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Justin Bieber Gives Emotional Speech at Album Preview Event

Justin Bieber broke down in tears describing the challenges he’s faced in the last couple of years and the people who helped him get through it. At a playback of his forthcoming album “Changes,” held at Village Recorders in West Los Angeles during the heart of Grammy week, Bieber got emotional and started crying recalling […]

Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Sam Smith Toast Universal Music Group Chief Lucian Grainge

Universal Music Group chairman Lucian Grainge brought the star power to his Hollywood Walk of Fame dedication ceremony. In attendance outside of Capitol Studios in Hollywood were Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Sam Smith, Tori Kelly, Hailee Steinfeld and Beck, among others. Also seated for the ceremony was a who’s who of the music industry’s top […]

Taylor Swift’s Team Reportedly Asked Justin Bieber To Leave A Gym So She Could Workout — Awkward!

Just how many celebrity-friendly gyms are there in Los Angeles, anyway? There has to be plenty, right? Maybe someone should find out and let Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber know so they don’t accidentally almost cross paths between workouts again!

Per TMZ, this is more or less what went down when the entertainers both happened to visit the Dogpound Gym in West Hollywood on Saturday afternoon. Talk about an awkward situation!

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As the story goes, the Yummy singer was pumping iron when he and his security team were approached and asked to leave. Taylor had reserved the entire gym for a private appointment with her trainer so it sounds like the employees and her team were just doing their job here.

But at that point, the Biebs was already midway through his training session and straight-up refused to cut it short until he was finished. Screw the rules, right? Per the report, Hailey Bieber‘s husband did not have a scheduled appointment and was supposedly seen”goofing around and dancing” long after his workout was over.

TMZ sources say the Sorry singer did not know it was Swift that was waiting on him to vacate.

They also confirmed the starlet’s gym time was reserved in advance and meant to be solo. Eventually, Justin and any other individuals who stayed behind left the premises.

Well, that is quite the story!

While it’s quite salacious to hear that Selena Gomez‘s ex-boyfriend and her BFF, who are known musical rivals, were inadvertently caught in a standoff like this, this does sound pretty strange! We can’t help but wonder why the Dogpound staff didn’t warn Bieber about a VIP’s upcoming arrival well in advance? This is freaking Taylor Swift we’re talking about here — you know, someone who might require some notice?? She did have her appointment first!

Plus, what about the bad blood between them after Justin fiercely defended Scooter Braun amid the contention Big Machine Records saga? It just feels like someone should’ve been more diligent about making sure their lines didn’t get crossed, even if the Biebs did initially refuse to leave.

Got anything to say about all of this, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments!

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Selena Gomez Debuts ‘Rare’ Neck Tattoo In Honor Of Her New Album!

Selena Gomez just debuted a new addition to her growing collection of body art!

On Thursday, the 27-year-old singer took to Instagram to share a pic and video of her new neck tattoo that says “Rare.” Just a PSA to anyone who might’ve missed it: the four-letter word is also the name of Selly’s latest studio album that dropped last week on January 10, her first in over four years!

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Ch-ch-check out her post about it (below):

View this post on Instagram

Did it again @bangbangnyc 🦋 rare

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

How dainty and cute!!

In the clip, the Wolves singer is seen rocking a tiedye-colored hoodie with her hair up as the camera person circles to get a better view of the new ink located just below Gomez’s right earlobe. Side note: that must have been so painful.

The starlet kept it casual with her caption, choosing to tag her artist over at Bang Bang Tattoo in New York City and note:

“Did it again @bangbangnyc🦋 rare”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Justin Bieber‘s ex indulged in a little body art.

The video casually highlighted other pieces on her neck — but we also know she recently added a large image of praying hands with a rosary dangling to her left thigh just before tearing up the stage at the 2019 American Music Awards in November. That one bore a striking similarity to a tattoo the Biebs already has on his body, so, we’re glad to see a much different choice this time around!

As we mentioned earlier, the ink is a shoutout to the Selly’s highly-anticipated record where she seemingly opened about her exes (including Hailey Bieber‘s husband and The Weeknd) and her life over the past four years.

Now, a nod to the star’s unforgettable comeback season is physically engraved for her to remember.

We’re watching the next chapter of Selly’s music career evolve right before our very eyes! / (c) WENN/Instar

Ahead of her album’s release, the Lose You To Love Me singer told People:

“Every song on the record has some sort of emotion or conflict or there’s something going on. I related to everything on this record very, very clearly.”

In conversation with Entertainment Tonight, she explained why the time was right for the world to hear Rare:

“I wanted to make something that was transparent yet really classy and very real to me. I guess this was the right time and I felt it, so it’s crazy.”

Well, we and all of the Selenators out there are loving the new music and kudos on the cute tattoo, too!

We want to hear from YOU, Perezcious readers. Feeling the new ink?? Sound OFF in the comments (below).

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Selena Gomez Is Done ‘Protecting People That Never Protected Or Cared For’ Her

Selena Gomez is done being a good little girl and keeping her mouth shut.

After years of being tortured and mistreated, the singer has a lot to say, and she’s starting with her confessional new album, Rare.

In a new interview with Billboard, Selly opens up about her comeback statement — and how it means taking no prisoners if that’s her truth to tell.

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Speaking about how personal the songs get, she says:

“I’ve said this before, but I used to be terrified of saying anything. I would find myself protecting people that never protected me or cared for me.”

