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How to survive the toddler years: Child development expert weighs in

From how to tame a temper tantrum to ways to avoid sibling rivalry, psychologists and child development expert Dr. Gail Gross breaks down the most common and problematic behaviors your kids are driving you crazy with.

Just how safe are CBD products? Experts weigh in

Companies are jumping at the chance to market CBD products like oils, cosmetics, tinctures, and vaporizer cartridges to consumers who are perhaps looking for a more ‘natural’ relief for symptoms ranging from anxiety and pain to insomnia and substance-abuse disorder. But with little-to-no oversight from the FDA, how can Americans determine which products are safe and effective and which aren’t? Two leading experts in the field break down the ever-booming CBD industry.

5 holiday gift ideas for health and fitness gurus

Whether you have a fitness guru, a nutrition nut or a wannabe meditater on your shopping list, everyone can use the gift of good health. Here are five health-inspired gifts ideas.

Recognizing signs of autism: How a late diagnosis could delay crucial intervention

New research suggests some autistic children don’t show traits of the condition until later in life, causing parents to miss the signs and physicians to misdiagnose. Fox News’ Dr. Manny Alvarez sits down with a renowned autism expert to talk about early and late diagnoses and what they could mean for your child.

With severe flu season potentially on horizon, doctors are urging patients to get flu shots now

Fox News’ Dr. Manny Alvarez sits down with a Harvard Medical School doctor to discuss everything you need to know about this year’s flu season.

New York doctor offers patients struggling with infertility a low-cost and needle-free IVF treatment

More couples struggling with infertility are turning to in vitro fertilization (IVF), but one of the biggest complaints about the process if the dreaded, and expensive hormone injections. Fox News’ Dr. Manny Alvarez sits down with a Columbia University fertility specialist to talk about their new needle-free approach to IVF.

Jay Leno on the time Rodney Dangerfield had a mini-stroke on his show

Comedian and former late night host Jay Leno sits down with Fox News’ Dr. Manny Alvarez to share what he is up to now and explain why raising awareness about bad cholesterol is so important.

8 roles every ‘master parent’ should play to raise highly successful children

In the midst of the biggest college admissions cheating scandal, a new book called ‘The Formula,’ breaks down 8 parenting roles that make up a formula to raising smart, highly successful children. Fox News’ Dr. Manny Alvarez sits down with the authors to discuss the secret formula they discovered.

‘Dancing with the Stars’’ Carrie Ann Inaba opens up about serious health condition

‘Dancing with the Stars’ judge Carrie Ann Inaba, 51, is opening up about her health struggles with iron deficiency anemia (IDA), a condition that left her struggling with fatigue and anxiety. She sits down with Fox News’ Dr. Manny Alvarez to talk about her personal story with IDA and how she’s adjusting to her new role as a co-host on CBS’s ‘The Talk.’