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Cosmic gatekeeper divides Solar System in two

The rocky planets closest to the sun are made up of very different materials than the gas giants in the outer solar system. That’s because billions of years ago, our baby solar system was divided in two by a cosmic gatekeeper that prevented materials in the inner and outer regions from mixing. 

Origin of deep-space radio flash discovered, and it’s unlike anything astronomers have ever seen

HONOLULU — Mysterious ultra-fast pinpricks of radio energy keep lighting up the night sky and nobody knows why. A newly discovered example of this transient phenomenon has been traced to its place of origin — a nearby spiral galaxy — but it’s only made things murkier for astronomers. 

Black holes, interstellar objects, Mars discoveries and moon landing attempts: Top space stories of 2019

From the first-ever image of a black hole to Navy UFO footage, the Apollo 11 anniversary and the latest attempts to land on the moon, 2019 has been a busy year in space.

Astronomers see stars slinging comets at Earth for the first time

Stars and comets make unlikely dance partners. Their gravitational partnership is one that astronomers have long suspected but have never seen — until now. For the first time, a Polish group has identified two nearby stars that seem to have plucked up their icy partners, swinging them into orbits around our sun. 

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot won’t die anytime soon, researcher says

Having been continuously observed since 1830, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot has fascinated researchers. But despite recent reports that the clouds involved are shrinking, the storm continues to be exceptionally strong, according to a new study.

This is how light may have escaped from the earliest galaxies, turning the universe transparent

At nearly the beginning of time, the universe was shrouded in darkness. Then, early galaxies produced bright, hot stars that leaked brilliant light intergalactic space through small channels, turning the universe transparent.