Dayum! We guess we know the main person she’s talking about there.

A lot of the lyrics on Rare — particularly on the early single Lose You to Love Me — are very clearly about how ex Justin Bieber treated her as disposable.

While bestie Taylor Swift implied he cheated on her, Selena always kept quiet — protecting his public image. Yeah, not too hard to decipher.

She continues:

“And I wouldn’t want to say the wrong thing, and I wouldn’t want people to think that I had any other motive, other than just being a kind person — though that is who I am and I am proud of that. I was just done, you know? Just done being silent, and I felt like I deserved to have a moment for myself, after going through so much, and throwing that all into this album. It wasn’t even a thought in my mind that I was doing the wrong thing. I think I got to a place where I just said, this is what I’m gonna do and I’m not gonna be afraid of it. And people might react however they might react, but I know that I’m proud of putting out the music that I did with the content that it has, because I want nothing more than to relate to people — and I want them to know that they’re not alone, and that all of these feelings are completely normal. And they watched me grow up, so I think this was an important album for me to speak up.”


No one who mistreats you deserves your silence! It’s a good example to set.

Selena also talks about the song Vulnerable and how it came from one of her darkest hours but ultimately is about trying again:

“It is saying, after completely being depleted from life or whatever… I turned bitter for a while. I was extremely bitter and very dry. I was just disconnected to my feelings for so long. But I go to therapy, I talk about everything that I’m walking through. I felt like, ‘Why do I do this? Why do I give myself away to people, even if it’s just friends or random people? Why do I do that?’”

“And I realized it is because one of my strengths, that I thought was a weakness, is being vulnerable. So when we worked on the song, that’s exactly where it started. If I can give you all of myself, are you able to take that, and take care of that? And if you’re not, then I’m still gonna be who I am. I’m just not gonna have you in my life, but I’m gonna continue to be who I am.”

Thankfully Selena is mostly over all the negative emotions which went into writing these songs. Time and creative work will do that. As she says:

“When I wrote the song Lose You to Love Me, I was kind of a mess. It was really difficult for me. And by the time we shot the music video at the end of the year, it had a completely different meaning, and it was so freeing. It was actually fun for me — I think, because I let it go, it actually meant that I let it go within myself as well. And I couldn’t have asked for a better way to close a chapter in my life.”

She finishes by saying:

“It just took me a couple years to get through some s**t. But then it came out great!”

Hell yeah!

What do YOU think about the more vocal Selena Gomez??

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Selena Gomez Gets REAL About Phony Celebrity Relationships — And Drops Video For Breakup Anthem ‘Rare’!

We LOVE this new Selena Gomez!

Not only is her new album, Rare, an unabashedly transparent declaration of self worth in the aftermath of a myriad of messy public relationship dramas, she’s being completely candid in every interview!

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Along with the release of the music video for the album’s title track, a paean to choosing NO boyfriend over a bad boyfriend, Selly is getting even more real.

First, check out the gorgeous video for Rare (below):

You may have noticed the theme in the lyrics:

Why you act like I’m not there? / Baby, right now it feels like / It feels like you don’t care / Why don’t you recognize I’m so rare?

Obviously lyrics like that demand questions about Selena’s thoughts on dating right now.

We know gurl has been single for a couple years. But on Friday’s New Music Daily on Apple Music’s Beats 1, interviewer Zane Lowe dug a little deeper, asking about how the former Disney star’s lifetime of fame had twisted her idea of a relationship, noting the public eye is an “unusual, strange environment” in which to find love.

Selly kept it honest, saying:

“Well, if I can be honest, it is so cliche. It’s just, everyone dates everyone, so it always seems to be within a little bubble and it’s because it’s safe right? But you know, you’re wanting someone to understand what you’re going through, you’re almost wanting a counterpart of creativity as well, and it’s interesting and fun, but the problem with that is you end up — whether you admit it or not — you’re having a relationship for people, and not even for yourself.”

Huh. Her big relationships have been with other pop stars.

Selena and the Weeknd
Selena and ex The Weeknd in 2017, not exactly Netflix and chilling… / (c) WENN

She added:

“There’s almost this point where it’s like, ‘Oh, we’re making it known that we’re together,’ whatever it is, it’s like, you just need to decide within our world if it’s for you or is it for show?”

Damn. That is more honest than we even expected. Because, let’s face it, for a lot of rising stars, the relationships ARE just for show! Next thing she’ll be talking about how producers pick out what her songs need to be about to reflect the new public image they want to sell. Ha!

We kid, but for real, this album and this new Selena are about as real as it gets in pop music.

See her keeping it real for nearly 20 minutes in the whole interview (below)!

[Image via Selena Gomez/YouTube/Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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Selena Gomez Dives Deep Into Past Relationships With Justin Bieber & The Weeknd On New Album ‘Rare’!

Selena Gomez‘s highly-anticipated album Rare dropped Friday, and with it, fans heard her emotions come through on lyrics seemingly about her exes and her life over the past four years.

The comeback consists of 13 songs, two of which Selenators were lucky to have heard and memorized when Lose You to Love Me and Look At Me Now were released in October. It was clear then that the first of those singles was about Justin Bieber, so of course, we had to wonder what the rest of her tracks would have to say…

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Selly told People ahead of today’s release:

“Every song on the record has some sort of emotion or conflict or there’s something going on. I related to everything on this record very, very clearly.”

