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Gwyneth Paltrow Explains The Infamous Vagina Candle!

You’ve probably heard of it… heck, you may even have smelled it by now! It’s Gwyneth Paltrow‘s vagina!

OK, technically it’s not called that. No, the new product flying off the shelves from GOOP is actually called “This Smells Like My Vagina.” But yes, it is a genital-scented candle. We assume a waxed one. *badum-psh!*

For real though, what the ever-lovin’ eff was Gwyneth thinking with this one?? Women spend millions on beauty products every year to cover up their natural odors, and the Avengers: Endgame star made one you can waft towards yourself.

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So how did this happen??

“It sort of started as a joke,” as she explained on Wednesday’s Late Night With Seth Meyers.

“I was with ‘The Nose’ Douglas Little for his brand “Heretic,” and we were kind of messing around. And I smelled this beautiful thing and I was like, ‘This smells like my vagina.’ And I was kidding, obviously. And we were on mushrooms… No! We weren’t on mushrooms!”

Man, she can’t stop kidding! LOLz!

But she wasn’t joking when she released the candle with that name printed on the label! Like many, let us say inside jokes, it just grew and grew. Gwyneth recounted:

“It actually became a really funny thing where it was, A: Really funny to us, but also a little bit punk rock.”

Punk rock? Well, “This Smells Like My Vagina” does sound like the title of a Vandals song we guess. But there was more to it. Gwyneth continued:

“And, you know, I think women, a lot of us have grown up feeling certain degrees of shame around or body, or whatever. So this is just a little bit of a, you know, subversive candle for all of us out there.”

But does it really smell like her vajayjay? She certainly isn’t opening up about that aspect if it does. We have to imagine half the people buying this thing are doing so out of sheer morbid curiosity, and if she admitted it was really just a mix of lavender and passionfruit that would definitely ruin the, er, feminine mystique of it all.

We think maybe Gwyneth intends the candle to be a feminist statement sort of taking back the idea of the natural smell of a woman in general, not her specifically. After all, if the candle Goop was selling was called Gwyneth’s Vagina that would be the most narcissistic thing anyone has ever done, and… Well… OK, we guess it’s possible. LOLz!

Hear the lifestyle guru’s explanation for yourself (below)!

[Image via Late Night With Seth Meyers/YouTube/WENN.]

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Watch The Jonas Brothers Get DRUNK & Write A FILTHY Song!

This may be the most raucous edition of “Day Drinking” Seth Meyers has ever done! Must be all the testosterone…

On Tuesday’s Late Night, the Jonas Brothers dropped by and drank and played games and drank and sang and DRANK.

So as not to be outnumbered, Seth enlisted the help of his hot brother Josh Meyers and 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer, who isn’t related at all but whose name almost rhymes with theirs if you’re really drunk.

Video: Jonas Bros Enlist Their Wives AGAIN For ‘What A Man Gotta Do’

In addition to some very stupid drinking games, the bros also took on the challenge of writing and performing a song in just five minutes given only a pre-written title drawn from a bucket. The Jonas Brothers got In Bed By 9 which they managed to turn into an impressively filthy song using the number 69. Bet you never thought you’d see this back in the purity ring days!

Ch-ch-check out the hilarious video (above)!

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Karlie Kloss Makes Rare Comment On Her Marriage To Joshua Kushner & That SHADY ‘Project Runway’ Diss!

In a rare moment of transparency, Karlie Kloss is opening up about her marriage to Joshua Kushner.

The topic came up during the 27-year-old supermodel’s Thursday appearance on Watch What Happens Live! after host Andy Cohen expertly mentioned her viral Project Runway moment — you know, the one where a contestant made a joke about her familial relationship to the Kushners and Trumps.

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Here’s a quick refresher for those who missed it: Kloss, who served as a judge on the fashion competition, was caught off guard when a young designer named Tyler Neasloney fought back against a critique of a garment he constructed for her. After fellow judge Brandon Maxwell said he couldn’t see the former Victoria’s Secret stunner wearing the dress anywhere, the contestant replied:

“Not even to dinner with the Kushners?”

Oh man, we can still feel the sting in that statement every time we hear it!

After replaying a clip of the exchange, Cohen gave the starlet the floor to speak her peace! She began:

“I was honored to be one of the first memes of the decade. Honestly the real tragedy of this whole thing is no one is talking about how terrible this dress was. That’s why he went home.”

At that point, Ivanka Trump‘s sister-in-law continued to switch gears, referring to herself as an “open book” before sharing how she handles being just a few degrees of separation away from President Donald Trump‘s family:

“I’m sure I’m not the only person in this country who does not necessarily agree with their family on politics. I voted as a Democrat in 2016 and I plan to do the same in 2020.”

The Kode With Klossy founder continued:

“I’m very passionate about different issues, women’s reproductive health and I’m very involved with Planned Parenthood.”

Yes, girl. Remind us of all the ways you’re so different from the First Family!!

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are Karlie’s in-laws! / (c) Joel Ginsburg/WENN

Living Life With Joshua

Still, well aware of the public’s perception of her spouse and political choices, the seasoned model explained:

“I met my man in 2012. I was 19 years old. It was 2012, it was a different world. My man and I have been through a lot together. I’m so proud that he’s my partner. It’s not been easy but it’s worth it. I would make that same decision a million times again.”

