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Op-Ed: Supreme Court Must Crack Down on Google

After 21 years, the internet juggernaut Google has become pervasive in the lives of people throughout the world. It started as the world’s largest search engine, but has expanded to include Chrome, the most popular search engine; Gmail, the most popular email service; Android, the most popular smartphone operating system; and YouTube, the most popular…

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Bokhari: Leftists Are Learning that Big Tech Already Has a ‘Social Credit’ System

More left-wing journalists are waking up to the fact that unaccountable Silicon Valley corporations are ranking Americans with a system that bears a growing resemblance to China’s totalitarian “social credit” system — almost a year after Breitbart Tech pointed out the same thing.

Schools Are Treating Students for Separation Anxiety from Their Phones

According to a recent report, K-12 schools around the country are having to treat students for separation anxiety after implementing policies that require students to hand over their smartphones. One school’s solution was to buy locking pouches for smartphones, which

NYT: Facial Recognition Startup Threatens ‘Privacy as We Know It’

The New York Times published an investigation recently into a little-known startup that helps law enforcement match photos of unknown people to their online images using facial recognition, and the privacy issues that are raised by the company and its massive database of photos.

Rachel Bovard: Criticism of Big Tech Should Be a ‘Baseline Issue’ for Conservatives

Internet Accountability Project (IAP) Senior Adviser Rachel Bovard told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview Thursday that criticism over big tech should be a core issue for conservatives.

Alphabet’s Legal Chief Retires Under Cloud of Abuse Allegations

Alphabet, the parent company of tech giant Google, has lost its Chief Legal Officer David Drummond, who is reportedly retiring from the company according to a recent filing. Drummond allegedly fathered a child with a subordinate and subsequently emotionally abused her, according to a blog post by the woman published in 2019.

Big Tech Remains Divided on Plans for Political Ads

A recent report outlines how social media services and search engines such as Facebook and Google handle political advertising on their platforms. The Masters of the Universe remain divided on how they believe political ads should be presented.

Google’s Former Head of Int’l Relations Blasts Company’s Treatment of Minorities, Women

Ross LaJeunesse, Google’s former head of international relations, posted an Op-Ed to Medium on Jan. 2 that exposed the tech giant’s alleged propensity for prioritizing profits over human rights, which contradicts its early company motto of “Don’t be evil.” In 2010, 2 years after LaJeunesse joined the company, Google decided to stop cooperating with China…

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Google Has Lost Its Way – Just Ask Its Former Employees

You can tell a lot about the inner workings of a company from the perspective of its former employees. Apparently, that’s very bad news for Google. A business that has meticulously cultivated its pro-worker, progressive, “greatest place to work” image over the better part of a decade, Google’s true corporate culture is finally coming to…

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Lawsuit: Google Stole Smart Speaker Tech from Sonos

Speaker manufacturer Sonos has reportedly sued tech giant Google over the alleged theft of smart speaker technology. According to Sonos CEO Patrick Spence, “Despite our repeated and extensive efforts over the last few years, Google has not shown any willingness to work with us on a mutually beneficial solution. We’re left with no choice but to litigate.”

Bokhari: Ricky Gervais Called Out Big Tech’s Sweatshops – The Details Are Even Worse

In his evisceration of Hollywood virtue-signalers at the Golden Globes yesterday, Ricky Gervais touched on an important point: A-list celebrities increasingly find themselves employed not by studios, but by tech companies with deeply questionable global business practices.

Big Tech Is Now Worth $2 Trillion More Than Media Sector

2019 was kind to GAFA. The four big tech companies entered 2020 with their combined market cap valued by the markets as worth $3.4 trillion, an increase of 31% (or $811 billion) on 2019’s first day of trading. The media sector began 2020 with a combined valuation of $1.5 trillion, 28% greater than 2019’s level […]