identified told the outlet:

“In the middle of our conversation all we heard was four shots back to back, and we immediately hit the floor.”

Meanwhile, nearby resident Alderman Cavalier Johnson provided some healthier ways the driver could have responded to the situation, telling the station:

“They could have let down the window and told the kids not to do that. They could’ve yelled at the kids. They could’ve chased the kids home, told their parents.”

It’s so disturbing to think someone would actually respond to a few harmless snowballs with gunfire, and that this obviously sick person was able to (probably very easily) obtain a gun of their own.

Milwaukee police are asking anyone with additional information to call the department at 414-935-7360 or Milwaukee Crime Stoppers at 414-224-TIPS. Let’s hope the suspect is found before more innocent kids get hurt.

[Image via TMJ4]

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Adam Carolla Says Young People Are Too Soft For War: ‘They’re All Going To Get A Note From Their Doctor’

Adam Carolla thinks young people are soft.

The comedian and one-time host of The Man Show alongside Jimmy Kimmel was leaving The Laugh Factory in WeHo early Sunday morning when he stopped to talk to the paparazzi. For some reason, the conversation got onto the ongoing controversy in Iran — and whether the United States was prepared for the potential of another major war.

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As you know (unless you’ve been living under a rock), several days ago US President Donald Trump acted on intelligence reports and ordered American military forces to kill Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani inside the Middle Eastern nation. Soleimani was responsible for killing Americans in ordered terror attacks around the world — no question he was a bad dude.

But the controversy came over the Americans’ encroachment of Iran to complete the mission, as well as Trump’s heavy-handed, bellicose solution to Soleimani’s ongoing assaults. Because of it, now there’s concern over significant Iranian retaliation, potentially leading as far as a major catastrophe like a third World War. And with that, could come the possibility that the US reinstitute the draft. F**k ALL that!

Donald Trump Racist in Chief
Dip s**t Donald Trump’s lack of strategic thinking regarding Iran may have the United States on the brink of another major conflict… / (c) WENN

But Carolla had a lot to say about it when asked, and he didn’t shy away from using his time in the spotlight to blast young people for… no apparent reason? We get it, his shtick is being a crotchety old dude who hates the younger generations coming up behind him, but dude, at least make your comments funny or something…

Here’s what he had to say about the idea of young Americans fighting in any potential World War 3:

“Well, they shouldn’t have to worry about it because I think they’re all going to get a note from their doctor that says they have some lactose intolerance, or some gluten allergy, and they can’t fight without their service bag [?], so they’re never going to have to go to the front lines. … People are getting notes online to smoke pot while riding their dog through an airport. You don’t think they’d get a note from their doctor that says they couldn’t go fight on the front lines?”

And he wasn’t done there.

The comedian continued:

“We’re at a point now… do you know a 19-year-old who could fix a bayonet to an M-16 and charge into another guy? I mean, we’re not, we’re not there. I’ve got nephews. Those guys are sleeping on a bean bag right now. They’re not fighting.”

Who TF fixes a bayonet to an M-16 and charges into another guy? This isn’t 1917, right?! War has changed, dude. Also, sleeping on bean bags? Smoking pot while riding dogs through the airport? Adam… what the ever-loving f**k are you talking about???

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We get it, his broader point is that young people are soft. Wow. Such a deep, thoughtful case you’ve made, there, man. Edgy AF. **rolls eyes**

You can see the whole interview in this video clip:

The possibility of another war comes up, and every smarmy, old, out-of-touch comedian is suddenly an expert on our brave young servicemen and women… 🙄  Yeah, whatever!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! We’ll grant him all the loopy bean bag and dog-riding talk — is Adam Carolla right about his broader point that young people would be too soft to fight in a major war? Or is it just a mindless, dumb thing to say that (obviously) doesn’t reflect reality??

Sound OFF with your read on Carolla’s HOT take in the comment section (below)…

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Home Doorbell Camera Captures Dramatic Video Of Domestic Violence Assault & Kidnapping

Las Vegas police tracked down and arrested a 23-year-old man at the center of a horrific viral video allegedly showing him kidnapping and assaulting a woman.

A few hours after midnight on New Year’s Eve, a resident of the city called law enforcement to report an incident that was caught on their doorbell camera. In the footage, which you can see (below), a woman is seen sprinting up to the door and pounding on it, begging for help.

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As soon as she does it, a man in a white car pulls up to the house and runs up to the door, grabbing and kicking the woman before dragging her down the sidewalk and forcing her back into his car. The whole thing lasted just seconds, but it was so terrifying, police immediately put out significant resources to try to find the apparent kidnapper and his terrified victim.

You can see the whole thing go down in the doorbell camera video itself, which was released by police this week in a bid to ask the public for help in tracking down the assailant. Be warned, though — there is some graphic language and disturbing violence shown in this very short clip:

Holy s**t… obviously, upon seeing that, cops sprang into action, knowing they may have a kidnap victim on their hands.

