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Army veteran who said prosthetic legs were repossessed to get new pair from VA

The Department of Veterans Affairs will make a new pair of prosthetic legs for a Army veteran who had his prosthetic legs repossessed two days before Christmas.

Milwaukee woman dies after leaving ER due to long wait, family says

The family claims that the hospital later called to check on her, by which point she had already collapsed and was on her way back via ambulance.

South Carolina hospice patient gets dying wish to be baptized, video goes viral

The dying wish of a Navy veteran to be baptized came true this week thanks to the help of an assisted living facility in South Carolina.

Marc Little: This milestone proves ‘Trump-a-nomics’ is working better than Dems’ nanny state

Economics under President Trump’s leadership are working in Americans’ favor, Cure Board Chairman Marc Little said Thursday.

Justin Haskins: Warren health care plan would be a devastating national nightmare and harm all Americans

Elizabeth Warren has a plan to destroy America’s health care system, deprive Americans of choice and timely access to medical care, cause needless deaths, create a gigantic new government health care bureaucracy, and throw Americans in the health insurance industry onto the unemployment rolls.

California doctor found guilty in $12M Medicare scheme; single-use catheters repackaged

A California doctor was found guilty Wednesday for his role in a $12 million Medicare scheme where he falsely diagnosed patients in order to give them unnecessary procedures, overbilled Medicare for said procedures and also repackaged used, contaminated catheters for use on other patients, the Justice Department said.

Idaho girl, 9, has half her skull removed after her head was impaled by rebar when she fell from a tree: reports

A 9-year-old girl from Idaho had half her skull removed after her head was impaled by a piece of rebar when she fell out of a tree Monday, reports say. 

Women plastic surgeons in Africa leading charge against most underreported health epidemic impacting males

A dedicated group of female doctors are determined to buck the mortality trend by becoming leading plastic surgeons.