WATCH the conversation go down with an assist from Martha Stewart in the clip (below):

[Image via Karlie Kloss/Instagram/YouTube]

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Charlize Theron’s Story About Her Worst Date Ever Will Leave You Speechless! WATCH!

Charlize Theron just dropped an amusing Bombshell from her past and we can’t stop laughing!!

During a Wednesday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Oscar-nominated actress opened up about one of the worst dates she’s ever been on — and we have to say, this story might actually make you feel better about any awkward romantic encounter you’re trying to forget!

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Let’s take things back about 20 years ago before the South African star dated the likes of Keanu Reeves, Sean Penn, and Stuart Townsend. Like the rest of us, Charlize tried her luck at casual dating and on one night in particular, things got a little weird! She began:

“I went on a date in my 20s with this guy who was really, super handsome. I was really into it. And he picked me up for dinner, we went and had dinner. It was lovely. I was like, ‘This is going really well.’ And he drove me home, and you know, I kind of signaled that I was in for a kiss.”

Things were going pretty well with the unnamed suitor until he made quite an unusual request:

“He pulled over by my house. And we started kissing and it was really good. And then, he pulled away and whispered, ‘Make out with my nose.‘”

LOL, wait. WTF?! We can appreciate a good fetish, but this sounds CRAZY, right?

We imagine her inner monologue in that moment went from something like this:

To this, once she realized her date was serious:

Well aware of how ridiculous her story sounded, Theron explained:

“I swear on my life, I’ve never forgotten it because I’ve yet to meet another person who likes to have somebody make out with their nose.”

So, did she do it, or what?!

“He was, like, really into it. And I started giggling, ’cause it was good! So, I didn’t want to mess it up, so I gave him a little peck on the nose and he was like, ‘No, make out with it.’” 

With a nod to Charlize’s reality TV guilty pleasure, The Bachelor and its many spin-offs, Kimmel expertly replied:

“Wow. The Bachelorette gets a rose, you got a nose.”

How spot on! Also, we’re pretty sure whoever that guy is from her story is seriously grateful she didn’t name drop him. We guess Theron will enjoy that embarrassment all on her own, ha!

WATCH the funny conversation go down (below):

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube]

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SNL: Pete Davidson Addresses Relationship & Rehab, Eddie Murphy Returns, Lizzo Performs!

Pete Davidson surprised everybody with a new appearance on Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update” segment this weekend, where he implied an upcoming stint in rehab at some point in the next few weeks.

Speaking to host Colin Jost about how crazy it was for him to be on camera right after longtime SNL icon Eddie Murphy appeared, Davidson joked about his relationship with Kaia Gerber and mentioned more about his upcoming “vacation” paid for by insurance.

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Davidson also jokes about America hating him for dating Gerber, as well as the comparison between his relationship, and Jost’s love with Scarlett Johansson — which definitely made for some awkward moments for the segment’s host. And he drops in an incredibly funny line about Tyga, too!

As you can see (above), the whole thing was a little awkward and off-putting, but it’s certainly got everybody talking about whether Davidson was serious about landing in rehab.

Guess we’ll see soon enough about that one… sending good thoughts to him and his loved ones in the meantime, for whatever may be going on right now!

Also last night…

It wasn’t just Pete Davidson who made headlines from a particularly busy evening on SNL. As we mentioned (above), Eddie Murphy was around for the show, too, and he took his turn guest-hosting after 35 years away! Holy s**t!!

You can ch-ch-check out his monologue and some of his best skits from last night’s show in the videos (below), too:

So funny! What a true SNL legend — and it was so cool to see him back and in his element like that on the show again!

LOVED it!!!

And Lizzo, too!

We’ve been waiting for it all week, and it finally got here! On Saturday night, Lizzo did her thing on the iconic late-night TV show, performing twice and participating in a hilarious sketch to boot.

You can watch all three clips (below):

Ahhh! Love it!

So much self-confidence!

And that sketch with Aidy Bryant was HIGHlarious!!!

Here’s what else you missed…

In addition to those two, SNL also delivered up a whole host of other skits, sketches, and clips like they always do… and you can see ’em all (below)!!

Funny, funny stuff!

What’d U think of last night’s show, Perezcious readers?! Obviously, the Pete Davidson news is quite the thing… but what else do you make of everything you saw on SNL?!

Share your opinions with us! We’d love to hear from ya — drop it all in the comments (below)…

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Billie Eilish Plays The Ukulele & James Corden Gets Scared Of A Spider On ‘Carpool Karaoke’

The latest Carpool Karaoke installment is here, and Billie Eilish totally shines while driving around El Lay with James Corden.

The duo kicked off their ride singing three of Eilish’s most popular tunes — Ocean Eyes, bad guy, and all the good girls go to hell — before making their way to where her debut album was written and recorded: her childhood home.

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But things took a turn from music and into the creepy-crawly space when the songstress brought her pet spider out for the Cats star to see. Sitting in her brother Finneas‘ bedroom, the two were later joined by Billie’s momma Maggie Baird, who spoke about how proud she is of her kids, and we doubt you’ll be able to watch without smiling or tearing up!!

Aside from her own hits, the duo also belted out Ludacris‘ rap from Justin Bieber‘s breakout hit Baby, and the 18-year-old even played one of her earliest songs on a ukulele which was conveniently in the backseat as Corden maneuvered through the streets of Los Angeles.