Think JB and The Weeknd were tuning in just to listen if their names came up??

The title track, Rare, doesn’t quite go there, though the songstress croons about being ignored by a significant other.

“My ambitions were too high / Waiting up for you upstairs / Why you act like I’m not there?/ Baby, right now it feels like / It feels like you don’t care / Why don’t you recognize I’m so rare?”

But on Cut You Off, Selena truly gets to the point, aiming her scorching lyrics at a toxic former love. Going on about 1460 days AKA four years, there’s only one ex this song could be about: Justin.

“Pull up to the mirror staring at my face / Gotta chop, chop all the extra weight I’ve been carrying for fourteen-hundred-sixty days / Professionally messing with my trust / How could I confuse that **t for love?”

She later continues:

“Emotionally messin’ with my health / How could I confuse that s**t for love?”

In case you haven’t been following Gomez over the past few years, the 27-year-old revealed in 2017 she underwent kidney transplant surgery. She reportedly suffered an “emotional breakdown” a year later, leading her to be admitted into an east coast psychiatric facility.

Seemingly, the starlet continues to go further with hers and Justin’s past of rekindling their relationship on Vulnerable, in which she sings:

“If I show you all my demons, and we dive into the deep end / Would we crash and burn like every time before? / I would tell you all my secrets, wrap your arms around my weakness / If the only other option’s letting go”

The two eventually fizzled out in 2018, just months before the Canadian pop star found his way back to Hailey Bieber.

But on Kinda Crazy, Gomez calls out a former love for being “super shady.” Shots at The Weeknd?? Read her lyrics (below):

“Hey, you’re the one who started talkin’ to me / Made the move, asked me to be your babe / And now you’re treatin’ me like I’m insane / You’re insane”

The song continues:

“I think you’re kind of crazy / And not the good kind, baby / ‘Cause you’re actin’ super shady / You know it, you know it / Been dodgin’ phone calls lately / But still textin’ me, ‘Baby’ / Yeah, I think you’re kind of crazy / You know it, you know it / You’ve been lyin’ just for fun / Luckily, no damage done / But now I see you’re kind of crazy / You know it, you know it”

Oop. He’s probably not going to love being outed as crazy…

Anyway, Selenators have since taken to Twitter with their thoughts on the whole album, just take a glance (below):

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/Derrick Salters/WENN]

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Hailey Bieber Defends Justin Bieber From Critics Downplaying His Lyme Disease Confession

Hailey Bieber is standing up for her husband Justin Bieber in the wake of his big announcement.

In case you missed it on Wednesday, the Yummy singer took to Instagram and revealed he has Lyme disease — a bacterial infection commonly transmitted to humans through tick bites. Although the entertainer received plenty of messages of support after sharing the news, there were also quite a few trolls who made fun of his potentially life-threatening condition.

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First, read Justin’s personal message to fans here:

“While a lot of people kept saying justin Bieber looks like s**t, on meth etc. they failed to realize I’ve been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, not only that but had a serious case of chronic mono which affected my, skin, brain function, energy, and overall health. These things will be explained further in a docu series I’m putting on YouTube shortly.. you can learn all that I’ve been battling and OVERCOMING!! It’s been a rough couple years but getting the right treatment that will help treat this so far incurable disease and I will be back and better than ever NO CAP”

As seen (below):

We won’t give those mean comments we mentioned earlier another platform to shine over here, but instead, check out what the 25-year-old’s wife had to say in his defense.

On Twitter, Hailey began a series of tweets by asking everyone to educate themselves before speaking:

“For those who are trying to downplay the severity of Lyme disease. Please do your research and listen to the stories of people who have suffered with it for years. Making fun of and belittling a disease you don’t understand is never the way, all it takes is educating yourself.”

The 23-year-old model continued, thanking members of the Hadid family, including Gigi Hadid, for supporting the couple through this difficult time. For our readers who may not recall, Bella Hadid, Yolanda Hadid, and Anwar Hadid all chronically suffer from the illness.

“I wanna say a huge thank you to @YolandaHadid and @bellahadid and @GiGiHadid for bringing me so much clarity and information on Lyme disease and for helping answer my questions about course of action, symptoms etc. Love you 3 amazing women!”

In her final follow-up, she also gave a shout out to Canadian-born pop-rock singer Avril Lavigne; the starlet spent years battling the disease and also reached out to the pair with kind words:

“and sending so much love to @AvrilLavigne thank you for all you do to educate people about Lyme. You’re amazing 💕”

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The Biebs, for his part, also called out his critics!

However, the Sorry singer opted to kill them with kindness rather than add more fuel to the fire. He wrote:

“I see a lot of people on here just creating lies and saying that they hope I lose in everything I do. Well I hope you all win. I hope everything you want in life happens for you. Regardless of how you feel about me I send back love.”

As referenced in his original post, the entertainer plans to share more about his experience Lyme disease in his upcoming YouTube docu-series, Justin Bieber: Seasons.

Perezcious readers, got anything to say about all of this? Let us know in the comments section (below)…

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Taylor Swift Will NEVER Forgive Justin Bieber For What He Did To Selena Gomez!

If you wondered whether Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are still BFFs, the answer is yes — they did NOT forget what that second F stands for.

