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Apple CEO Tim Cook: Global Tax System Needs to Be Overhauled

Tim Cook, the CEO of tech giant Apple, has stated that a global overhaul of tax regulations is needed. Cook supports a current initiative by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development to pursue global reforms on where multinational firms should be taxed.

Report: Apple Preparing for Showdown with President Trump over Access to Pensacola Terrorist’s iPhones

Apple is reportedly preparing for a legal showdown with the Trump administration over the federal government’s request for access to the iPhones used by the Saudi terrorist who shot and killed three U.S. sailors in Pensacola, Florida, in December.

Ricky Gervais Gains Hundreds of Thousands of Online Followers After Skewering Hollywood Elites

Actor-comedian Ricky Gervais took to social media to welcome what he said were the 300,000 new followers he gained on Twitter following his Golden Globes hosting performance Sunday, in which he called out Hollywood’s virtue signaling about climate change, Apple operating sweatshops, and Hollywood’s silence about accused rapist and disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein.

Golden Globes: Ricky Gervais Calls Out Apple for Operating ‘Sweatshops in China’

Comedian Ricky Gervais called out multinational corporation Apple for operating “sweatshops in China” while lecturing the American public about “the importance of dignity” during the 77th Golden Globes. 

Apple Has ‘Deep Concerns’ that Former Employees Will Flee to China with Stolen Trade Secrets

Apple recently told a federal court that it has “deep concerns” that two Chinese-born former employees accused of stealing trade secrets may attempt to flee to the communist country before their trial if not closely monitored.

Analyst: Apple Will Introduce Phone with No Charging Port in 2021

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated in a new investor note that Apple plans to introduce four new OLED iPhone models in 2020 and a new iPhone with no lightning port in 2021, which will “provide the completely wireless experience.” The Lightning port, the only port on most newer iPhones, is used for charging or connecting accessories like headphones.

Disabling Your iPhone 11’s Location Services Doesn’t Stop Apple from Tracking You

A security expert claims that the iPhone 11 Pro may still track users’ locations even after having its location services disabled. Apple’s response is that the company “does “not see any actual security implications.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook: There’s “Much More” to Do to Help LGBTQ Youth

Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer, the cast and producers of CW’s “Riverdale” and Apple CEO Tim Cook gathered at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Friday evening to be honored as advocates for LGBTQ youth at the 15th annual GLSEN Respect Awards ceremony.  Cook, leader of the first company in the world to be worth $1 […]