Give all the fun a watch (above)!! What did U think of this episode, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF (below) in the comments with your take!!

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‘Chelsea Lately’ Star Chuy Bravo’s Cause Of Death Revealed

We now know how Chuy Bravo died.

Bravo, the longtime Chelsea Lately sidekick during the show’s successful run on E! up until 2014, passed away unexpectedly over the weekend in his native Mexico while visiting family. He was 63 years old.

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According to a public statement released by the TV personality’s media reps following his death, the Mexican-American performer died of a heart attack. Born Jesus Melgoza Bravo, Chuy was officially pronounced dead at 8:20 a.m. on Sunday morning in Mexico City.

Per People, the statement revealing the cause of death added more about future memorial services as well:

“On Saturday, December 14 at approximately 1:30 p.m., Bravo was rushed to the emergency room due to a Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage (GI Bleed.) After complications he suffered an Acute Myocardial Infarction that led to his passing. Bravo’s funeral services took place today and will be cremated. His family has confirmed he will be brought back to Los Angeles (no date has been set) for a memorial service.”

The statement continued, noting Bravo’s family was “devastated” by his sudden passing, and amazed at the outpouring of love they’ve received in the days since:

“Bravo’s family is devastated as they cope with his sudden loss. They are overwhelmed with the thoughts and prayers they have received and send their appreciation.”

Very, very sad.

Rest in peace, Chuy.

More than a sidekick…

Though he certainly may have been second-in-command behind Chelsea Handler on the comedian’s hit talk show for so many years, Bravo was an integral — and beloved — part of the team. Chelsea’s touching Sunday afternoon post mourning his death gave a little more insight into how much she loved the affable man.

Comedian Heather McDonald — a longtime Chelsea Lately panelist and contributor, as well — mourned “our Chuy” earlier this week (below):

And another comedian who appeared often on Handler’s late-night show, Fortune Feimster, was equally devastated about losing the show’s “rockstar,” as she called him:

Such fun pictures to go through…

Handler long adored Chuy; not only did she sing his praises in mourning this week, even back in 2007 when the talk show was just starting to hit its stride, the late-night comedian raved about her co-star to ET:

“The worst part of doing the show is that I have to work five days a week, which I’m not accustomed to. I’m a stand-up comedian, so I usually would work twice a week and it’s for like, an hour. The best part is that Chuy and I get to spend every day together. I love him!”

Awww! So sweet — but so sad.

Clearly, it’s been a remarkably difficult week for everybody who knew, loved, and worked with Chuy Bravo.

Our hearts continue to be with his family, friends, and loved ones during this tough time.

[Image via FayesVision/WENN]

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Chuy Bravo, Chelsea Handler’s TV Sidekick & Friend, Passes Away At 63

What awful news to share…

Chuy Bravo, the longtime on-camera sidekick and hype man for Chelsea Handler on her successful late night TV talk show Chelsea Lately, has passed away. He was 63 years old.

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According to TMZ, Bravo was hospitalized on Saturday in Mexico City, where he’d been back home visiting family for the past month or so. Family members say he came down with a stomach ache on Saturday night, and had to be rushed to the hospital. There, he unexpectedly passed away. His cause of death is unclear.

Born in Mexico, Bravo emigrated to the US when he was just 15, eventually getting involved with Hollywood and the entertainment industry years later. He starred in a wide variety of films, including The RundownThe Sex TripTiptoesAustin Powers in GoldemmberPirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and The Honeymooners, in addition to TV work and other successes.

His biggest break, and his best known role by far, came as Handler’s second-in-command on her popular E! talk show, which ran from 2007 to 2014. In total, Bravo appeared on more than 1,000 episodes of Chelsea Lately, often bringing Chelsea to tears with laughter from one of his many comments, gags, or running jokes.

Hours ago, the TV host and comedian commented on her longtime friend and co-star’s death, writing a touching message on Instagram about her time with him — both personally and professionally (below):

“I loved this nugget in a big way, and I took great pleasure in how many people loved him as much as I did and do. @chuybravo gave us so much laughter and I’ll never forget the sound of his laughter coming from his office into mine. Or his ‘business calls’ with his ‘business manager,’ or his shoe rack with all his children-sized shoes. I’ll never forget him coming to Christmas with my family one year in the Florida keys, and when my niece who was 5 or 6 at the time — saw him, she ran in the other direction saying she was scared. My sister and I were mortified and were apologizing to Chuy, who told us, ‘it’s ok, lots of little kids get scared when they see big kids coming their way.’ I love you, Chuy!”

So funny… there’s clearly so much love and appreciation there.

She added a photo collage of old pics of the two of them working together, as well (below):

View this post on Instagram

I loved this nugget in a big way, and I took great pleasure in how many people loved him as much as I did and do. @chuybravo gave us so much laughter and I’ll never forget the sound of his laughter coming from his office into mine. Or his “business calls” with his “business manager,” or his shoe rack with all his children-sized shoes. I’ll never forget him coming to Christmas with my family one year in the Florida keys, and when my niece who was 5 or 6 at the time—saw him, she ran in the other direction saying she was scared. My sister and I were mortified and were apologizing to Chuy, who told us,”it’s ok, lots of little kids get scared when they see big kids coming their way.” I love you, Chuy!