And quickly this week the video itself went viral, scoring millions of hits across social media.

A Suspect Arrested!

Thanks to good police work and some help from the public, 23-year-old Darnell Rodgers (pictured above, inset) was arrested on Thursday. Vegas cops charged him with kidnapping and domestic battery; they say the assailant and his victim, who has remained unidentified, knew each other previously and this was an apparent domestic violence situation. Ugh…

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Police also announced the victim has been found safe and sound, and she’s being cared for now while maintaining her privacy. Thank goodness! Rodgers is still in jail as of Friday, and soon it appears he will have to answer to some pretty serious charges in a court of law.

Such a terrifying moment… but thankful it was caught on camera, at least, giving officers an opportunity to put away a very scary person!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Doorbell cameras have certainly come under scrutiny in the last year over privacy and data control issues, but when horrible like this happens, they sure seem like a blessing in disguise…

[Image via Las Vegas Metropolitan Police]

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‘Captain America’ Actress Mollie Fitzgerald Arrested For Allegedly Killing Her Mother

Actress and filmmaker Mollie Fitzgerald has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder for allegedly stabbing her mother to death inside a Kansas City home.

According to reports, 68-year-old Patricia “Tee” Fitzgerald was found dead on December 20, 2019 inside her home. The Olathe Police Department stated in a tweet that “a 38-year-old white female, known to the victim, was contacted on scene and transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.”

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The actress was arrested on Tuesday, while the case remains under investigation by the Olathe Police Department. She’s been jailed on $500,000 cash bond.

Fitzgerald’s biggest role was playing Stark Girl (below) in the 2011 Marvel film Captain America: The First Avenger, on which she also served as an assistant director to Joe Johnston. The two worked together again on the 2014 crime thriller The Lawful Truth, which was written and directed by Fitzgerald and starring Johnston.

Molly fitzgerald stark girl actress murder
(c) Marvel

Fitzgerald is set to be arraigned on Thursday.

[Image via Marvel/Johnson County Sheriff’s Office]

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Did Lori Loughlin Really Hire An Expert To Train Her On How To Survive In Prison?!

When you’re facing a life-changing situation, you gotta do what you gotta do, apparently…

Lori Loughlin is reportedly finding that out first-hand right now, as the former Fuller House star comes to terms with the fact that she may soon be headed off to federal prison. And she’s not taking that possibility sitting down, either; if these reports are to be believed, she’s being VERY proactive in getting ready for life on the inside.

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According to an insider who spoke to Radar Online about the matter, the 55-year-old at the center of the college admissions scandal is preparing for a worst-case scenario. To that end, she has apparently hired prison experts (!) to train her on how best to survive behind bars! WTF?!

The insider said (below):

“She’s knuckling down, learning the lingo and practicing martial arts to give off the impression she’s tough and to ward off potential bullies. She knows there will be plenty of them in federal prison.”

What. The. F**k?! Who knew hiring a prison expert was even a thing?!

Lori Loughlin and husband might head for divorce.
Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli face an uphill battle trying to make their case against a particularly aggressive set of federal prosecutors. / (c) WENN

But it goes even further than that!

The source further revealed the one-time Hallmark Channel mainstay has been training in martial arts and mentally preparing a grueling stretch in the clink. The insider added:

“Prison is going to be sink or swim and Lori doesn’t intend to sit back and take the abuse without a fight. Besides the physical training she’s getting lots of advice from prison professors on how to earn one’s keep behind bars. It’s a sure sign she knows deep down she’s facing an inevitable stretch and will need to be prepared.”

Unreal. Whoever thought Aunt Becky would one day be physically preparing herself to beat the crap out of somebody in the slammer?! Life comes at you REALLY fast…

As you’ll recall, Loughlin and her 56-year-old husband, Mossimo Giannulli, are accused of using a $500,000 bribe to gain acceptance to the University of Southern California for their two daughters, 21-year-old Bella and 20-year-old Olivia Jade. Federal prosecutors indicted the couple along with a few dozen other high-profile parents early in 2019 after an investigation into an alleged college admissions scam involving bribery and fraud.

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If found guilty on all counts and given the toughest sentence on the record, the former Summerland star could be facing up to 45 years in federal prison. Obviously, doing that much time is probably somewhat unlikely, but the point here stands — Loughlin could wind up behind bars for quite a bit longer than now-convicted fraudster Felicity Huffman Macy, who served less than two weeks thanks to a plea deal.

What do y’all think, Perezcious readers?! Is Lori this deep in her prison prep work?? Will she show up in court all jacked and swole, ready for a beat down?? LOLz…

Sound OFF with all your reactions and more in the comments (below)!

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