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Dan Hoffman: US will stay in Iraq to fight ISIS – Trump’s order to kill Soleimani benefits both countries

America’s military involvement in Iraq and our fight against the ISIS terrorist group there is not over – despite initial concerns about U.S. troops being expelled from the country after President Trump ordered a drone strike that killed Iranian terrorist Gen. Qassem Soleimani in Iraq Jan. 3.

Trump fires back after Iranian leader condemns him on Twitter: ‘Make Iran Great Again!’

President Trump sent a scathing indictment of Iran’s leadership on Friday when he told Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei to stop killing his people and to make his country “great again.”

Trey Gowdy: Lev Parnas’ claims are great for headlines, but not for a courtroom

Indicted former associate of Rudy Giuliani Lev Parnas’ claims implicating President Trump may be good for headlines but would not hold up in a court of law, former House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy said Friday.

Rep. Brian Mast: Politically motivated Dems tried to ‘steal’ moment of reflection for fallen soldiers

Congressional Democrats in a hearing on Capitol Hill Tuesday tried to “steal” a moment of reflection about fallen U.S. military members because it didn’t align with their political agenda, retired Army Ranger and double amputee Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., said Friday.

Iran rocket attack on Iraqi military base injured 11 US service members, official reveals

Eleven U.S. service members were flown out of Iraq and treated for concussion symptoms after Iran’s rocket attack targeting Iraqi military bases earlier this month, a spokesman for U.S. Central Command revealed Thursday night.

Graham, Coons express ‘serious concerns’ to Esper about potential US troop drawdown in Africa

Senators Lindsey Graham, R.-S.C., and Chris Coons, D.-Del., wrote a letter Wednesday to Defense Secretary Mark Esper warning against possible plans to reduce U.S. troop presence in the African front. 

Soldier killed in Arizona ‘free fall’ exercise is 3rd military fatality from Chicago area in less than 2 weeks

U.S. Army officials have identified the soldier who was killed in Arizona on Tuesday during a “free fall” parachute training exercise.

US military families receiving ‘menacing’ messages: ‘Leave the Middle East. Go back to your country’

Relatives of U.S. paratroopers deployed to Kuwait earlier this month, amid heightening tensions with Iran, have been receiving “menacing” messages on social media, prompting an alert this week from the U.S. Army to family members of service members.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: US killing of Soleimani was odd, out of place, untimely and unlawful

When did we start killing generals from countries with which we are not at war? Never in our history. When did we start killing foreign generals because of their “horrible past”? Never in our history.

US mulls sending more missile-defense systems to Middle East: report

Just over a week after Iran fired 16 ballistic missiles at two military bases in Iraq where U.S. troops were stationed, the Pentagon is considering sending more missile-defense systems and other capabilities to the region, according to a report.

West Point cadet tries raising cash to bring adult-film star Diamond Foxxx to banquet

A West Point cadet tried to raise money online to cover the travel expenses of his favorite adult-film star so she could be his date at the service academy’s annual winter banquet.

Synagogues should use uniformed law enforcement for security, experts recommend

Jewish congregations opting to deploy armed security personnel in the wake of deadly attacks on synagogues should — if possible — use uniformed law enforcement officers rather than private guards or volunteers from the community, a group of security experts recommended Wednesday.

Army says soldier died in Arizona during ‘free fall’ parachuting exercise

An investigation is underway in Arizona after a U.S. Army soldier died during a military parachuting “free fall” parachute training exercise Tuesday, according to a report.

Rep. Mast waits silently after asking for names of any fallen Americans whose deaths didn’t justify Soleimani strike

Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., sat in silence during a congressional hearing on Tuesday, after demanding to know which fallen Americans didn’t justify the deadly drone strike carried out against Iranian Gen. Qassam Soleimani earlier this month. 

Marine Corps bans faith-based group’s Bible verse dog tags after complaint

A religious liberty law firm is calling on the U.S. Marine Corps to reverse a decision denying Shields of Strength, a private business that has produced military-themed dog tag replicas with Scripture for the past 20 years, a trademark license. The company has had to deny thousands of requests after a group’s complaint last year.