A post shared by Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) on


Chuy did so many hilarious, iconic, and memorable things during his time on Chelsea Lately. What a talk show legend!

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Sadly, his 63rd birthday just happened to be last week, too — and Handler captured that moment as well, with a warm, sweet (and funny) message about her longtime co-star:

So, so sad.

Bravo revealed back in 2012 that he’d previously survived prostate cancer, and he was also a recovering alcoholic. The longtime actor was born with dwarfism, and stood at 4’3″.

It’s impossible to think of Chelsea Lately and not think of Chuy Bravo, let alone all the other films and shows he appeared in during his long career. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and loved ones. So, so sad.

R.I.P., Chuy.

[Image via B. Dowling/WENN]

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Scarlett Johansson Jokes About Colin Jost Engagement In ‘SNL’ Monologue — That & More Highlights HERE!

The folks at Saturday Night Live opted to keep it all in the family (kind of) for this weekend’s new episode, by having actress Scarlett Johanssonwho’s engaged to Colin Jost, duh — host the brand-new episode!

In doing so, the movie star had a little fun needling the Weekend Update co-host and successful show writer, as you can see in her fresh new monologue (above)! Considering it’s now the sixth time the A-lister has hosted the show, she’s not exactly new to all this… and she handled the whole night just fine!

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Even while the monologue itself quickly devolved into bizarre (and somewhat dated?) Marvel territory before a hilarious exchange involving the oft-absent Pete Davidson, ScarJo eventually brought things back by being authentic about how much the show really meant to her. And it didn’t hurt that she exchanged a cute little kiss with Jost near the end of her monologue! These two are just so freakin’ cute, aren’t they?!

Still, it was interesting that they never really touched on any of the actresses’ more recent controversies. Understandable, we suppose, assuming the writers (Jost included) would choose to keep this a safe place for the 35-year-old, but still… it’s a little interesting they didn’t at least have a little fun with something in the area, ya know?!

But alas…

Hey, in addition to the lovey-dovey opener itself, you can check out the rest of ScarJo’s SNL clips from last night, all highlighted and ready for you to watch in full (below):

Very, very funny, indeed!

ScarJo is an old pro at this, what can we say?!

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Speaking of the legendary Lost in Translation actress, though, here’s all the work her adorable better half put in last night on his own mid-show mainstay, Weekend Update, as well (below):

Always topical and funny! Tightly written, well thought out… and even plenty of Donald Trump!

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Aside from everything ScarJo and Jost-related, though, there were a few other SNL skits of note the fans enjoyed all the same — including last night’s cold open, which you can watch (below) along with a couple more:

So great!!!

Forget about the six-time host and all the show’s skits for at least a minute, though, because last night’s musical guest made major waves performing live, too!

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Former One Direction band member Niall Horan was the guest musician tasked with playing two tracks last night, and he did just fine out on his own! Harry Styles may be the one courting all the media attention right now, but as you can see (below), Niall didn’t exactly disappoint when it was his time to turn the lights on, either!


Well, there you have it, Perezcious readers! That’s all for this week’s highlights, skits, and more on Saturday Night Live!

What did U think of last night’s show, y’all?? Sound OFF with all of your opinions about it and then some in the comment section (below)! We’d love to hear from U!!!

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Kendall Jenner & Harry Styles Flirt Over Cod Sperm & Bull Testicles During His ‘The Late Late Show’ Takeover!

With Harry Styles filling in for James Corden on Tuesday night’s The Late Late Show, there was some obvious chemistry between him and guest Kendall Jenner during the Spill Your Guts segment!

Who knew eating bull penis could bring out your cute and flirty side??

The rumored former lovers quizzed each other on some really tough-hitting questions, like ranking Kardashian-Jenner members, One Direction solo projects, and even about their time together!

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To start, the supermodel had to reveal which of her siblings were the best parents in order to avoid drinking thousand-year-old egg nog. Rob Kardashian was surprisingly, or not, her first rank, while second went to Khloé Kardashian, third to Kim Kardashian West, fourth to Kylie Jenner, and fifth to Kourtney Kardashian!

Hmm. Kourt and Ky in last places?? We can’t say we saw that coming!

Harry, on the other hand, was challenged to eat cod sperm or else he’d have to answer which songs on his last album were about Kenny!

You’ll have to watch the video (up top) to find out that answer though, along with any references to Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik!

It wasn’t just salmon smoothies and water scorpion for Harry and Kendall, as they were also joined by Tracee Ellis Ross, another guest on last night’s show, for a more traditional interview.

Of course, we’d really have to say the 25-year-old musician and 24-year-old supermodel were vibing as more than just “friends”! Especially as Jenner lied through to her teeth while saying she wasn’t “too aware” of 1D at the time.

Honestly, this was just a really enjoyable episode all around, and we highly recommend you watch through the rest of the clips (below) for Styles’ Carpool Karaoke with Corden, his Adore You performance, and more!

Woo! Now, who thinks Kenny and Harry will be getting back together after watching this series of clips??

Raise your hand and sound OFF in the comments (below)!

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WTF?? Elizabeth Hurley Says She & Queen Elizabeth Have The Same Stalker!

While appearing on Monday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Elizabeth Hurley made a startling claim!!