As part of her musical comeback with the upcoming release of Rare, Selena sat down with the Wall Street Journal for an intensive personal interview — and a big part of it was talking about how her enduring friendship with the Shake It Off singer.

Selly and Tay met way back when they were both dating Jonas Brothers — a more innocent time in more ways than one. Selena recalled:

“We clicked instantly and, man, that was my girl.”

Selena said of her bestie:

“There’s so much of my friendship with Taylor that people don’t know about because we don’t necessarily feel the need to post about everything we do. She has showed up for me in ways that I would have never expected. Flown in because I was hurt and was going through something. Stuff that was going on with my family. It’s been proven year after year and in every moment of my life that she is one of my best friends in the world. We don’t agree on everything, but we respect each other with everything.”

Now that sounds like a relationship that can stand the test of time. And you can’t say that about all of Selena’s longer interpersonal connections, if you know what we mean.

(We mean Justin Bieber!)

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Selena also said:

“We both went through s**t at the same time. She taught me a lot about how I should be treated at a young age.”

Ooh, hinting at being mistreated. Now that sounds like Justin Bieber.

Taylor spoke to the money mag as well, and she also alluded to having to protect her girl from someone who hurt her.

“There has always been this quality of sisterhood, and I don’t say that in a basic way. I knew from when I met her I would always have her back. In my life, I have the ability to forgive people who have hurt me. But I don’t know if I can forgive someone who hurts her.

Taylor has squashed a few of her old beefs over the years, but never with Justin. In fact, last summer she seemingly confirmed the widely whispered rumors about the Biebs when she liked a post accusing him of having cheated on Selena.

But Tay doesn’t have to worry about anyone hurting Selena lately; the Wolves singer also told the magazine she hasn’t had a boyfriend in over TWO YEARS! She admitted:

“I need time by myself. I love going to my room at the end of the day. Just me and my dog. I got the full granny panties situation, stretched out in my bed. I’ve been single for over two years now. I’m OK with that.”

We love that Selena has become so comfortable in her own skin. She just seems happy now! Even Taylor sees it. As she told WSJ:

“I remember Taylor said when I played her some of the new songs, ‘I feel like I’m seeing who you were before this.’ That makes me happy. I like feeling like that girl again.”

Sounds like she really has her life together! And an incredible friend in her corner…

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN/Instar.]

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Justin Bieber’s ‘Yummy’ Music Video Is Here — WATCH!

Justin and Hailey Bieber have a Yummy kind of love, and they want us all to see it!

ICYMI, the 25-year-old dropped the saucy new single on Thursday night (his first solo release in over four years), and it’s already a total hit. Now, watch it for yourself (above) in the new music video!!

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If this is any indication of what his impending comeback album will be like, we can’t wait to listen! Per TMZ, the Grammy Award winner has his sights set on collaborators such as Travis Scott, Post Malone, and Kehlani to work with him on tracks.

While there aren’t too many details just yet, rumor has it the full album could be dropping in March, AKA his birthday month, with a tour to follow in May. Start placing your bets on what the album title will be!

What do U think, Perezcious music experts?? Do U dig it or nah? Sound OFF (below) in the comments with your take after giving it a watch (above)!!

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Justin Bieber’s ‘Yummy’ vs. the Ohio Express’s ‘Yummy Yummy Yummy’: Whose Is Yummiest?

For pop fans of a certain age, there was shock when Justin Bieber announced the debut single from his first album in more than four years would be called “Yummy.” Didn’t the Ohio Express claim ownership of that word forever with their 1968 smash “Yummy Yummy Yummy” (as in, “…I’ve got love in my tummy”)? […]

Justin Bieber Drops ‘Yummy’ — & Yes, It’s All About Sex With Hailey Bieber!

Justin Bieber has a Yummy kind of love with Hailey Bieber, and he’s not afraid to let the world know!

The singer dropped the single late Thursday night, marking his first solo release in over four years! While he may be gearing up to drop a new album not too far off in the future, the Biebs can at least be assured his new track is a hit!

We’ve got “yummy, yum” stuck in our heads! We’d just rather not think about how he’s going on and on about his sex life with his wife…

Video: Justin Bieber Opens Up About Going Through Hard Times In Docu-Series Trailer

Take a listen (below). You’ll get it.

According to TMZ, the 25-year-old has his sights on big features for his comeback album, with Travis Scott, Post Malone, and Kehlani all said to be performing!

While JB has kept mum on a release date for his compilation of tracks, they’re hearing it could be dropping in March, AKA his birthday month. And what else? You can expect his tour to follow in May!

So far, there’s no confirmed album name, but apparently fans shouldn’t be surprised if “Forever” makes it since Justin got it tatted on his neck (he already has “Purpose” and “Believe” on his body, so it’s a good guess)!

We have a feeling Hailey’s husband will announce soon. Let us know your thoughts on Yummy (below) and stay tuned for the official video out Saturday!

[Image via Instagram]

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Justin Bieber’s “Yummy” – REACTING Live! | Perez Hilton

Justin Bieber‘s been featured on a lot of big songs over the last few years, but he’s JUST released his first solo single in forever!

Does Yummy live up to its name? Watch above to find out!

Enjoy! SHARE!

Check out the official lyric video below!

And CLICK HERE to check out more of Perez’s new music reaction videos!

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Fitness Tips & Quotes For A New Year, New You!

New year, new you, new fitness goals!

