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Alabama girl, 4, who lost fingers to exploding light bulb gets prosthetic hand: ‘It’s changed her life’

Nearly two years ago, in May 2018, a curious Athens, Alabama girl was inspecting the bright light bulbs on her mother’s light-up vanity. A split second later, she was missing nearly all of her fingers on her right hand. 

Popcorn stuck in man’s tooth leads to life-threatening infection, open heart surgery

A 41-year-old British man who attempted to dislodge a piece of popcorn stuck in his teeth using various objects claims he later developed a life-threatening infection that required him to undergo open heart surgery. 

More than 1,000 Indiana hospital patients possibly exposed to HIV, hepatitis after sterilization failure

A sterilization technician at a northern Indiana hospital failed to properly disinfect surgical tools, possibly affecting some 1,200 patients who underwent surgery at the facility in recent months, the hospital said this week.

Stents, bypass surgery offer only limited benefits for millions with heart disease, study finds

Stents and coronary artery bypass surgery are no more effective than intensive drug treatment and better health habits in preventing millions of Americans from heart attacks and death, a large study found, shedding new light on a major controversy in cardiology.

South Dakota doctor made millions of dollars performing unnecessary surgeries, feds say

A South Dakota neurosurgeon made millions by performing unnecessary and invasive surgeries in order to profit from medical devices in which he had financial interest. 

Virginia doctor allegedly tied women’s tubes, performed other surgeries without consent

A Virginia doctor was arrested Friday for allegedly performing unnecessary surgical procedures on women without their knowledge or consent.