After being asked about her “craziest fan interaction,” the Brit revealed not only that she has a stalker, but he is stalking another Elizabeth, too.

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The 54-year-old explained:

“In the office in London, we have a file called nutters, and every time, well, particular people send letters—they still send, you know, mail—they have to go into the nutter file. There’s one nutter who—I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say this—but he only stalks two people: I’m one of them and the other is the Queen of England.”

“Nutters”?? Huh, okay.

Apparently, she and the 93-year-old are notified by Scotland Yard every time the person in question changes locations. Sounds scary! But Hurley was able to laugh it off a bit:

“I probably shouldn’t be saying any of this on TV. Take it all back!”

Aside from both being Brits named Elizabeth, and obviously being in the public eye, we’re not sure what else is in common between the two. Granted, the Austin Powers star did portray the fictional Queen Helena on E!‘s The Royals for four seasons!

Speaking of royalty, Miz Hurley briefly addressed the drama surrounding the abrupt ending of the aforementioned TV series, which came after cast and crew accused creator Mark Schwahn of “reprehensible behavior” on set. Liz reflected:

“We didn’t expect it to end. I think everyone thought there’d definitely be a fifth season. So I think the story lines weren’t really finished properly. I think a lot of the fans were upset that they didn’t tie up loose ends. And we were upset too in a way.”

So would she play a member of the monarchy again if she had the chance? When asked which IRL royal she would like to portray, the former queen didn’t hold back with her response:

“None of them. Dreary.”

Sorry, Meghan Markle!!

On a lighter note, Elizabeth also revealed who she’s shared the best on-screen smooch with. And no, it wasn’t her ex-BF/ former co-star Hugh Grant! She spilled:

“Best? So many! Maybe Matthew McConaughey. It was a movie called EDtv, which was by Ron Howard. We did a lot of kissing in it.”

Matthew Mcconaughey Acceptance Speech GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

And as for the worst? She kept it classy and didn’t name drop:

“A German actor I did a movie with. We hated each other. We had to have sort of a sexy scene and we had to do a lot of snogging. I didn’t like it. Horrible.”

Ch-ch-check out more from Miz Hurley (below):

[Image via John Rainford/Lia Toby/WENN.]

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Billie Eilish Surprises Alicia Keys With An Epic Cover Of ‘Fallin’ — From When She Was TWELVE! Watch!

Billie Eilish never fails to impress!

The 17-year-old music prodigy stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden on Monday night where she and guest host Alicia Keys couldn’t stop marveling over each other.

After Keys, who covered Billie’s Ocean Eyes in a social media post back in August, showered the rising star with compliments about her music, voice, and energy, the Bad Guy singer confessed the pianist is one of her biggest idols — and she brought a home video to prove it!

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The Grammys’ Best New Artist nominee then surprised Keys with a tape of her performing her 2001 hit Fallin’ at a school talent show when she was just 12 years old. The clip was super short, but showcased Billie’s love for Alicia — and pipes, of course!

Ch-ch-check out Keys’ reaction — then watch the pair perform Ocean Eyes together on The Late Late Show stage (below)!

[Image via CBS]

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Jennifer Lopez Reigns Supreme In Third Time Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ — Highlights HERE!

Jennifer Lopez hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time in her illustrious career last night on NBC, and along with special guest appearances by fiancé Alex Rodriguez and her iconic Grammys dress, she seriously brought some talent to the set!

The powerful Latina pop star didn’t perform her music on the show as a crossover dual-threat this time (DaBaby was the musical guest, instead), but we’re still loving all of her skits and sketches! Such a solid episode this week!

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As you can see below, J.Lo was particularly busy even for a host on last night’s SNL, including an extremely HIGHlarious sketch involving Pete Davidson, which showed poor Jenny From The Block falling for him as ‘Chad’! Oh, no!

Ch-ch-check it all out (below):

Loving it!!! She was in so many sketches! So talented!!!

What’s the better fitness spoof — J.Lo’s “Barry’s Bootcamp” sketch (above), or that Ryan Reynolds-inspired Peloton ad spoof that just came out the other day?! Ha!!!

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And as we mentioned up top, you can watch DaBaby’s performances from the show (below) here, too:


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A few more sketches made their way onto the show last night, too, which surprisingly did not involve Lopez — very rare! Ha!! Those highlights did include one moment that REALLY had social media talking on Sunday morning, though, thanks to a couple of very high-profile and unexpected guest stars — namely Jimmy FallonPaul Rudd, and James Corden — covering the current events beat with yet another shot across the bow at the government! Plus, some high-quality Trump rally spoofing, which just really never seems to get old considering all the bat s**t crazy things people say at those events! Ha!

Ch-ch-check out more of all that in the clips (below):


Love ’em both — such good political content this season, y’all! Surely, they’ve had a LOT to work with, too…

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And who could forget all the standard Weekend Update fare that always pops up — with particularly timely and cutting criticism of Donald Trump and his sketchy cronies:

Funny stuff!

Well, there you have it — another week, thoroughly enjoyed by us, at least! Do y’all feel the same way as we do, or what?!

What about your take on everything here, Perezcious readers?! What did y’all think of SNL this week??

Sound OFF about everything in the comments (below) and share your takes with us!!!

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Emma Stone’s New Fiancé Dave McCary!

