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574 Non-Citizens in Illinois Kept on Voter Rolls for More Than 500 Days

Hundreds of non-citizens were kept on Illinois voter rolls for more than 500 days before being reported to the Board of Elections by Democrat Secretary of State Jesse White’s office.

Illegal Alien Sentenced to Less than Two Years for Helping Ron Singh’s Accused Killer Avoid Arrest

An illegal alien was sentenced to less than two years in prison for helping another illegal alien evade arrest after he had allegedly murdered 33-year-old Newman, California, Police Officer Ronil Singh.

Watch–ICE Director: Bill de Blasio’s Sanctuary Policy ‘Sole Reason’ 92-Year-Old Maria Fuertes Is Dead

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s sanctuary policy is “the sole reason” 92-year-old Maria Fuertes is dead today, Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Matthew Albence says.

New York Freed 7.5K Criminal Illegal Aliens into U.S. in 2019, Including Convicted Murderers, Sex Abusers

The sanctuary state of New York released more than 7,500 criminal illegal aliens back into communities last year, including convicted murderers and sexual abusers, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials confirmed Friday.

Bill de Blasio Defends Freeing Illegal Alien Charged in 92-Year-Old’s Murder: ‘It Is Right to Hold the Standard’

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is defending his sanctuary city’s policy that prevented an illegal alien from being deported before he allegedly sexually assaulted and murdered a 92-year-old woman in Queens.

Sanctuary State: Illegal Alien Indicted for 92-Year-Old Woman’s Murder

An illegal alien has been indicted for allegedly sexually assaulting and murdering a 92-year-old Queens, New York, woman after he was released by police in the sanctuary state.

Exclusive: Illegal Alien Charged with Murdering 92-Year-Old New York Woman Overstayed His Visa

An illegal alien charged with sexually assaulting and murdering a 92-year-old woman in Queens, New York, remained in the United States for years after overstaying his visa, Breitbart News has exclusively learned. 

Flashback: Four Years Ago, Giana Bartolucci Killed by Twice-Deported Illegal Alien on Christmas Eve

Giana Bartolucci, 14-years-old, was in the car with her father, Tony Bartolucci, on December 24, 2015, while driving to pick up their family’s Christmas tree when an illegal alien crashed into them.

Watch: Crowds of Illegal Aliens Line Up to Get Driver’s Licenses in New York

Crowds of New York residents lined up to get driver’s licenses on the first day that the sanctuary state officially allows for all eligible illegal aliens to obtain the state ID. 

Watch: Illegal Aliens Celebrate New Jersey Giving Them Driver’s Licenses

Illegal aliens in New Jersey celebrated and cheered this week after obtaining the right to a driver’s license following the passage of a statewide law that will be signed by Gov. Phil Murphy (D).

Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Father of Two Freed into U.S. Again by Obama-Appointed Judge

An illegal alien accused of killing a father of two, Corey Cottrell, in June has been released from law enforcement custody into the United States by an Obama-appointed judge for the second time since Cottrell’s death.

Legal Immigrant Launches Recall Petition Against Gavin Newsom

A San Diego doctor who came to the U.S. from South America is seeking to oust Democrat California Gov. Gavin Newsom, saying that the state’s leftist leadership has caused a homelessness crisis in the cities.

Sanctuary State Colorado: Freed Illegal Alien Accused of Attempted Murder

An illegal alien in the sanctuary state of Colorado has been re-arrested for attempted murder less than a month after he was freed from prison. 

Sanctuary California Gives Mexican Gang Member to ICE for Deportation

The State of California honored an immigration detainer placed on a previously deported violent Mexican national. The criminal alien returned to the U.S. after being deported in 1999 and received a conviction for voluntary manslaughter in 2003.

Exclusive–Legal Immigrant Angel Mom: Congress ‘Catering to Illegal Aliens … When Does it Stop?’

A legal immigrant Angel Mom says lawmakers in both parties in Congress are “catering” to the 11 million to 22 million illegal aliens living in the United States, without any consideration to protect American citizens like herself.

Ronald Da Silva’s Illegal Alien Murderer Deported to Mexico After Decades-Long Fight by Angel Mom

The illegal alien convicted for murdering 29-year-old Ronald Da Silva in cold blood has been deported to Mexico, after Silva’s mother has fought for years to ensure her son’s killer would not be released by the sanctuary state of California.

Exclusive–Angel Mom ‘Permanently Separated’ from Son, Illegal Killer to Be Freed by Sanctuary California

Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney says the sanctuary state of California is set to re-traumatize her and her family all over again by freeing her son’s murderer, an illegal alien, from prison without turning him over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency for deportation. 

Sanctuary State: Illegal Alien Flees to Mexico After Allegedly Killing Woman

An illegal alien accused of killing a woman in a car crash has fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution in the United States after he was released by the sanctuary state of Oregon. 

Previously Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Father of Three in Drunken Hit-and-Run

A previously released illegal alien is accused of killing a father of three daughters in a drunk driving hit-and-run crash in upstate New York.