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Claim: Women Quitting Jobs in Swedish No-Go Area Mall Due to Harassment from Migrant Men

Independent journalist Joakim Lamotte has claimed that women working at Stockholm’s Kista Galleria shopping centre are quitting their jobs due to harassment from foreign men who refuse to be served by women.

Swedish Politician Says Govt Has Lost Control After Huge Stockholm Bombing

Swedish Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson has slammed the ruling Social Democrats, saying the government has lost control of the country after a huge explosion rocked a Stockholm residential area.

Professor: Sweden’s Society May Be ‘Dissolving’ Due To Mass Migration

Swedish political science professor Tommy Möller has warned that the unprecedented mass migration into Sweden in the last decade could unravel the country’s “democratic welfare society.” Professor Möller, who teaches at Stockholm University, has claimed that political stability in Sweden has been

Sweden To Offer Migrant Women Free Arabic-Language Driving Lessons

Newly arrived immigrant women in the Swedish municipality of Oskarshamn are set to receive free driving lessons in Arabic in a bid to help make it easier for them to enter the labour force. So far, twelve women have been enrolled

Swedish Vegan Parents Who Nearly Starved Toddler Avoid Prison

The vegan parents of a two-year-old girl who were accused of harming the child into a state of malnourishment due to their diet, have managed to avoid prison time despite being convicted for gross bodily harm. The Gothenburg district court found

Major Afghan Politician Allegedly Collecting Benefits in Sweden

Afghanistan politician Razaq Ahmadzai, a close ally of President Ashraf Ghani, has been accused of actively collecting pension payments from the Swedish government for his mother who died in 2017. According to the accusations, the Afghan’s mother was not reported to the

Migrant Who Murdered Swedish Teacher Has Sentence Reduced

A Swedish court has reduced the prison sentence for a 20-year-old Afghan who murdered his 69-year-old teacher, who he was also in a sexual relationship with at the time, because of the migrant’s mental health issues.

Sweden Looks to Ban Sale of New Petrol and Diesel Cars in Ten Years

The Swedish government, supported by the Centre Party and the Liberals, have announced they will be looking to ban the sale of new cars that use fossil fuels in the next ten years. The proposed ban has been met with