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I’m in the beginning stages of this book. When it comes to my studies on this subject, I take my time and let the words in. But I never listened to a book before. WOW! I have read many books on this subject – many – but there’s something about Joseph Murphy – call it experience, or wisdom – that seems to click with me and many others.

I remember seeing that movie “Lucy” and laughing about it. Though it was a great movie, great storyline, action-packed, it was still trying to convey that in order to have these great powers of intellect, they must come from an outside source, hence that powder she took. And, that you must use a certain amount of your mind in order to experience it, or that this is what happens if you do use 100% of your brain. The thing that I was laughing about, is all these factors are possible with your subconsciousness. For crying out loud, even God said it. The only external source it needs to come from is ‘knowledge’.

My great producer was probably wondering why I was acting distant, and that’s because I’ve been going through a recent – another – overhaul of my subconsciousness. It is a mind trip that lasts for a few days when you begin to react to what you are feeding to your subconsciousness THE RIGHT WAY. Read it, love it, hear this book.

It can move mountains!

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

A must read for all those in search for the powers within. I’m still reading it and I must say that within ONE DAY, my understanding of our gifts – that I already knew – was tripled and the pay offs were already seen.
41ZE9X2Tl6L._SY346_This is the well-formatted Kindle version of this book. It is checked for typos and line breaks, and includes an interactive Table of Contents. This powerful text gives the reader all the tools necessary to author his or her reality. Everyone must address the issue of subconscious conditioning in order to evolve mentally, physically, or spiritually. The subconscious mind is the captain of the ship on the sea of personal destiny. To master it is literally to master your destiny. Topics include: how the subconscious works, how to program the subconscious, your right to be rich, miracle production, and practical techniques in mastery.

Some people have to be reminded – a lot. It’s human nature and is okay. This will be that book that you reread over and over again because you want to, not because you have to. Joseph Murphy takes his great knowledge of the subconsciousness to the next level and explains, in detail, to help you truly understand what’s already in you and just how to use it. I can tell he carefully wrote this one with great consideration for the novice in mind. He teaches you, as well as helps you, guides you and makes you understand this power. I’m not sure, but I bet Tony Robbins read this author a long time ago.

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Breakthrough Challenge 1 Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Emotions

Kim_Kwik_QuoteLimiting Beliefs = The thorn in your subconsciousness that accidentally or intentionally was placed there that causes your real ‘wants’ not to be executed by your subconsciousness due to confusion. Once thing that everyone has to realize is your subconsciousness ‘CAN’T TAKE A JOKE’. What separates people like Tony from so many others, is HE knows the great POWER of the subconscious. We’ll get through this.

Limiting Beliefs and the Subconscious Mind — Jason Philip


When we really look within, we are able to acknowledge realities that other times are so subtle they simply fly under your radar. You are unaware to the extent that they can operate facets of your life absolutely out with your awareness, and so blame external sources: other people, environments, or circumstances. Recently I have […]

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… I have been setting to work uncovering some of these unseen aspects of myself – subconscious limiting beliefs, learned behavioural responses, and unhelpful coping mechanisms.

Firstly, let’s look at what I mean by subconscious limiting beliefs. The subconscious is a psychological term for the mechanisms and functions of our mind that operate ‘under the radar’. These encompass such things as innate behavioural responses (or our instincts), and learned responses which have become automatic – that is, they take no conscious effort to execute – which generally stem from childhood. Think how learning to ride a bike, or drive a car, took immense effort and concentration; now you can do it while practically unaware of what you’re actively doing.

As well as behaviours, the subconscious deals with our thoughts. This includes all the things we think about the world, ourselves, and other people or things. What we learn throughout life forms our opinions, attitudes, and beliefs about the world around us. Again, much of this is formed in childhood – although it is continually added to or revised as we go through life. An example of this thought-history can be seen in this example:

A young boy is playing in the garden with his Mum, when suddenly she freezes. She spots a snake, and grabs the young boy by the arm, shouting “Run! Snake!” (Let’s assume she has always had a fear of snakes, perhaps her Mum also was afraid of them.) So now what has the boy learned in this first encounter of a new animal? He has learned, through witnessing his Mum’s reaction, that snakes are dangerous and to be avoided. She might reinforce this once they are safe inside by telling him that snakes are dangerous, and that he should keep away from them.

Now, let’s say the snake slithers through the hedge and in to the neighbour’s garden. In there, another young boy is playing and his Mum spots the snake: “Look! A snake!” She goes over and picks the snake up, knowing a thing or two about reptiles, and tells the boy this is a grass snake – completely harmless – and lets him hold it before releasing it to go on its way. She teaches him about snakes, how some are venomous, and others are not.

You can see how these experiences inform the child about some aspect of the world, albeit one boy now has a fuller appreciation for snakes than the other. It’s possible that in the future, the boy who has been taught to fear snakes will do just that (and might even pass this on to his children) and he might not even consciously remember the experience which implanted this fear. Each child has learned a behavioural response to seeing a snake, and a belief about snakes. We could say that the boy who now has a fear of any snake, has a limiting belief about snakes. He believes that snakes in general are dangerous, and so has a limited awareness of the reality of the situation.

We pick up all sorts of beliefs, from countless sources, as we progress through life; it isn’t always the case that we stop to evaluate these, or even become aware of them. Once a belief or behavioural response is embedded in our subconscious, it becomes the default setting by which we operate when the appropriate trigger arises. We pick up limiting beliefs about ourselves quite readily, depending on our experience. Common examples may be that you just aren’t good enough at something, or not deserving of something, which often times won’t be the case. The tricky part is, as I’ve said, that these will often be under the radar. So while we may not say “I’m undeserving of a promotion at work” we may have convinced ourselves that we’re happy where we are, despite it not being the case, as our opinion of ourselves become tainted by these subconscious beliefs.

These sorts of beliefs about ourselves can stem from unsupportive parents, difficulty in early (or indeed later) school years, troubled relationships, or a whole host of other scenarios. Doing this sort of introspective work, where we stop to identify these beliefs or behaviours (the two so often go hand-in-hand), can seem daunting – there are however an array of tools you can use to guide you through the process, and different things work for different people. For me, a combination of therapies, energy healing, and self inquiry  (through meditation, journaling and other introspective practice) has brought me far on this journey. That’s what it all is, after all: a journey. You don’t know the destination when you set off, and you need to learn to read the map as you go, but what you get to experience along the way is priceless.

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The Power of Subconscious Mind — SPIRITUAL WORLD

Here we are exploring how one can use his subconscious power of mind. We are not expert, but we have followed the books and few of our friend has practically gain its power to achieve the target. So we are describing here a bit in very simple way. We don’t guarantee at all, Haha. Before […]

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