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Zion Williamson’s Pelicans Debut Is a Ratings Slam Dunk

With ratings in a slump so far this season, the NBA has needed someone to come off the bench and ball out. Cue the New Orleans Pelicans debut of Zion Williamson. The much-heralded number 1 pick from the 2019 draft had sat out the first 44 games of the Pelicans’ season with a knee injury, […]

Vanessa Hudgens Can’t Get Enough Of Los Angeles Lakers Star Kyle Kuzma!

She shoots… and she scores! …Again!

If this is Vanessa Hudgens shooting her shot with an NBA star, can we just say we LOVE how hard she’s going in this week?! One night out with Los Angeles Lakers small forward Kyle Kuzma apparently wasn’t enough, so why not go for two??

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As we reported, the 31-year-old actress was spotted out in Brooklyn on Tuesday night enjoying an intimate dinner date with the 24-year-old basketball star. But one night in NYC wasn’t enough for Hudgens, apparently, and she stuck around town on Wednesday to check out LeBron James‘ teammate in the Lakers’ road game against the New York Knicks.

Judging by the smiling selfies shot court-side during last night’s game (below) it appears the actress had quite the time checking in on the NBA stud:

What a fun time out in the city!

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And it appears she had a pretty decent view of the action on the court from those seats, as she showed us all in an IG Stories post, too:

Vanessa Hudgens Kyle Kuzma dating rumors
Hopefully, Kyle did the gentlemanly thing and left her special tickets for last night’s game! / (c) Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram

SUPER fun! Those seats are pretty good, aren’t they?!

Even better yet, the Lakers won the game last night! LeBron played like a star, but Kuzma did his thing, too, netting 10 points and coming up with seven rebounds in 28 minutes of action on the floor. Maybe he was extra-motivated by the presence of the High School Musical star?! LOLz!

Rebound Away!

Speaking of rebounds, it’s Hudgens who is crashing the boards the hardest here, considering she’s fresh off a breakup from longtime love Austin Butler. The pair went their separate ways earlier this month after nearly nine full years together — no small breakup, to be sure.

Now, reports have come in noting it’s possible Vanessa and Austin could link back up one day soon… but for now, at least, it appears the sexy actress is going full-speed ahead with the Lakers star! And we’re not complaining about it at all! LOLz!!!

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Whether it’s meant to be a full-on relationship, or just casual dating, or whatever, this is relatively new ground for both parties. Hudgens’ relationship with Butler obviously kept the Spring Breakers star off the market for, well, pretty much the entire last decade.

As far as Kuzma goes, his love life has never before been confirmed with any high-profile ladies, though he has been linked to Kendall Jenner before, so navigating something public with the actress appears to be a first. Whatever happens, happens, we suppose! Here’s hoping for nothin’ but net!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF with your opinion on these two, and whether you think they’ll work as a couple, in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Vanessa Hudgens/Kyle Kuzma/Instagram]

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Zion Williamson Surpasses Enormous Expectations in Stunning NBA Debut

Zion Williamson’s sublime 17-point surge in a span of barely more than three minutes could very well become part of New Orleans’ pro sports lore — even if the final score won’t. For the Pelicans, a narrow loss to a well-coached, savvy San Antonio Spurs team carried far less weight than the burgeoning form of…

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Human Rights Watch: China Poses ‘an Existential Threat to the Rights of People Worldwide’

An unchallenged China will herald in “a dystopian future in which no one is beyond the reach of Chinese censors, and an international human rights system so weakened that it no longer serves as a check on government repression,” Human Rights Watch warned in its annual report on the country published Wednesday.

Wait, Did Kim Kardashian Really Boo Tristan Thompson During An NBA Game?!

Would Kim Kardashian West ever be caught dead booing a professional athlete during a game? If the athlete in question is Tristan Thompson… well, yeah, maybe!

That’s the big controversy of the day here on Tuesday, the morning after Tristan’s Cleveland Cavaliers dropped by the Staples Center in downtown El Lay to play the Los Angeles Lakers. And with Kim in attendance while out on a date at the game with hubby Kanye West, well, let’s just say there was a lot of focus on what was going down court-side!

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So, let’s go back to where it all started — because at first, we were just as confused as y’all probably are! LOLz!

At one point during the game, while Tristan was shooting free throws, a fan in the stands zoomed in with a video clip that appeared to show Kim standing up in the crowd. As you can see (below), the clip is pretty short and very rough, so it’s pretty tough to tell exactly what Kim was trying to accomplish while standing up there, but plenty of people thought (assumed?) she was doing it to boo Tristan:

Of course, the ALL CAPS MESSAGE in the tweet probably helped fan the flames on the boo conspiracy, in the first place! Ha!!!

