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Elizabeth Warren confronted by Iowa dad over student loan plan, saying people paying for tuition would get ‘screwed’

An angry father confronted Sen. Elizabeth Warren those who responsibly saved to pay for student loans themselves would get “screwed” under her student debt cancellation plan. 

Williamson boosting Yang in Iowa caucuses, likens his aura to a ‘tuning fork’

With a week and a half to go until the Iowa caucuses, former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson says she’s supporting Andrew Yang in the contest that kicks off the presidential primary and caucus nominating calendar.

Mollie Tibbetts case: Trial postponed so Iowa Supreme Court can review defense claims

Attorneys representing Cristhian Bahena Rivera, the man accused of killing University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts, have been granted their request for a postponement of his trial.

Majority of Democratic voters support single-day national primary

Nearly six in ten Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents questioned in a new Monmouth University survey supported dramatically changing the current system of choosing their party’s presidential nominee

Buttigieg’s ‘please clap’ moment? Dem urges Iowa audience to get excited after awkward silence

Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg had a moment on the campaign trail that’s sparking comparisons to the 2016 election after an awkward silence during an event in Iowa.

New poll: Biden with slight edge in Iowa with caucuses 2 weeks out

With two weeks to go until the Iowa caucuses, a new poll indicates that former Vice President Joe Biden has a slight edge over his 2020 rivals for the Democratic nomination in the state that kicks off the presidential primary and caucus calendar.

Bitter cold settles across Midwest in wake of sprawling storm; Northeast hit with snow, slush

A sprawling snowstorm that produced blizzard conditions as it moved across the Plains and Midwest this weekend has left dangerously cold wind chills in its wake while the storm spread to the Northeast, bringing snow showers and slick road conditions.

Sanders-Warren debate clash over sexism fuels their campaign fundraising

The on-stage salvos between Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren at Tuesday’s Democratic presidential nomination debate in Iowa over whether or not he told her a woman couldn’t win the presidency in the 2020 election are actually paying off for both candidates in terms of fundraising. 

Warren-Sanders clash ‘very dispiriting,’ Dems’ debate like ‘cold oatmeal,’ CNN’s Van Jones says

Tuesday’s Democratic debate clash between Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders may have stemmed from their respective election strategies as next month’s Iowa caucuses draw closer, but it left CNN’s progressive commentator Van Jones shaking his head.

Kansas man asks judge to let him engage in sword fight with ex-wife, her lawyer

A Kansas man has requested that an Iowa judge grant him a trial by combat so he can engage in a sword fight with his ex-wife and her attorney, according to reports.

Warren pledges to bypass Congress if needed to wipe out student loan debt

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren vowed Tuesday that if elected, she’d cancel federal student loan debt on her first day in the White House — and bypass Congress if necessary. 

Arnon Mishkin: Last Democratic debate before Iowa – Here’s the secret calculus candidates are making

The one with the most to lose Tuesday is likely Biden. But that’s been the reality of every debate to date. And if things continue that way, it won’t be surprising to find Iowa say, “OK, it’s Joe.”

Bloomberg takes heat from Iowa, New Hampshire Dems for call to ‘re-order the primary calendar’

The Democratic Party chairmen of New Hampshire and Iowa – which together kick off the presidential nominating calendar – are firing back at Mike Bloomberg over the presidential candidate’s new push “to re-order the primary calendar in ways that better reflect our diverse electorate.”

Biden on top in Iowa with 3 weeks until caucuses, latest poll shows

DES MOINES, Iowa — With three weeks to go until Iowa’s caucuses kick off the presidential nominating calendar, a new poll in the Hawkeye State shows former Vice President Joe Biden with a slight edge over his top tier rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Flu blinds Iowa girl, 4, mom says

The flu has blinded a 4-year-old girl in Iowa, according to her mother, who is now urging others to ensure their loved ones are vaccinated against the virus. 

Bernie Sanders top pick for Democratic nomination in latest Iowa poll ahead of February caucus

The latest poll in Iowa — the state that kicks off the presidential caucus and primary nominating calendar in just three weeks – shows Sen. Bernie Sanders claiming a narrow lead over his top rivals for the Democratic nomination.