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Missouri librarians could be fined, jailed for giving kids ‘age-inappropriate sexual material’

A Republican lawmaker in Missouri is proposing a controversial bill in response to parents’ concerns over children exposed to inappropriate sexual material, and events like “Drag Queen Story Hour,” at public libraries.

Trump protecting public school prayer is ‘beginning of the end of war on faith’

President Trump’s executive order on religious liberty, which provides new guidance regarding prayer in public schools, is “the beginning of the end of the war on faith,” Dr. Robert Jeffress told Fox News.

Minnesota ‘Teacher of the Year’ kneels during anthem at college football championship: ‘A very respectful protest

Minnesota’s top teacher who knelt during Monday night’s college football championship game said it felt right “to have a very respectful protest.” 

Influential evangelical leader on why Trump will get more Christian support in 2020

President Trump is set to mark Religious Freedom Day by signing an executive order expanding “Constitutional prayer” in public schools, just one of the reasons why his re-election is so important to Christians, Stephen Strang, the founder and CEO of Charisma News, told Fox News.

North Carolina students flee as mircoburst rips school’s roof off, injuring 3

Students at an elementary school in North Carolina were forced to run for their lives after severe storms moving through the area on Monday spawned a microburst that caused the roof to collapse, injuring three people.

Connecticut high school’s ‘Redmen’ mascot reinstated after GOP gains control of board

Less than a year after a school board in Connecticut removed a high school’s “Redmen” mascot, arguing it was racist, it voted last week to restore the mascot, according to reports.

Parent union forming to combat power of public school teachers unions

Keri Rodrigues and Alma Marquez said they were so appalled by the low standards of America’s public school teachers’ unions, they formed The National Parents Union (NPU), so families could have a greater say in their child’s education.

Florida teacher facing charges, placed on leave after manhandling student who called him ‘cracka’: reports

A Florida teacher made his first appearance in court Thursday, a day after he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery when the parents of a 14-year-old student complained the teacher physically removed their son from the classroom.

Black students at DC school were asked to portray slaves during assignment, principal apologizes

The principal of an elementary school in Washington D.C. has apologized after black fifth-graders were asked by their classmates to portray slaves during a lesson on the Civil War and Reconstruction era. 

North Carolina boy’s kin ‘not happy’ fired deputy faces only misdemeanor charges in bodyslam case

A former North Carolina sheriff’s deputy– who was fired from the department after surveillance video allegedly showed him violently slamming an 11-year-old middle school student to the ground twice and then dragging the boy off camera – was arrested Tuesday and charged with three misdemeanors.

Rebecca Friedrichs: I’m a veteran public school teacher, here’s what I told Trump about school choice

The Trump administration is gearing up for an unprecedented push in support of nationwide education freedom, i.e. school choice.

Video allegedly shows North Carolina deputy body slamming student: report

A North Carolina sheriff’s deputy was placed on administrative leave after surveillance video surfaced that allegedly showed him body-slamming a middle school student before the student was dragged out of the camera’s purview, a report said.

Florida schoolboy, 14, beaten over MAGA hat, parent claims, as shocking video goes viral

Five young students in Florida were charged Friday after a video posted online allegedly depicted the group pummeling a 14-year-old classmate on a school bus – an attack the boy’s family claims occurred after their son previously wore a MAGA hat to school and voiced support for President Trump.

Robert Henderson tells ‘Fox & Friends’ how he overcame a tough childhood to serve his country and study at Yale

A stable and intact family is important for young children, Yale graduate and Ph.D. candidate Robert Henderson said Friday.