“LMFAO LEGEND,” one Twitter user wrote in response to seeing the clip, while another added “bruh Im dead.”

Still others were a little more skeptical about things, at least, with one asking the simple question, “How do we know that’s her,” while one other responder added “Bahaha no she didn’t!?🤣😅 lol.”

Ahhh, a country divided…

For what it’s worth, it doesn’t appear Kim had any outward animosity to Tristan during the game, at least. In fact, at one point, she shared a pic of the powerful pro athlete on her Instagram Stories on Monday night, as you can see (below):

Kim Kardashian Tristan Thompson basketball game booing video
There’s Tristan, front and center (wearing black, with his back slightly turned with the ball) while Kim sits court side! / (c) Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Nothing special along with it — no messages or anything like that, as you can see. But it’s pretty clear she at least knew he was going to be there playing against her hometown Lakers.

Still, though… booing? Is that even a thing Kim would be caught dead doing in public?!

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We feel like that’s something Khloé Kardashian would do 1000% for sure, and probably Kendall Jenner as well. Kourtney Kardashian might even take up some insidious little heckling, or something! LOLz!

But Kimmy?! KKW is the quiet, classy one. Count us OUT on her booing. Just saying!!!

What do U think, though, Perezcious readers?! Was Kim calling out Tristan while he was trying to shoot free throws?? Or just standing up, for whatever reason?? Sound OFF with your take on the whole thing in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Apega/Instar/WENN]

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Warriors Coach Kerr Wary of ‘Unwinnable’ War Against Iran

San Francisco (AFP) – Steve Kerr, the outspoken coach of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, said Saturday he feared the killing of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani could embroil the United States in an “unwinnable, unnecessary” war.

David Stern, Former NBA Commissioner, Dies at 77

David Stern, the longtime NBA commissioner who transformed the league through television deals and other media partnerships, died Wednesday, three weeks after suffering a brain hemorrhage. He was 77. “For 22 years, I had a courtside seat to watch David in action,” current NBA commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement. “He was a mentor […]

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern Passes Away at 77

David Stern, who spent 30 years as the NBA’s longest-serving commissioner and oversaw its growth into a global power, has died on New Year’s Day. He was 77. The league says Stern died Wednesday with his family by his side. He suffered a brain hemorrhage Dec. 12 and underwent emergency surgery. David Stern — the…

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NBA Ratings Drop 15% After Selling Out Hong Kong, Cozying Up to China

The National Basketball Association has seen its ratings decline by 15 percent this year. Plenty of publications have spilled significant digital ink examining why this is. Variety, reporting on the phenomenon, blamed the usual culprits. The league has seen an unusual number of star players sitting out big matchups this year, for one, with new…

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TV Ratings: Clippers-Lakers Game Tops Christmas Day

The crosstown match-up between the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers — which saw the Clippers win 111-106 — scored a 1.8 rating and 5.6 million viewers, per preliminary data, taking ABC to an easy win on Christmas Day. Meanwhile, a repeat of the movie “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” on NBC came in […]

LeBron’s Shot Gets Blocked in Game’s Final Seconds To Seal Lakers’ Loss

The Los Angeles Clippers were resilient and dominant in the second half to put away the Los Angeles Lakers, using the NBA’s marquee Christmas game to show why the city and the Western Conference might belong to them this season. Kawhi Leonard scored 11 of his 35 points in the fourth quarter and had 12…

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Steph Curry Nude Photo Leak Is Definitely NOT His Peen! Find Out Why!

Friday morning Twitter went wild when someone posted leaked nude photos of Steph Curry.

The NBA star is well known for being a family man, a devoted husband, and an all-around nice guy — so of course everyone wanted to get a look at that man meat!

Not only that, early outlets jumping on the story also mistakenly reported Steph’s wife Ayesha Curry was also nude in the pics!

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However, it seems the whole thing was a hoax.

We mean, there definitely is a peen pic circulating, but near as we can tell it does not belong to the Golden State Warriors star.

Obviously denial was the clear first course of action, as it always is with these things. So when the team’s spokesperson told the San Francisco Chronicle “of course it’s not him” that wasn’t enough for some folks. However, the team declined to comment further. And Steph is actually not required to speak to the press at all, for this or any other matter — per NBA rules, since he’s currently out injured with a broken hand.

However, since then Curry’s agent has more explicitly denied the pics are the real deal, telling DailyMail.com the peen is “absolutely” not his client’s.

We had to had to look for ourselves to be sure (for the sake of journalistic integrity, obvi), and first off we can assure you there is not even a woman present, so Ayesha is obviously in the clear.

