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Tennessee governor announces ‘heartbeat’ bill to restrict abortions

Gov. Bill Lee, (R-Tenn.) proposed an “enhanced” heartbeat bill that aims to block women from getting an abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which usually occurs about six weeks into a pregnancy, before many women know they’re pregnant.

March for Life won’t be heavily covered because media is ‘afraid of the truth,’ says Senate candidate

The mainstream media will not give heavy airtime to the 47th annual March for Life in Washington D.C. because they are “afraid of the truth” about hundreds of thousands of Americans’ pro-life beliefs, U.S. Senate candidate for New Mexico Elisa Martinez said Thursday.

Abby Johnson: March for Life 2020 — Here’s why the conversation on abortion needs to radically shift

I’ve only been involved in the pro-life movement for 10 years. Before that, I worked at Planned Parenthood for eight years. I’ve seen both sides of the issues…

Former Planned Parenthood director on $45M 2020 pledge: This is ‘not really about health care’

The $45 million Planned Parenthood has pledged for 2020 candidates who back their initiative would be better spent towards health care for low-income women, former Planned Parenthood Director and pro-life advocate Abby Johnson said Saturday.

Could Roe v. Wade be overturned? Hundreds of members of Congress sign amicus brief ahead of key SCOTUS case

404 members of Congress filed so-called “amicus” or supporting briefs in a closely-watched upcoming Supreme Court case that could decide the future of abortion access, including a continent of 207 mostly Republican members including Sens. Mitt Romney, John Cornyn, Marco Rubio, and Reps. Steve Scalise and Liz Cheney.

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin slammed for ‘pants-on-fire lie’ that abortion would be illegal in 20 states by now

CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was mocked Friday after an outlandish prediction he made 18 months ago — that conservatives on the U.S. Supreme Court would outlaw abortions in 20 states by now — has failed to come true.

Sacramento State student appears to slap former College Republicans president on video

A video has emerged online of a Sacramento State student appearing to slap the former president of the College Republicans repeatedly on Friday — and police said they’re investigating. 

McSally campaign hits Planned Parenthood ‘business model’ after attack ads announced

Sen. Martha McSally’s team came out swinging Thursday amid news that Planned Parenthood, the nation’s foremost abortion provider, would target her and two other GOP senators in ads focused on restoring federal grants that have provided millions of dollars for the organization.

Pro-life activist fined over undercover Planned Parenthood videos: ‘It’s really an attack on the First Amendment’

Citizen journalist and pro-life activist David Daleiden said Friday he will fight back against a federal court verdict that left him that saddled him and his associates with a multi-million dollar fine for secretly recording conversations with Planned Parenthood staff.

Pennsylvania governor nixes Down syndrome abortion bill

Pennsylvania’s Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a bill Thursday that would have banned abortions in the state if a fetus is diagnosed with Down syndrome, calling it a restriction that interferes with a decision made between women and medical professionals. 

Jury awards Planned Parenthood nearly $1M over secret videos by pro-life group

A federal jury found a citizen journalist and pro-life activist caused substantial harm to Planned Parenthood by secretly taping conversations with abortion doctors and staff in attempts to prove they were harvesting and selling fetal body parts.