We get it, to the gym isn’t the thing you were most looking forward to in 2020, but here we are! But whether it’s weight loss, strength gains, cardiovascular improvement, or just general health and well-being, there’s no better day than today to kickstart your goals and become a happier, healthier you!

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Not surprisingly, celebs have a TON to say about health, fitness, and nutrition! So we decided to share some fun, informative tidbits from them, knowing we’re all jumping back onto our fitness goals right about now!

Now obviously consult your doctor before going crazy with any of this stuff (duh!), but hopefully you’ll find some good A-list info and star-kept secrets from the world of fitness (below)! Enjoy!

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas fitness tips
Nick Jonas stays away from the gym whenever he can! / (c) Nicky Nelson/WENN

Going to the gym every day simply isn’t sustainable for Nick Jonas! So instead of forcing himself and hating it, he finds other ways to get exercise, like playing sports!

He told E! more about that:

“I hate going to the gym. I think everybody hates cardio to some degree. I’m not the kind of person who wakes up in the morning and can’t wait to work out. I kind of dread it, actually. I see it as a necessary evil. So, I started to include more fun activities instead of just going to the gym all the time. So it’s a ton of different sports that I play along with traditional workout stuff.”

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood fitness tips
Carrie Underwood feels like a new woman after taking on Tabata! / (c) WENN/Instar

For that fit feeling, country music star Carrie Underwood swears by Tabata training!

The super singer told Shape how the timed workout pushes her to her limits:

“My favorite workout is Tabata, which I can do at home in about a half hour. I’m in love with it! It’s hard, but it really works. I choose seven different exercises, like squats, lunges, or pushups, and do eight rounds of each – 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off for eight rounds. It really revs up my metabolism. When I’m done, I can handle anything.”

Valerie Bertinelli

Valerie Bertinelli fitness tips
Valerie Bertinelli stays fit when she stays thoughtful! Interesting!! / (c) Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

Valerie Bertinelli has had a lot of success with mindfulness, and paying attention to what she’s eating — literally! She told Shape:

“It’s about taking the time before food goes in your mouth to be aware: Am I aware that I’m eating this? And am I eating it because I’m hungry or because I need to soothe myself?”

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore fitness tips
Drew Barrymore swears by moderation! / (c) WENN/Instar

Telling herself she can’t have something at all just doesn’t work for Drew Barrymore!

The actress told Shape how moderation has really helped her:

“I just think you should eat less of everything. A little bit less. I don’t want to live a life where you can’t have what you want; it just makes you want it more.”

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey fitness tips
Oprah knows the secret, y’all! / (c) WENN

Oprah Winfrey knows the secret — and the secret is that, well, there is no secret.

As she told Shape, you just have to put in the work if you want to see results:

“What I know for sure is this: The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal for this year is, you can get there—as long as you’re willing to be honest with yourself about the preparation and work involved. There are no back doors, no free rides. There’s just you, this moment, and a choice.”

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson fitness tips
Kate Hudson spends plenty of time focusing on her core! / (c) Nicky Nelson/WENN

For Kate Hudson, fitness starts right in the center — of her body, that is!

The shape wear icon told Harper’s Bazaar all about her highly specific exercise regimen:

“Sometimes I’ll just move around and dance around to kind of just sweat because I feel like I need to get things circulating. But I’m not hardcore about it. But my exercise go-to’s are Brazilian Butt Lifts — it’s just really, really concentrating on your core and your butt — and Pilates.”

JAY-Z And Beyoncé

JAY-Z Beyoncé fitness tips
The couple that plays together really does stay together! / (c) WENN

If your motivation is lagging, don’t try to go it alone!

Personal trainer Marco Borges revealed to E! how long-time clients Beyoncé and JAY-Z have found sustained fitness success by doing things together:

“They’re like every other couple, they love spending time together. They’ll work out together whenever it’s possible, whenever their touring schedules allow. They’ll [absolutely] jump in the gym together whenever they can. She’ll be running and he’ll be on a bike, or she’ll be jumping rope and he’ll be running.”

Adam Levine

Adam Levine fitness tips
The Maroon 5 frontman loves how yoga keeps him fit! / (c) WENN

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine likes to keep things very zen!

The lean, sexy musician told Men’s Health about the importance of yoga for his overall fitness — and his mental health and well-being:

“Yoga has made me more successful. I love it and don’t know what I’d do without it. I have a hard time sitting still. I can be all over the map. Yoga has given me the ability to be more focused and make better decisions that come from a clear place.”

Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller fitness tips
Marisa Miller sure has a unique take on watching what you eat… / (c) Bridow/WENN

Marisa Miller sure has an interesting way to keep those junk food cravings at bay, as she told Shape.

And it’s so crazy, it just might work:

“Eating smart is all about having an awareness of your body. The most obvious way to do that is by seeing it. So when you’re trying to lose weight, spend more time wearing less. I don’t think I could eat a plate of nachos naked — could you?”

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez fitness tips
They don’t call her Jenny From The Block for nothing! / (c) WENN

Don’t mess with Jennifer Lopez! The Latina-licious lady loves to get her kicks in the boxing ring to stay fit and keep her confidence high, as she told Marie Claire:

“I’m like a fighter, going into the ring. I do my cardio and I do my workouts with the Tracy Anderson Method. Sometimes when I get home and I’m not feeling so great, I make myself go to the gym. Then I come home and take a shower, put on a great outfit, some makeup, tie my hair up, and I feel pepped up and great about myself.”