Emma Stone‘s got a brand new stone on THAT finger!

ICYMI, congratulations are in order as the La La Land actress just low-key got engaged to her boyfriend of two years, Saturday Night Live director Dave McCary!

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The happy couple shared the news on Wednesday with a sweet shot (above) posted to the 34-year-old’s Instagram account.

But take another look at the cute announcement post captioned with flirty pink heart emojis, here:

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by @ davemccary on

Awwww, congrats!!

The pic is a bit blurry, but from what we can see, the engagement ring looks like a solid, classy choice for the Easy A star, and the beaming smile on her face really says it all!

The soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. are relatively private about their romance, so, we wouldn’t blame you if you feel out of the loop on this one!

For those who may not know, Emma and Dave started dating back in 2017 after meeting when the 31-year-old actress hosted SNL at the end of 2016 and starred in the sketch Wells for Boys, which McCary directed.

To save you all some time on your Google searches, here’s everything you need to know about the starlet’s husband-to-be:

He’s Always Been A Sweetheart!

View this post on Instagram

had a ball

A post shared by @ davemccary on

Shortly after the pair got together in 2017, a source told People they are a great match as “Dave has this core of kindness and sweetness” about him. Judging by the adorable throwback photo we found on his feed, it appears McCary’s sweet disposition started from an early age!

He’s BFFs With ‘SNl’ OG Kyle Mooney

Dave’s ties to his NBC show run deep as he is super tight with fellow SNL writer and comedian, Kyle Mooney. People reports they’ve been besties since the sixth grade and co-founded the comedy troupe Good Neighbor with cast members Beck Bennett and Nick Rutherford.

The guys also have a huge bromance going on, as evidenced by the funny and playful pictures McCary often shares of his bud (as seen above) on IG.

He’s From California!

McCary was born and raised in San Diego! He also attended the University of Southern California along with his pal Mooney.

Of course, he probably spends more of his time on the East Coast these days since his show has aired from the studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City since its inception.

He’s A Three-Time Emmy Nominee!

The segment director was nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series in 2016, 2017, and 2018 for his work on Saturday Night Live. Nice!!

He Directed A Movie, Too!

Emma’s boo made his directorial debut the same year they started dating with the 2017 film, Brigsby Bear. Mooney starred in the movie alongside Claire Danes, Mark Hamill, and Andy Samberg, and it premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January of that year. Stone made an appearance at the big event, too!


There you have it, Perezcious readers. You’re all caught up!

Reactions to this engagement news? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments section (below)!

[Image via Dave McCary/Instagram]

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James Corden Says The Making Of Kanye West’s ‘Airpool Karaoke’ Episode Was FULL Of Dramatics!

As James Corden tells it, his Airpool Karaoke session with Kanye West involved a lot of turbulence before they ever got off the ground!

The late-night talk show host recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and spilled the tea about the CRAZY process it took to get the Jesus Is King artist and his massive church choir to finally film their unique Carpool Karaoke segment in October.

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As one would expect, it wasn’t an easy task to lock down Kim Kardashian West‘s husband for the memorable singalong interview. Ye’s schedule had been packed with Sunday Service appearances across the country and the rapper had been hard at work, revamping his once secular image into a more spiritual one.

We guess the musician couldn’t keep up with his commitments since Corden revealed Kanye canceled on him TWICE early on!

The first time wasn’t a big deal but the second time around, West and his team waited until the very last minute to notify James their one-on-one wasn’t happening, at which point, he was already outside of the star’s house!

UGH. We get it, things happen. But that’s gotta suck for everyone involved…

After dropping the ball two times in a row, Yeezy decided to kick things up a notch!

In an effort to make good on his promise to appear on James’ show, he suggested they include his choir members (all 150 or more of them) and film the segment on “a bus or truck.” The problem was Mr. West made this request on a Saturday and wanted the interview to happen two days later on a Monday — leaving Corden’s crew very little time to organize permits and have everything in order beforehand.

The two decided it would be best to push things back to the following Wednesday but at 11 a.m. that morning, Kanye’s team notified the British personality their meeting was off yet again. Sigh.

After three cancellations, Corden was all but convinced he wouldn’t get to sit down with one of his dream guests. Luckily for him, the 42-year-old rapper circled back a fourth time with a huge alternative, explaining he wanted to get a plane for the special show.

Not only did that solve their space problem, well, would we expect anything less from the dude?

The 41-year-old host told Jimmy Kimmel he thought Kanye was going to cancel up to the very minute he stepped foot on that jet. However, he was pleasantly surprised the entertainer showed up and delivered the experience of a lifetime.

Reflecting on the heavenly, “incredible” moment, he explained:

“I will never ever forget what that choir sounded like on that aeroplane. It was an astonishing thing and I really thought, ‘This is a once in a lifetime thing that I’ll never ever be able to…I’ll never ever forget it.’”

Their conversation did end up being quite memorable in the end and it sounds like it was all worth it to James!

Heck, it certainly should’ve been nothing less than that since those first few scheduling mishaps reportedly cost the Late Late Show $45,000 in expenses.

WATCH him tell it in his own words right around the four-minute mark, (below):

Perezcious readers, do YOU think the pair’s nearly 20-minute discussion was worth all of the drama it took to make happen? Sound OFF with your thoughts in the comments…

[Image via The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube]

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Watch Tom Hiddleston Squirm As Jimmy Fallon Shows His Never Before Seen Audition To Play THOR!

