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Titanic remains protected by joint US-UK treaty signed by Pompeo

The ruins of the Titanic will now be protected by the United States and the United Kingdom after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ratified a treaty last month to protect the site of the world’s most famous shipwreck from those looking to dive for its valuables, officials announced Tuesday.

Incan idol that allegedly escaped conquistadors’ destruction is real, new analysis shows

A basketball-player-size wooden idol that allegedly escaped destruction by the Spanish conquistadors is real — but it may not be quite what people suspected. The statue is even older than thought, and may have been worshipped by the people who came before the Inca. 

Centuries-old painting discovered in cathedral souvenir shop may be work of Renaissance master

Experts have uncovered a painting beneath centuries of dirt in St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna that may be the work of a famed Renaissance artist.

Christopher Columbus likely encountered ‘marauding cannibals’ 500 years ago, shocking study says

For years, researchers tried to prove that Christopher Columbus’s encounters with “cannibal marauders” during his trip to the Caribbean in 1492 were just myths. A new study, however, suggests that Columbus’ stories were indeed the truth.

14th-century ‘Italian pilgrim’ created first sketch of Venice, researcher says

A newly discovered drawing from a 14th-century “Italian pilgrim” is the oldest drawing of Venice, a city that was once home to some of the most renowned artists in history.