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel 2020 fitness tips
Jessica Biel likes to keep things as boring as can be… for a reason! / (c) WENN/Avalon

Jessica Biel has a phenomenal body — but everything she did to get it was completely run-of-the-mill!

She told Marie Claire all about how staying consistent (and boring!) has kept her fit:

“For me, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, having a healthy diet and staying away from alcohol are musts. It’s so boring, I know, but doing those things really helps.”

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding 2020 fitness tips
Ellie Goulding finds success when fitness is fun… and different! / (c) WENN/Instar

Ellie Goulding has loved to run for a long time now, and it’s been great!

But she told Reveal that she likes to mix it up from time to time, so she doesn’t get bored:

“When I was 18, I woke up one day and decided to go running, like Forrest Gump! But now I mix it up a lot. I do boxing, yoga, gymnastics and a lot of intense cardio workouts, too. Recently I’ve been putting on music that has more of an epic, orchestral feel to it, like Hans Zimmer. You can pretend you’re running away from the apocalypse!”

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels 2020 fitness tips
Sometimes, as Jillian Michaels knows now, you just have to take it easy on yourself. / (c) WENN/Avalon

Jillian Michaels has certainly earned her reputation as the toughest of celebrity trainers, but ironically, as she told Shape, much of her day-to-day success comes from giving herself a break:

“Nobody is perfect, so get over the fear of being or doing everything perfectly. Besides, perfect is boring. Today, instead of picking yourself apart in the mirror or with friends over drinks, start seeing your ‘imperfections’ as unique traits that give you character and dimension—because that’s exactly what they are.”

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber 2020 fitness tips
Justin Bieber doesn’t like to do the same thing over and over! / (c) WENN/Instar

Gotta keep his figure looking sexy for new wife Hailey!

Pop superstar Justin Bieber told E! how he opts for lots of strength training, broken down across muscle groups to avoid over-use injuries:

“I workout with my personal trainer, Patrick Nilsson, five days a week for about 45 minutes each. We do three-day splits: back and triceps one day, chest and biceps on day two, shoulder and legs on day three and abs on every other day. I’m not on a special diet, but I do try to watch what I eat. I do eat unhealthy sometimes!”

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea 2020 fitness tips
Iggy Azalea gets a little here, a little there, and before you know it, voila! / (c) FayesVision/WENN

Iggy Azalea is a busy woman, and she doesn’t always have time to go to the gym for an hour or two!

She told HotNewHipHop how important it is for her to create small workouts for herself throughout the day:

“When you’re a woman, you try to make time for the gym, and for a big workout routine. I find with what I’m doing, that seems impossible. If you just take the time to do some squats, and also some sit-ups every night before you go to bed. That’s the best thing. Just don’t skip it, like brushing your teeth.”

Khloé Kardashian Takes The Long View

Khloe Kardashian 2020 fitness tips
Khloé Kardashian takes the looooong view! / Nicky Nelson/WENN

It’s been a long road to fitness for Khloé Kardashian, as she jokingly told People in an interview about her exercise history.

Clearly, she has a good sense of humor about it all, but more importantly, she always sees the bigger picture:

“My fitness journey will be a life-long journey. Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you used to be. I’m not where I want to be, and who knows if I ever will be. But I am healthier than ever, and due to my consistent workouts, I am slowly seeing results. Hi baby abs! I see you! I hope to meet your other ab friends soon! Yes, I’m talking to my muscles. I’ve never met most of them before.”

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson 2020 fitness tips
Jennifer Hudson makes sure she’s aware of everything that’s going on with her body! / (c) WENN/Avalon

Jennifer Hudson knows fitness is more than just the exercise or the nutrition — there’s a mental component here, too!

She told Shape all about her journey to mindfulness, and how it has helped her health:

“The key thing is figuring out what your issues are, and it’s really never about the food. You have to be real and honest with yourself. I had to stop and look and ask myself, ‘Why do I want this? What is the real reason?’ At times it was comfort food like chocolate. I love chocolate and I realized it relaxes me, so when you acknowledge what the issue is, you can control it better.”

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan 2020 fitness tips
Michael Jordan can’t quit! / (c) FayesVision/WENN

Just because you’re the greatest basketball player in history doesn’t mean everything physical is always easy forever!

Michael Jordan told Shape how much of a role resiliency can play:

“If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”


Rihanna 2020 fitness tips
Rihanna is better off with professional help and support. / (c) Derrick Salters/WENN

Rihanna has an incredibly busy schedule — and with it, she needs accountability! She told Elle that the best way for her to ensure that is by working with a professional:

“Cardio is the key. I have a personal trainer who travels with me if we have a big event coming up. I work out every day but I need a trainer to motivate me.”

Jessie J

Jessie J 2020 fitness tips
Jessie J begins with the end in mind! / (c) WENN/Avalon

We get it, nobody ever feels like going to work out.

But once you get started, as Jessie J explained to Reveal, the feeling at the end of the workout is totally worth the work:

“It really makes me feel positive. It releases endorphins, and I never really used to believe that until I started working out. You do really get this sluggish feeling before a workout where you’re like, ‘Oh I don’t want to do it’, and you might feel a little low. But you do a workout and it gives you that pick-up. It makes me feel alive.”

There you have it, Perezcious readers!

So many ways to get fit and feel better in the New Year!

Now, to get off our butts and get started… Yep, that’s the hard part… No, seriously, we’ll get up soon, just five more minutes on the laptop first, mmmkay?! LOLz!

But together, we can all do it! And we believe in you!

Let’s GO!!!!

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Justin Bieber Docuseries Is a YouTube Record at $20 Million-Plus Deal

Justin Bieber is planning for a big 2020, announcing a new single and docuseries, “Justin Bieber: Seasons,” to premiere on Jan. 27 on YouTube. The 10-part series will premiere two episodes weekly — on Mondays and Wednesdays — each of which cost the video streaming giant upwards of $2 million each, according to insiders privy […]

Justin Bieber Jokes About His ‘Good Hands’ & Hailey Bieber Responds!


Justin Bieber just shared a very… inneresting factoid with us on Instagram. He and wife Hailey Bieber have definitely been flirty on social media before, but this cheeky exchange may have taken things to a new level.

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On Saturday, the What Do You Mean? singer shared a video of him successfully scoring a goal during a hockey game along with the caption:

“Like my wife always says…. I got good hands”

Interpret that message as you’d like…

The supermodel affirmed the assertion regarding his dexterity by dropping a single word in the comments section:


Ch-ch-check out the full exchange — which also garnered responses from Scooter Braun, Chance the Rapper, and others– (below):

View this post on Instagram

Like my wife always says…. I got good hands

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

It looks like Mrs. Bieber fits in just fine up in Canadialand, as evidenced by a sweet snap also shared to Insta by the musician. On what seems to be the bleachers of a hockey rink, his wife was snuggled up with his sisters Jazmyn, 11, Allie, 12, and Bay, 1, on Sunday.

justin bieber hailey bieber sisters instagram hockey
It looks like she’s getting in lots of baby practice!! / (c) Justin Bieber/Instagram

Aside from sharing what he’s been up to while home for the holidays, the Sorry artist posted a series of videos to his IG Story on Monday showing off his ample collection of body art. Shirtless, the 25-year-old flaunted his ink including his covered chest, arm sleeves, and legs.

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His most recent addition to his ever-growing ink was seemingly dedicated to his wife, getting the word “forever” inked on his neck, while Hails opted for “lover” three months prior, also on her neck area.

The Grammy Award winner hasn’t shied away in the past from flexing his designs on the ‘gram, writing in April 2018:

“If tattooed didn’t hurt everyone would have them. Well maybe not very one!! Over a hundred hours of art work on my body and I wouldn’t take back a single one.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ART AND IVE MAde my body a canvas and it’s SO MUCH FUN”

While he may love to show off his assets, there is a lot hiding behind that tough exterior. Recently, Selena Gomez‘s ex reflected on his past and apologized for his less than squeaky clean past:

“When I was young I was uneducated and found myself saying really hurtful things not knowing the power of my words. Racism Is still very prevalent and I want to use my voice to remind we are all human being and all of EQUAL VALUE BEFORE GOD!”

Any thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF (below) in the comments with ’em!!

[Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram.]

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Justin Bieber Opens Up About Going Through Hard Times In New Docu-Series Trailer — Watch!

After suffering through four years of harsh seasons, Justin Bieber is finally ready for his big music comeback!

But first, he wants you to know how he got to this point!

On Tuesday, the superstar dropped the trailer for his YouTube docu-series Justin Bieber: Seasons, which gives fans an intimate peek into the past few years of JB’s life.

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Not only do viewers get behind the scenes looks at some of Biebs’ highs and lows, they get to hear about the 25-year-old from those who know him best: his parents, his manager Scooter Braun, and his wife Hailey Bieber.

Looks yummy, if you ask us! Ch-ch-check out the trailer for Seasons (above) and catch the docu-series on YouTube starting January 27!

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The Most Talked About Celebrity Instagram Photos Of 2019!

Instagram really is the best gift of all! Mainly because we have a direct line to celebrities!

Gone are the days of viral paparazzi pics, as celebs have welcomed their own news-making machines in the palm of their hands! In the last year, PLENTY of iconic images have been uploaded to the picture-sharing site — and many went viral almost immediately. So…

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To round out the year, we gathered the most talked about celeb images from IG. Let’s look back on the sexy, funny, and vile year through stars’ most popular pics!

Aniston Breaks Instagram

Jennifer Aniston and her 'Friends'!

On October 15, 2019 the internet was changed forever. Jennifer Aniston joined IG! She captioned the (above) pic:

“And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM 👋🏻”

She also broke the app when an influx of people tried to follow her at once. Too good!

The Foot

jessica simpson's very swollen feet

A VERY pregnant Jessica Simpson asked her followers in January:

“Any remedies?! Help!!!!”

Baby Birdie was eventually delivered, and the fashion mogul’s foot went back to normal size!

Work of MARTkle

In February, Beyoncé and JAY-Z took home a Brit Award, and paid homage to the real queen of England, (and Suits) Meghan Markle!

How to Train Your Wedding

Hailey Bieber’s custom Virgil Abloh and Off-White designed wedding veil was revealed on October 7. The rest is viral celeb news history!

Legally Brunette starring Kim K.

Kim Kardashian Halloween

We were all shook on October 31 when Kim Kardashian West revealed her homage to Legally Blonde and Elle Wood’s epic Harvard Law admissions video. Since Kim is currently studying to be a lawyer, the clip was extra convincing!

Presenting Master Archie

On May 8, Master Archie made his debut to the world! Meghan and Prince Harry have never looked happier, right??

Nothing Comes Between Shawn & His Calvins

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@CalvinKlein #MyCalvins. Campaign coming this week.

A post shared by Shawn Mendes (@shawnmendes) on

If you’d like the witness the entire internet having a complete meltdown, just have Shawn Mendes post his Calvin Klein campaign pics again — yeesh! February was an extremely good month!

Playboy’s Newest Reality TV Bunny

Before announcing their split, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott posed for Playboy together! Ahh, to be young, hot, and rich!

J.Lo’s Happy Ending

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A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

In March, Alex Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer Lopez, proving they are a match made in heaven! Timing is everything, people!

Rihanna’s RAWR

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Rihanna is EXTREMELY skilled in the art of thirst trapping — but this pic from June was next level hot!

Girls’ Trip

kaitlynn carter and miley cyrus pose in italy in bikinis

In the midst of Miley Cyrusbreakup from longtime love Liam Hemsworth, the singer was spotted getting cozy with Brody Jenner‘s ex Kaitlynn Carter in August. Kaitlynn then got a flood of comments after posing this pic with Miley on vacation and captioning it:

“rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby ⚓️”

They had a whirlwind romance following the Italy images, broke up — and the We Can’t Stop performer is now with Aussie hunk Cody Simpson.

“Brought It”

Gabrielle Union and daughter Kaavia go as 'Bring It On' characters for Halloween

Gabrielle Union Wade and her daughter Kaavia dressed as East Compton Clovers from Bring It On, thoroughly making our Halloween brighter!

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

View this post on Instagram

We were just in LA and needed to find a One Hour Photo place quick. Sandwiched between little bodegas, my sister randomly found this place on Beverly Blvd in Korea Town called Tom’s One Hour Photo & Lab. It’s one of those rare mom-&-pop gems that has lasted thru trends coming and going and weirdly has come back around again without even realizing it. The owner, Tom, was SO adorable. He not only does film developing but (cheap) and nostalgic portrait sessions too. (He gave us digital files and we edited these but he’ll shoot on film if you ask him to.) Pick your favorite background! He made them all himself. 🥰 It’s cash only and he has no internet. He sadly told us his business used to be really busy back in 1991 when he opened but has slowed way down since the digital wave. So, like any good millennials would do we started an appreciation Instagram for him. @tomsonehourphotolab 🌹 Not sure he’ll even see this. Stop by, tell all your friends, and don’t forget to tag. Let’s keep this charming business afloat! #TomsOneHourPhoto

A post shared by K A C E Y M U S G R A V E S (@spaceykacey) on

Singer Kacey Musgraves singlehandedly saved a dying business in August, all by uploading some pictures to Instagram! Along with the (above) image, she wrote:

“We were just in LA and needed to find a One Hour Photo place quick. Sandwiched between little bodegas, my sister randomly found this place on Beverly Blvd in Korea Town called Tom’s One Hour Photo & Lab. It’s one of those rare mom-&-pop gems that has lasted thru trends coming and going and weirdly has come back around again without even realizing it. The owner, Tom, was SO adorable. He not only does film developing but (cheap) and nostalgic portrait sessions too. (He gave us digital files and we edited these but he’ll shoot on film if you ask him to.) Pick your favorite background! He made them all himself. 🥰 It’s cash only and he has no internet. He sadly told us his business used to be really busy back in 1991 when he opened but has slowed way down since the digital wave. So, like any good millennials would do we started an appreciation Instagram for him. @tomsonehourphotolab 🌹 Not sure he’ll even see this. Stop by, tell all your friends, and don’t forget to tag. Let’s keep this charming business afloat! #TomsOneHourPhoto”

This resulted in THOUSANDS wanting their photos taken by Tom! So much so, there was a full on waiting list!

Cardi’s Floral FASHUN

View this post on Instagram

PARIS FASHION WEEK, IM HERE ! Designer: @richardquinn .

A post shared by Cardib (@iamcardib) on

Cardi B took Paris Fashion Week by storm in September — rocking this spectacular floral number!

Rise & Shine

View this post on Instagram

no caption needed

A post shared by Kylie ✨ (@kyliejenner) on

In October, Kylie posted this meme that spawn merch and a movement. TBH, we’re still singing Rise and Shine! Stormi Webster is one lucky beb!

Halle’s Six Pack

Why YES, you can grate cheese on 53-year-old Halle Berry‘s washboard abs!!

Katy & Taylor’s Peace TREATy

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are at peace!

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ended their long ass feud over some freshly baked cookies in June. The world just felt right that day!

That’s that, Perezcious readers! Did you have a favorite we missed? One you couldn’t get enough of on our list?? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments (below)!

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Justin Bieber Docuseries Premiere Date Set at YouTube, Trailer Released (Watch)

Documentary series “Justin Bieber: Seasons,” premiering exclusively on YouTube next month, promises fans a raw and revealing look at the making of the pop star’s first new album in over four years. “Seasons” is slated to bow Jan. 27 at 12 p.m. ET with new episodes launching each Monday and Wednesday at noon ET. The […]