Eat your hammer out, Chris Hemsworth!

It’s almost impossible to imagine anyone but Tom Hiddleston in the role of Loki; brother to Thor, trickster to most, handsome devil to all.

So, it’s a bit hard to believe that the British actor never auditioned to play Loki when the first Thor movie was being cast in 2009 — he auditioned to play the titular God of Thunder!

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The Avengers: Infinity War actor made the revelation during an appearance on The Tonight Show on Monday night, telling Jimmy Fallon the process lasted three months and he almost got the part, if it weren’t for that pesky Hemsworth and his bulging, God-like biceps!


Sorry, what were we saying?

Oh right. There’s a universe where Hiddleston almost played Thor!

The 38-year-old explained to Fallon:

Basically, at the time, they were looking for sort of less well established actors so that the audience didn’t have an association. They just wanted people to see these new characters, these new actors. And the ream it was, if you’re over six foot and you’ve got blonde hair, you can come and have a pop at it. So, I never auditioned for Loki. I only ever auditioned for Thor, which is nuts.”

If Hiddleston had it his way, that audition would never see the light of day. But unfortunately for him, and fortunately for the rest of us, the NBC show pulled some strings and got its hands on the audition tape. (Praise Odin!) 

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The host told the unsuspecting star:

“We have friends over at Marvel that sent us the original audition footage of you… This has never been shown! This has never been released.” 

Fallon then rolled the clip, showing Hiddleston dressed in a grey tank, tight black pants, a majestic blonde wig on his head, and, of course, Thor’s hammer. Tbh, the performance he gave was super impressive!

Of course, the Golden Globe winner stayed humble as the clip sparked applause from the audience. He told the crowd:

“Thank you very much. You really are too kind. I think we can all agree that they cast the right actor.”

Well… yeah. But it’s easy to see why Marvel wanted to keep him around!

Ch-ch-check out the clip (below) to see Tom’s reaction to his Thor audition.

[Image via NBC]

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Will Ferrell Makes His Triumphant Return To ‘SNL’ — With Help From Ryan Reynolds & Tracy Morgan!

Will Ferrell was a cast member on Saturday Night Live for seven years, releasing all kinds of memorable clips and sketches during his run on the popular late night show (we STILL want more cow bell, y’all!).

Well, this weekend, he returned again to NYC to host the show, and he was as funny as ever doing his thing as a proud alum, reminiscing on the good old days. Live from New York, here are all the highlights from last night’s HIGHlarious episode!!!

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As you can see (above), Ferrell’s monologue wasn’t even a traditional move for the show. Instead of letting him riff for a few minutes, Ryan Reynolds popped up in the audience at one point, making the Anchorman star giggle. Reynolds distracted Ferrell so much by his presence that the longtime comedic actor was forced to cut to his hilarious impersonation of Tracy Morgan to get through it. Oh, no!

Thankfully for us, Tracy was there, too! The funnyman popped up on camera all of a sudden, and ripped into Ferrell’s bizarre impression while also showing some serious love to the comedian for his trailblazing ways and unique on-camera style. Wow… What an opening monologue! So much going on, and so much to take in!

And it set the tone for the whole show; all night long, the former Kicking and Screaming star delivered laughs and made us reminisce about his move-making glory days of the 2000s and 2010s… already feels like such a simpler time, indeed. LOLz!

In fact, you can see all the hilarious highlights from some of the best skits and clips showing all the hilarity that went down last night on set at 30 Rock (below). Enjoy the highlights!!!

Ahhh! So great! So many funny skits!

And Party Song was SERIOUSLY hilarious… OMG!

Not only was Will there doing his thing throughout the night, he was also joined by musical guest King Princess, who delivered two impressive live performances to set the tone musically for the evening, as well.

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You can watch both of those exceptional live music clips from last night’s brand new episode right here:


Good stuff… loving the sound from King Princess here!

Overall, what did y’all think of last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Perezcious readers?! Did it give you some chills thinking back to Ferrell’s seven seasons on the show itself? Definitely a nice little walk down memory lane — with some surprise guest stars and sweet moments along the way, right??

We want to hear from you about it! Sound OFF with all your takes on last night’s episode of SNL in the comment section (below)…

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Chrissy Teigen Isn’t Here For John Legend’s Shirtless Dance — But We Are!

John Legend may be the sexiest man alive, but that doesn’t mean his wife is a fan of all of his moves!

Chrissy Teigen trolled her husband yet again with a hilarious post on Instagram, showing off her hardcore side-eye to the singer’s shirtless elf dance while backstage at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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Ch-ch-check out the hilarious vid posted Thursday (below):

View this post on Instagram

just another day at @jimmyfallon (airs tomorrow!)

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

While chatting with People for his cover story, the EGOT recipient made it clear no matter how hard Chrissy trolls, she’s the one for him:

“She’s the one. It’s clear! We have great chemistry. She makes me laugh all the time. She’s a wonderful mother. She’s my best friend.”

It seems like what we see online really reflects how their private relationship is. The 40-year-old explained:

“People see our banter a lot, and we have a lot of fun together. I like the fact that she makes me laugh all the time.”

