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Peter Schweizer: ‘The Left Is Churning Through Our Institutions, Traditions, and Constitutional Processes’ to Get Trump

Democrats and the left corrupt American tradition and institutions in their campaign against President Donald Trump, said Peter Schweizer.

Rob Reiner at Impeachment Rally: We Will Make Sure Trump Is Removed from Office

President Donald Trump will be “impeached” and “removed from office,” promised Hollywood director and left-wing activist Rob Reiner at an Impeachment rally in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

Historian: America’s Homeschooling Mothers Are Leading Our Next Revolution

“The leaders of the revolution are America’s homeschooling mothers,” said C. Bradley Thompson, professor of political science professor at Clemson University and author of America’s Revolutionary Mind: A Moral History of the American Revolution and the Declaration That Defined It, expressing his

‘White America First’ – London Mayor Sadiq Khan Says Trump Only Cares About White People

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is continuing his long-standing feud with President of the United States Donald Trump, claiming the U.S. leader only cares about “White America”.

Study: Conservative Students Feel Unable to Express Views at UK Universities

A study has found that a majority of conservative students feel unable to express their political opinions at university.

Exclusive–Louie Gohmert: Impeachment Push Is Actually More Like ‘Communist Revolution’ Than ‘Civil War’

Democrats’ attempts to impeach Donald Trump is closer to a “communist revolution” than “civil war,” said Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX).

Alex Clark: Chappelle and Kanye Are Glimpses of Growing Pop Culture Rejection of Wokeness

Critiques of leftism from Kanye West and Dave Chappelle offer glimpses of growing rejection of “woke” culture, estimated TPUSA’s Alex Clark.

Alan Dershowitz: ‘I Have Far More Enmity Toward the Hard-Left Progressives than I Do Toward Conservatives’

“I have much more enmity toward the hard-left progressives than I do toward conservatives,” Alan Dershowitz told Breitbart News.

‘More United Than Ever’: Latin America’s Beleaguered Leftists Meet at Sao Paulo Forum

Leaders of Latin America’s remaining leftist regimes met in Caracas, Venezuela, this weekend to discuss their continued survival following the continent’s significant shift rightwards in response to the failure of socialist experiments.

Marlow: ‘Very Low Energy’ Mueller Failed to ‘Get the Bad Orange Man’

Robert Mueller’s testimony was a “total disaster” for Democrats, given the failure to “get the bad orange man,” said Alex Marlow.

Mary Ann Mendoza: Politicians Enabling Illegal Alien ‘Invasion’ Are Helping Kill Americans ‘Every Single Day’

Politicians facilitating an “invasion” of illegal immigration are “contributing” to daily killings of Americas, said Mary Ann Mendoza.

Mollie Hemingway: Those ‘Making False Allegations’ Against Kavanaugh Have Not Been Prosecuted

Those who slandered Brett Kavanaugh have not been held accountable for their misconduct, said Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino.