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Democrats, in impeachment trial arguments, charge that Trump’s conduct was worse than Nixon’s

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler Thursday accused President Trump of putting his own personal interests above national security and American democracy and charged that Trump is the only president in history to violate his oath of office so flagrantly.

Dem lawmaker says senators ‘squirming’ at impeachment ‘because the truth hurts’

Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono claimed Thursday that her GOP counterparts are “squirming” in their seats because they’re uncomfortable hearing mounting evidence against President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial. 

Schiff, on floor at Senate impeachment trial, quietly fumes at Trump lawyers’ allegations

President Trump’s lawyers invoked Rep. Adam Schiff’s name over and over again on Tuesday, accusing him of hiding documents, conducting an unfair impeachment inquiry and fabricating the text of the July 25 phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine.

Trump lawyers respond to articles of impeachment: ‘Constitutionally invalid’

President Trump’s legal team on Saturday issued a full-throttled defense to the articles of impeachment, refuting the substance and process of the charges while accusing House Democrats of engaging in a “dangerous attack” on the right of the American people to freely choose their president. 

FBI director Wray ‘deeply regrets’ FISA court errors in Trump-Russia probe

FBI Director Christopher Wray apologized Friday for the FBI’s mishandling of the President Trump Russa probe surveillance in a rare public court filing and outlined a 12-step reform the bureau is undertaking to prevent future abuses.

AOC riles Dems by refusing to pay party dues, bankrolling colleagues’ opponents

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already topped the fundraising charts in her short time in Congress, but the liberal darling won’t donate a cent of her millions to Democrats’ House campaign organization — a position that has rankled some of her colleagues, Fox News has learned.  

Mayor Pete becomes main target for Dems, moderates and leftists alike

Buttigieg, 37, took blows from both the progressive and moderate sides on the debate stage because unlike other candidates who fit more neatly into an ideological lane, Buttigieg is dangerous because he cuts into everyone’s support.