Happy Ayesha Curry GIF by Rachael Ray Show - Find & Share on GIPHY

Second, there isn’t a single pic of Steph’s face and peen in the same pic — dead giveaway! No, it appears they just juxtaposed a real photo of him with a couple closeup photos of someone with their Washington Redskins boxer shorts pulled down to expose their manhood. But there aren’t even any identifiable tattoos or other identifiable marks. It’s just quite frankly a bad hoax.

Quite a few commenters on Twitter noticed as well. Here’s what some of them wrote in response to the initial photo tweet (which has since been deleted):

“Ummm…steph curry is ride or die for Carolina Panthers. He would never be near no redskins paraphernalia. Sooo….”

“That doesn’t even look believable. They could do better”

“The only real pic is the locker room pic from sc, everything else is fake!”

Still, it must have been a scary moment for Steph, seeing his name trending and then finding out why.

Golden State Warriors Smh GIF by NBA - Find & Share on GIPHY

Ayesha actually complained to E! News in June she was afraid their personal photos would get leaked. She lamented:

“He won’t delete them off of his phone, he’s not that secure with his phone, so it’s actually one of the scariest things in my life.”

Well luckily this time it wasn’t for real. But lock down that phone and stay safe, y’all!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN/Ayesha Curry/Instagram.]

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Dwyane Wade Supports Gay Son In Powerful Interview: ‘You Can Learn Something From Your Kids’

Dwyane Wade knows what’s up!

The former NBA legend is a stay-at-home dad now, and judging by this interview, it sounds like he’s doing a pretty darn good job! Looks like you picked a pretty good one here, Gabrielle Union!

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The Chicago native and former Miami Heat star sat down with fellow former NBA stars Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes this week for an interview on the athletes’ podcast, All The Smoke. The whole thing is an interesting listen for basketball fans, but Wade gives a lot of updates about family life and what he’s been doing now that he’s away from the game, and we took special note of one very specific, important part!

At one point in the show, Barnes and Jackson ask Dwyane about his 12-year-old son Zion, who is gay. The trio discuss what it’s been like for Wade and Union to raise a gay son in such a public atmosphere — and it’s so encouraging to hear how the former NBA baller has taken it on so well!

Speaking to the pair about the moment he first noticed Zion might be different from his older son, Zaire, Dwyane Wade recalled (below):

“I had to look myself in the mirror when my son at the time was 3 years old and me and my wife started having conversations about us noticing that he wasn’t on the boy vibe that Zaire [Wade’s older son] was on, and I had to look myself in the mirror and say, ‘What if your son come home and tell you he’s gay? What are you going to do? How are you going to be? How are you going to act? It ain’t about him. He knows who he is. It’s about you. Who are you?’”


Gabrielle Union Dwyane Wade gay son interview
The former NBA star gives a lot of credit to his wife in helping him understand how to love and support a gay son. / (c) Dwyane Wade/Instagram

More interesting, the 37-year-old hoops legend credits his wife, the former Bring It On star, with her approach and openness to Zion, because it helped Wade better accept his own son, too:

“I grew up with the same perspective as a lot of these people out here that’s a little ignorant. I grew up with a similar perspective. And you meet people along the way that help you take those glasses off and put on some different ones. Look through life through a different lens. That’s what my wife has been able to do. So, it’s been cool.”

Cool is an understatement!!

Best yet, Barnes and Jackson not only seem accepting of it, they really seem to embrace it! Jackson surprised guests with his own admission, too: the longtime NBA bad boy’s brother is gay, and Jackson spends some time talking about what it was like to grow up with him, and love him no matter what.

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Wade also gets super inspirational in the defense of his son, pointing out that the world has changed — for the better — and people better get used to it:

“Everybody get used to it, man. This is the new normal. So if anybody different, we looked at as different. You know what I’m saying? The ones that don’t understand it. The ones that don’t get it. The ones that are stuck in a box. You’re different. Not the people that are out here living their lives, man. You want to talk about strength and courage? My 12-year-old has way more than I have. You can learn something from your kids.”

Wow! Very, VERY well said!!

Ch-ch-check out the full interview (below), with Wade talking about his family beginning at about the 32-minute mark and beyond that:

So great!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?!

Sound OFF with all your opinions and more in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Gabrielle Union/Instagram]

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Former NBA Commissioner David Stern Has Emergency Brain Surgery, Stars Offer Prayers

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage Thursday and had emergency surgery. The league made the announcement about Stern’s condition in a statement, saying its thoughts and prayers were with the 77-year-old Stern’s family. The following statement has been issued by the NBA pic.twitter.com/XgGB65ZFTg — NBA (@NBA) December 13, 2019 Stern served…

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