He added:

“The thing that makes me say ‘Aw’ is when she unironically compliments me because she doesn’t do it a lot. I wouldn’t love it if she did it all the time!”


It’s obvious Mr. Legend is a romantic (have you heard All Of Me?!), but there’s a lot more that goes into being the best husband possible to the Cravings author:

“Being a good husband is about communicating and listening to what your partner needs and wants. A lot of it is being trustworthy, being dependable, being someone they can rely on. They want security and to know someone has their back. Hopefully I do that for Chrissy.”

It seems there isn’t much, besides what to watch on TV, that the two don’t have in common. The Love Me Now crooner dished:

“I’m way more of a political junkie than she is, and I watch and enjoy sports more than she would ever. On Sundays, I would watch football all day. Sometimes we have a reality show on the TV with the sound up, and football on my laptop with the sound down so I can still see what’s happening. We can listen to reality shows together because marriage is about compromise.”

And while their cultural backgrounds and family history are also totally different, Miles and Luna‘s dad shared:

“I grew up in a black family in Ohio. Chrissy grew up in a half-Thai, half-Norwegian-American family all over the West coast. We go home to Ohio a lot, we go to Thailand to visit Chrissy’s family. They’ve got cousins all over the world. It’ll be a cool thing for them growing up to get exposed to so many different things.”

How can you not love these two?!

John Legend A Legendary Christmas GIF by NBC - Find & Share on GIPHY

[Image via Chrissy Teigen/Instagram & Sheri Determan/WENN.]

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James Corden Attempts To Dethrone Idina Menzel As Elsa For A ‘Frozen 2’ Crosswalk Musical — WATCH!

The cast of Frozen 2 teamed up with James Corden for the latest crosswalk musical at a busy El Lay intersection!

Joining The Late Late Show host for the performance were four stars from the Disney flick: Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, and Jonathan Groff, but Corden seemed to have some doubts about casting Miz Menzel as Elsa!

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Corden hilariously shared with the camera:

“Since we performed the iconic Les Miserable in Paris, people keep coming up me saying, ‘James, when are you going to take this further? When will we see the company doing Madama ButterflyLa TraviataCosì fan Tutti?’ I look them in the eye and say, ‘Screw that! We’re doing Frozen.’”

When it came time to cast the mini-musical, the Cats star felt he had a better pick for Elsa than the Broadway alum (below), despite casting Bell, Gad, and Groff in their original film roles:

“And the role of Elsa, the frozen queen with a voice that echoes throughout the heavens will be played by, I mean, come on? Who else, but James Corden!”

But after the first performance of Do You Wanna Build A Snowman, the Veronica Mars star brought up the idea to the troupe that perhaps Idina would be better suited as Elsa than Corden. Ch-ch-check it out (above) for his reaction and to see who ends up landing the coveted leading role!!

What did U think of this crosswalk musical, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below) in the comments with your thoughts!!

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Celine Dion Says ‘My Heart Will Go On’ Almost Never Happened — ‘It Didn’t Appeal To Me’!!

Could you imagine Titanic without Celine Dion‘s iconic song My Heart Will Go On? Because it nearly didn’t happen!

While appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Monday evening, the songstress revealed it took some coaxing from the composer James Horner and husband René Angélil to convince her to record the song.

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She explained:

“It didn’t appeal to me. I was probably very tired that day — very tired. My husband said, ‘Let’s hold on.’ He talked to the writer and he said, ‘Let’s try to make it, like, a little demo.’ I sang the song once and they built the orchestra around it. I never re-sang it for the recording. So the demo is the actual recording. But after that, I’ve sang it about 3 gazillion times.”

Titanic Kate Winslet GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Miz Dion also discussed other topics outside of her career, including her love life. As you’ll recall, her husband and longtime manager sadly passed away in 2016. When asked if she’s considered remarrying, the songstress responded:

“You’re supposed to ask one question. I don’t date. I don’t have a boyfriend. And, you know, it doesn’t mean that I will not find someone in my life. If I do, that will be great. If I don’t, that will be great.”

She continued:

“I’m still in love. I mean, once you’re in love so much, I’ve been living all my life with René, he’s still within me. I see him through the eyes of my children every day. I’m so passionate about life and I’m so lucky to have my three beautiful sons.”

The 51-year-old assured Andy Cohen if and when she does enter into a new relationship, she’ll stop by WWHL again to talk about it:

“If I would have someone in my life, I would tell you because I’ve been an open book all my life. But if I do, I’ll come back and I’ll talk to you about it.”

On the topic of the Imperfections singer’s love life, Cohen asked about the rumors that she was dating her longtime friend Pepe Munoz. In response, Dion shared:

“I was not surprised. It’s just that…because we’re best friends, we’re in show business and the tabloids and this industry is made for that. ‘Oh, that’s the way that best friends hold hands? Nuh-uh.’ He is my best friend and we have a good time together. It feels like today, you cannot have a man holding your hand. They didn’t know anything about [Pepe]…They started things. Until one day I said, ‘He’s gay, he’s not my boyfriend. He’s gay, calm down. I’m not trying to hide here. Everything’s cool.’ But we can hold hands! We can go to the movies and restaurants. Calm down, people!”

Ch-ch-check out more from Celine (below):

[Image via Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen/YouTube.]

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