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Cervical cancer survivor, 41, gives birth to ‘miracle twins’: ‘I feel incredibly lucky’

A British woman who survived cervical cancer but was told she may never be able to have children has since welcomed a set of “miracle”  twins. 

California police find 106-year-old vet’s classic Cadillac, gifted by Rita Hayworth, after thieves steal it

A classic Cadillac willed to a 106-year-old World War II veteran and former stuntman by Hollywood Golden Age actress Rita Hayworth has been found after thieves stole it from a garage in California, authorities said.

3-year-old goes viral for leading class in ‘adorable’ lunchtime prayer

A preschooler in Missouri is going viral for blessing “all the boys and girls around the world” before digging into lunch with his classmates.

Birthright Israel celebrates 20 years of strengthening Jewish identity for the next generation

Birthright Israel, a travel organization that offers Jewish young adults a free 10-day trip to the Holy Land, has become a rite of passage for many Jews around the world.

Florida police department invites public to homeless veteran’s funeral

A Florida police department is making sure that a homeless veteran who served during the Vietnam War and was described as “a unique soul” will be buried Friday with the honors he deserved.

‘It’s a miracle’: Minnesota police officer slowly recovering after being shot in the head

A Minnesota pastor is asking for continued prayer after the police officer who was shot in the head last week is showing small signs of life in his fight for recovery.

BASE jumper rescued from Thai cliff after parachute gets caught, left dangling for hours

An Austrian BASE jumper was rescued in southern Thailand on Monday after his parachute became snagged on the rocky side of a near-vertical cliff, leaving the thrill-seeker dangling almost 600 feet above the ground for several hours.

Man survives weeks in remote Alaska wilderness after cabin burns down, writes ‘SOS’ in snow

A man in Alaska managed to survive more than three weeks in the wilderness after his remote cabin burned down until he was rescued last week by state troopers who spotted an “SOS” signal stamped in the snow. 

Florida dog owner reunites with Chihuahua missing for days after New Year’s Eve car crash

A Florida dog owner’s heartwarming reunion with his pet Chihuahua that went missing following a car crash on New Year’s Eve was captured on video Saturday after days of searching, investigators said.

At Passion 2020, college students raise over $1.2M for this cause

While college students can get a bad rap, more than 65,000 young Christians defied those headlines as they rang in the New Year worshipping Jesus at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta but on top of that, they also raised more money than expected for a worthy cause.

After Africa visit with Melania Trump, White House staffer helps raise thousands for struggling community

A White House staffer took matters into her own hands after visiting a struggling African primary school during a trip with first lady Melania Trump.

Miami Heat’s Chris Silva breaks down after seeing mom for first time in years

Miami Heat forward Chris Silva received the most amazing holiday gift on Friday when he spotted his mother walking onto the court before their game against the Indiana Pacers.

California police department deliver special Christmas gift to son of fallen officer

A California toddler who was spending his first Christmas without his police officer father got a special surprise from his late father’s colleagues.